Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Peace and Chakras my friend...

Lounge Play List:

Echoes of Greece ~ The Sirocco Winds
Whitesnake ~ Fool For Your Loving
The Police ~ Every Breath You Take
Def Leppard ~ Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
Melissa Etheridge ~ Enough of Me
Commodores ~ Brick House
Paul Weller ~ Stanley Road
Rebecca Ferguson ~ Shoulder to Shoulder
Chris Cornell ~ Killing Birds
Keith Urban ~ Tonight I Wanna Cry
Garbage ~ Stupid Girl
Gina Sicilia ~ Can't Control Myself
Xtina ~ Get Mine, Get Yours
Rod Stewart ~ Way You Look Tonight

One of the things I miss/crave/need when I am put on 'rest' is Yoga. I miss that time everyday that is just for me. I miss how my body feels after and how I feel energised. But I really miss the peace I feel..I do try and meditate but unless it comes with the just doesn't have the same impact..sadly..maybe it's because I use the yoga and meditation as a means to centre my thoughts and process them. So when not doing the combination, my mind becomes so chaotic that I can't find my way to the peace..It's a tricky thing! lol

An on line pal Pinned the following images to Pinterest today..and I found them beautiful and left me with an almost tearful yearning to be able to move my body in the way I need it to. But then 30 minutes later I found myself running up and down the staircase in my house. No thought to do it..just found that my body had the strength to do so..I was so happy..I danced around my lounge with happiness..then cried! Urgh! Anyway...

So with the hope that my bending like a pretzel days are getting ever closer...I decided to share the images with you folks..I don't know who created these images and therefore have no one to give credit to. And I do not take any credit for them at all...

Crown Chakra

Third Eye Chakra
Throat Chakra
Heart Chakra
Solar Chakra
Stomach Chakra
(my personal favourite..~R~)
Root Chakra
So there you are..these beautiful chakra images and I hope you found something in I did.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Wednesday is a peaceful and loving one....