Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Work Room Play List:

Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Pride and Joy
Billy Joel ~ Woman
James Newton Howard ~ I Want You (Love theme)
Katy Perry ~ I Kissed A Girl
Republica ~ Drop Dead Gorgeous
The Smiths ~ Sweet and Tender Hooligan
The Blow ~ Who Composed This Song
Doris Day ~ Let's Face the Music and Dance
Santana ft Michelle ~ The Game of Love
Brandi Carlile ~ Turpentine
Foo Fighters ~ Razor
Queen ~ We Will Rock You

It would be safe to say that my health issues are really weighing heavy on me right now. I am rejecting one of the medications and that is leaving me in more pain than I am used to contending with on a daily basis. So finding something to blog about that isn't laced with Ouches and Urghs has been tricky for me over the last few days. So this morning when I was wide awake at 2am I was laid thinking..How do I get through another day of this? The answer was very simple really...I just will. I will face the day head on..and make it happen. Now this is all very simple to think when tucked up in bed, painkillers slowly seeping into your system and a beautiful cello adagio is playing into your soft 'bed' earphones.

But this is my reality right now..as they say  "Yesterday is gone..tomorrow is unknown..you have today!" Whoever it was who that said that obviously wasn't living with a long term illness or they would have amended it to "...But if you are suffering..take it hour by hour my friend"

Image found online and I take no credit for its creation
I found this image whilst on Pinterest and it really stopped me for a few minutes. Because courage is something you need..by the bucket load..when you are living with a long term illness. You can't just live your life like others around you..you do the best you can but each day is a new challenge..and to face that you need courage because some days are very much harder than others. And some days you are merely existing on the sidelines of life..with your loved one. If you are lucky enough to have that person there who shares in everything you are going through...and are there by choice. These people are the true heroes in this picture...

Personally I have a number of things in place when things are at their most challenging..Music..couldn't do this without it. It is as necessary as breathing to me..when I need to shut off from the world I simply pop in my earphones..turn my iPod to high and close my eyes. Books..I get lost between the covers of the many books I have around the house..escaping into someone else's creation and I forget what is happening with me for a while..or at least until the next painkiller intake..lol Movies...shutting out the world and getting lost a good movie or movies on a really bad day is essential. Again it's all about the distraction and feeling as good as you possibly can for that moment in time. Interaction..the inclination to shut yourself off from everyone is a very strong urge to fight. You can get tired of being 'just your illness' and talking about it with everyone...everyone who loves and cares for you and I wouldn't be without a single one of most fantastic people in my life..ever! But you can lose sight of who you are and what you can do..and recently I have rediscovered an element of interaction that I had neglected...simply talking! It's easy to keep your head down and make it through each day..but make the effort folks..and talk to someone..it's such a rush..lol And helps makes things seem so much easier to deal with.

Image is not mine and I take no credit for it...But isn't it great?
My life is certainly made up of the steps above. I make big plans the night before..and then depending on how well I'm feeling..is how much I actually achieve that day. But I always have a plan for the day..some days I may be sat right down at the bottom of the steps..thinking everything is impossible..others I make it up a couple of steps..and then a little higher. And then there are those blissful days where I make it to the top and yes..I too dance around like a loon at the top too! lol

I guess what I am trying to say is...each moment is a challenge...for everyone even if they aren't living with a health problem. But I know I have friends out there who do and they read my blog (Sending out love to you H & V) and although I wouldn't wish any one of us to being going through this..I think it's important to remind each other and myself that..we can do this..we can face this day head on..we can!

So stay strong out there..whether it's a physical or emotional illness/problem you are living with and feel like you are buckling under..Come on...we.can.do.this!

And if all else fails my lovely readers...we could just adopt Sheldon's feel better prop...

Image not mine and I take no credit for it..but isn't it great lol ~R~

Sit down with the The Big Bang Theory gang and let them laugh your pain away..I frequently do! lol

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is very good one...