Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday Yellow Smiles..

Lounge Play List:

The Union ~ Siren's Song

The view from every window at Rocket and Roses HQ is..well..grey! And not that good shade of's dismal grey. The "..Oh I'm going to curl up under my duvet and hide!.." grey. Do you know what I mean? I'm sure everywhere must have those days?? No? Just England? Marvellous..I really need to move. lol.

Anyway so I was stood at my workroom window looking out at our rather sad looking garden and I started thinking of the colour yellow. Yep..we seriously need an injection of sunny, happy yellow around here today. So please indulge my moment of silliness as I bring you a blog of sunny happy yellow things..I hope they make you smile..and ease you into your weekend.

I have the pleasure of attending a little ones birthday party this afternoon so I am hoping the sun makes an appearance for her..

So back to the

Sun..please come and play??

Yellow Roses..friendship..always make me smile..

ML's request..Yellow Submarine! lol

Yellow Peppers
One of my favourite ingredients

ML's second request!
Note to me: Be careful who you ask for

A very splendid yellow tea pot..sunny start to the day eh? lol

Daffs..such a happy flower and one of my favourites.
Is it me..(most likely lol) or does the one behind look like it's
whispering something to the one in front??? Just me? Oh! lol

Beautiful yellowish star tattoo design could i do this posting without them?

Rock Duck...gotta love a rubber duck

And the last but by no means least image is a thought for the day...

Somehow..remain hopeful that it will be..

The final part of this posting today is a link to a very excellent yellow ML came up with loads of suggestions..Mellow Yellow by Donovan..Yellow by Coldplay..oh there was a But I decided to go with Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes. Bananas are yellow right? lol So click away and enjoy...

Thanks for stopping by and indulging some weekend fun..I hope your Saturday is a good one...


NB: All images were sourced from the web and I take no credit for their creation. But thank you to all the folks who did..and would happily give credit where it's due if you email me! ~R~