Thursday, 10 May 2012

Writers Block..

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Remember back in the days when this blog used to be about the cooking?? You do? Well thank you for sticking with me through this very long period of not cooking. My other vice..other than writing. And usually when I'm busy being ill I can still sit with my laptop and write. But I am finding it a little hard at the moment and seem to be sliding into every writers dreaded state of writers block....

Image is not mine and I take no credit for it's brilliance! lol
Found online...
And it suddenly occurred to me today that the reason for this dry spell is because I haven't been near a kitchen..for quite some time. Cooking for me is one of those activities that I don't have to think about anything..I just go into my little cooking world and suddenly all my creative juices are following again. I have found that Pinteresting had been subbing for the cooking of late..but not even that excellent time wasting site is helping now. I am hopeful that as soon as I get back in that kitchen, cooking away, I shall start to feel the block lift. But it's quite scary...

But matter how scary it gets...I can still find something to laugh about...and I thought the image above summed this up quite well. Once again not my creation etc.

So what can I do to sort this out..well..keep trying to get well enough to get back out there and chopping veggies, stirring many pots and creating lovely recipes for you all to try. My music keeps me sane...although maybe some would debate this lol..and my constant supply of books. But it would be fantastic if one day I can get back in the kitchen...I know I really feel bad sometimes being a feminist and craving my kitchen duties this

So until I can get back in the kitchen cooking this is the image in my
Two pans?
But things could be a lot I shall not whinge any Thank you for sticking with me..and I promise a food based blog as soon as I can..

Thanks for stopping by...And I hope your Thursday is a great one?