Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Art a la Mum: Sky Reflections

Lounge Play List:

Natalie Cole ~ So Many Stars
Squeeze ~ Labelled With Love
INXS ~ What You Need
K.D. Lang ~ Crying
Neil Diamond ~ Face Me
Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Texas Flood
Melissa Etheridge ~ Please Forgive Me
Within Temptation ~ Forgiven
Shania Twain ~ Not Just A Pretty Face
Them Crooked Vultures ~ Elephant
The Police ~ Message in a Bottle
Maroon 5 ~ Better That We Break

Yes..my very untalented Mum has been at it again..lol And..yes..that was very heavily undisguised sarcasm. lol. During her visit this week..she handed me a slightly sticky canvas (nice! lol) and said that this was the piece she was handing in for grading for her Art course. As usual being her own worst critic..she wasn't sure what she thought of it...and yes..once again I was staggered that she really can't see her own talent. I think it is beautiful and for her worst medium of painting I think she is definitely taming the beast that is Acrylic..lol So I give you Sky Reflections..

'Sky Reflections' 23.5.12
(another awful one eh? lol)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is being kind to you...