Thursday, 31 May 2012

iPod Shuffle Fun ~ 2

Since getting my new iPod for my 40th Birthday I have been busy doing my best to add music to it any chance I get. I just can't get enough of it...I am never separated from I am deep in Pod love. So today's posting is quite simply another piece of fun with the shuffle seemed a very popular posting when I did No 1.

So very true...would be funnier if I hadn't
turned mine down, to think, this morning!
But still funny..~R~

Mama Cass Elliot ~ It's Getting Better

Now I was never the biggest Mamas and the Papas fan. For one, the band name gave me a bad case of the Hinkeys. lol. But ML is a huge fan so over the years I've listened to them often. And they have grown on me a little..but it was Cass's voice that I enjoyed the most. And for a feel good..let's not focus on the negative..kinda song..this one is really good.

Slash ft Myles Kennedy ~ Back from Cali

I admit it..I am a Slash addict. When Slash teamed up with Kennedy something magical happened in that studio and now they have recorded a full album together..and I cannot wait to get my

Nicola Benedetti ~ Zigeunerweisen Opus 20

For me..this piece of music is very emotive..I mostly listen to it through my large (ear covering) headphones..and quite loud so I don't miss a thing..and just get lost in this piece.

Imelda May ~ Too Sad To Cry

I am a recent convert to Imelda I am hooked and this song is heartbreakingly the trumpet very much. You can feel the sorrow as it's played...

UB40 ~ Tears From My Eyes

Crikey I think my Pod is sad Actually I love this song to dance to..I turn it up and get lost in its beat...Love me some UB40..reminds me of my teens..even though I was a rocker/goth type..but ssshhh..don't tell

Texas ~ When We Are Together

I wasn't a huge Texas fan when they were busting out the hits..I didn't dislike them either. I recently heard one of their hits on the radio and suddenly I got Better late to a party than never arriving at all, eh? So now I have their greatest hits on my Pod..and I love it.

Roy Orbison ~ She's A Mystery To Me

I love Roy..some songs more than others but this one is one of my favourites. I love the simple tune...the lyrics are intense..and his voice is calming to me.

Could not agree more...~R~

The Police ~ De, Do, Do, Do, De, Da, Da, Da

I recently picked up The Police greatest hits for the bargain price of 1p. lol. And I enjoyed just playing the whole album on repeat for days..must have driven ML mad..but this song always makes me laugh because we have all been there, right?? lol

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band ~ Crying Shame

My online pal Molly from Vegan Flower put me onto this band. I connected with them instantly and haven't looked back. I love blues rock and Kenny's a guitar genius..but for's the lead singer Noah's voice that really makes it complete for me. This song has the potential to start playing the air all do that, right??? Oh!

Bowie ~ Modern Love

My preferred Bowie music is during the wonderful Oh You Pretty Things days..but this one song from the latter period has always been on my favourite Bowie list. I have no idea why because sadly much of his most recent works I haven't been able to gel with. I still think he is one of the most cool humans living today...

Richie Sambora ~ Rosie

I think it's sad that Richie has always lived in Bon Jovi's shadow..because I was blown away when I first heard his first solo album which this song is from. I love his voice and his style..this is one of those 'dance around the kitchen ones'..I miss that right now..a lot.

Fun Lovin Criminals ~ Bump

I have always loved the very cheeky Huey from the Fun Lovin Criminals and get great pleasure from listening to his Radio show. So when I found the FLC's greatest hit bags online for £1 it seemed rude not to buy it. lol. So pleased I did because I love it laid groovy... This song I heard for the first time on the car radio...and it's based around meeting the woman of 'his' dreams at a gay night..and I loved the positive message it sent out into the music world. " gay's alright..don't be uptight..." Love this tune..makes me smile every time it plays..

Siouxsie and the Banshees ~ Happy House

School and youth club discos..head to toe in black..purple make up..hours of strange dancing..and that was just the teachers and the youth But seriously I hear Siouxsie start singing and I am instantly transported back to my latter childhood. I just wish I could spell her name without 50 failed attempts first! lol.

So that is the last 12 tunes on my iPod shuffle function. And whilst I am typing this part and preparing to sign off..I am enjoying..John Lennon ~ Jealous Guy..such a beautiful song...I hope you have enjoyed this posting of iPod silliness..but to me music is as essential as breathing. My poor iPod really does get a work

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that your Thursday is being very good to you..and if not..hang in's almost Friday!!!