Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bad Days and Surprise Hugs

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It won't be a shock to the loyal readers of my humble blog to hear that I am not any better...yet. But I remain always hopeful..even on days like these. The days where the pain levels are off the charts and no painkiller is doing its job. The days where I've managed no sleep because of the former. The days when my mood could be easily described as bitchy challenging..ahem. The days where the frustrations at my limitations are riding me hard. And that is just my own personal 'stuff' so when you add on all the surrounding's a lot to deal with some days. This is one of those days...OK enough whinging...

When it's this bad, I try and run mantras through my mind, This Too Shall Pass and It's Just a Bad Day Not A Bad Life...etc. I give myself mental kicks on the ass by reminding myself that there are millions of people out there who are having it worse..and that usually does the trick in that moment. Goodness knows that members of my chosen family definitely fall into that category right now.

But I also try to remember that I am indeed just human..and no matter how many positive things I try and use to keep me going....some days are just bad days. No amount of music will help..endless mantras and positive thoughts aren't going to make it's just a bad day. So I hunker down until it passes...and it does...although right at this moment I don't believe

Now this day is a bad one...OK think I've mentioned as I came downstairs to check the post to find a handwritten envelope on the mat I was intrigued. It had my name on I took it back upstairs with me and sat back down on my bed and opened it. And it made me smile was a card, that sent me a hug from my lovely friends J & S. Saying that they were still there and thinking of me and they thought I could maybe do with a Hug. Now I confess it made me smile and maybe shed a few tears...but I will deny it if you tell anyone else...OK? Such a simple act meant so much...and helped lift me out of the bad day for a while. And it reminded of a Pin I found recently and I want to share it with you folks today.....

This is more often than not..very true.
I know that this is true for J & S and they have hearts that are so generous it's humbling. I only hope those of you out there reading my little blog have people in your life who are this caring and loving with you. If you don't, drop me an email and I'll listen...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my whinging. And I hope your day is very much better than mine....


NB: Image is not my own and I take no credit for it...found online at Pinterest.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Tattoo Love: Trees

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Things they are a changing in the Rocket & Roses HQ for a kid brother is moving in with us for a while so today is all about the busy...busy for ML and G (kid brother) as they are making room for him to move I'm not able to help I am sat in my bedroom chair in a purely supervisory capacity. lol. It's actually a holiday day here in the UK so yes the weather is miserable too. lol. And I'm not in the best of moods of those..low point moods. You know what I mean? You don't? Oh!'s best for everyone if I hide out up here Anyway....

So ideas for a blog for lol. Then found a photo of an awesome tattoo on Pinterest. And then the idea popped into my head...Trees! lol. Simple as that....

Tree of Life...the tattoo that inspired me..
I loved the placement..the colours...the design...the pop of the heart..and the font used for the wording.!

I found this design online and I have to have this tattoo some day..
Have it! lol
The clean lines on this design drew me in and the fresh green leaves...the words added to the roots I thought a nice touch too.

This piece really grabbed me..
I love the tree designs with the blossoms and this one is a very pleasing example.

As a whole piece I simply admire it..
This design with the extended roots and the heart...quite beautiful.

The autumnal tree used in this tattoo I found quite graceful. And loved the two leaves that were still hanging in there. lol. But a very different tattoo to the others...

Why do I love tree tattoo's? I don't know, it could be that I find forests and woods to be very peaceful places. I love that they are bringers of breath to us humble creatures that share this planet. I love the history they could tell if they could talk. What sights they would've seen...They are also beautiful...except for Willow trees..they just look so sad. Standing beside a majestic it's shelter...makes you understand just how insignificant you are in the whole scheme of things. And I'm OK with that reality check every now and then....

Thanks for stopping by and listening/reading my ramblings about tattoos. lol. And I hope your Monday has been a very good one....


NB: None of the images are mine. They were found during online & Pinterest searches. I take no credit for them what so ever and would happily give credit where it's due if you recognise these images. And would also take them down if it was your wish...thanks ~R~

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Live your life....

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Battleme & Forest Rangers ~ House of the Rising Sun
Little Big Town ~ Pontiac
A Perfect Circle ~ Counting the Rhythm of the War Drums
Rascal Flatts ~ Things That Matter
Booty Luv ~ Some Kinda Rush
The Pretenders ~ I Got You Babe
Chris Cornell ~ Flutter Girl
Skin ~ Shine Your Light
Court Yard Hounds ~ Then Again
Maroon 5 ~ Out of Goodbyes
Prince ~ Get Off
Count Basie ~ April In Paris
Portishead ~ Sour Times

A fair point..well made..I

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Saturday is a very good one folks...


Friday, 24 August 2012

Life is Art...

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Dave Gahan ~ Use You
Imelda May ~ Sneaky Freak
Jace Everett ~ A Little Less Lonely
Robert Plant & Alison Kraus ~ Trampled Rose
P!nk ~ You + Ur Hand
Margaret Whitting ~ That Old Black Magic
Beth Hart ~ Sky Full of Clover
Thunder ~ Only You Can Make Me Cry
Suzi Quatro ~ 48 Crash
Rascal Flatts ~ What Hurts The Most
Slash ft Rocco ~ Saint Is A Sinner Too
Madonna ~ Music
Harry Connick Jr ~ Smile
Eric Clapton ~ Wonderful Tonight

I have hardly any words today...just one of those blank days so I thought I would share some art that has caught my eye this week.

Artist ~ Carrie Vielle
Artist ~ Carrie Vielle
I liked the dreamlike quality to Carrie's work...

A truth
Rain Dance
Sadly I have no idea who the artist is for this piece. I found it online via Pinterest. But as I love to dance in the rain...I loved the pure pleasure she is feeling...I've felt it first hand. lol.

Danaid (1885) Auguste Rodin
Sculpture is one of my passions...and I hope to see this Rodin piece for real one day. I love the flow of the body and the hair...she could almost be moving...

Artist ~ Margarita Georgiadis
Each time I look at this piece I see a different story....depending on my mood.

Rose Mediativa ~ Salvador Dali
A lot of Dali's body of work is lost on me...I just don't get it. I have tried. But this one captivated me.

Flower Girl ~ Isaiah Stephens
Benediction ~ Isaiah Stephens
I fell for these two pieces by Stephens immediately. Love at first sight! lol. In Flower Girl I love her expression on her face..her eyes so intense and her determined mouth. Benediction to me was a thing of beauty...her graceful movement...the awesome moon casting its light across the beautiful water. I would happily have both of these pieces hanging in my home.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Friday is being very good to you...


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thursday Things....

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Vasselina Kassarova ~ Che Faro Senza Euridice
Dolly Parton ~ Marry Me
Kay Starr ~ If I Could Be With You
Def Leppard ~ Animal
David Bowie ~ Fashion
Meredith Brooks ~ Careful What You Wish For
Jennifer Lopez ~ Get Right
Roy Orbison ~ It's Over
Peggy Lee ~ The Lady Is A Tramp
Brandi Carlile ~ Dying Day
Martha & The Vandellas ~ Dancing In The Street
Roy Orbison & K.D. Lang ~ Crying
Buena Vista Social Club ~ Candela
Nirvana ~ Come As You Are

Thursday Things...a selection of things that make me smile...and right now I need them more than ever. And thought I'd share a few of them with you...

A jewellery idea that inspired me...

What a great idea!
I found this image on Pinterest and admired it instantly. Such a great way to make use of old cutlery. I really want to try idea where to start..but I am going to!

A quote from an awesome woman...

So true!
Really don't need to comment on this..Maya Angelou is an inspirational woman...and this quote is the message I would pass on to my nieces...

A song that made me smile a lot this morning...

Believe it or not..(most people don't! lol) I am still learning to love the musical beast that is MUSE. ML is a huge fan and would love for me to find that MUSE happy..and I do try...I have a handful of their songs on my Pod. This one was the first one that slipped through to my musical heart and it stayed. I find myself smiling and feeling feisty when this song is I did this morning. lol.

A recipe by another..that made my mouth water...

Blood Oranges with Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt
I found this recipe via I love blood oranges...everything about them..the taste...the colour...Yum! So these succulent segments dipped in dark chocolate and then sprinkled with sea salt...I ask you...what is there not to love??? I cannot wait to try this recipe out. For Christina's fantastic recipe click here

A movie clip that always makes me smile...

Roxanne/Tango ~ Moulin Rouge
The first time I saw this movie I was completely blown away by this scene. I love the Tango and combined with this song....and this gives me chills.! I have it linked on my desktop so when I need a moment..I click and enjoy! lol. Passion, music, theatrics..perfect.

A tattoo that I felt was truly beautiful...

Art, Music & Love
I like the simplicity of this design. And what would the world be without Art, Music and Love? I would happily wear this design on my body.

A quote that I believe to be true...

Uhuh...he has a point.
Fear is a crusher...of inspiration, hopes, dreams and life. We all live with it to some degree and I do believe that we should do things that scare us..regularly. Break out of the comfort zone and feel the blood in your veins...feel your heart kick...feel that fear...and as the book correctly says...Do it anyway!! lol.

A childhood/adult smiley movie moment...

The Aristocats kittens...
The Aristocats was the first movie I went to see at the movies. And it's where my love for Paris started...and in a small way..jazz. But for me the best part of the movie was always the kittens...and the way they teased and tormented each other. I was an only child at the time and used to wonder what it would be like to have Then I got some and I got used to changing nappies...hmmm..didn't live up to the cartoon This scene Scales and Arpeggios makes me smile and laugh every time. And as my niece loves this movie's a good it gets watched often. I hope it makes you smile too...

A piece of Art that spoke to me...

I loved the colour and drama of this piece.
The artist who created this piece is Zhang Xiaobai. I can't really put into words just why I liked this piece so much. I suspect it's the red/black dramatic feel to it.

A song that stopped me dead this morning...

Anna Nalick ~ Scars
I am a recent convert to Anna Nalick's body of work and I am loving it. This song played on my Pod this morning and I found myself..still with eyes closed as I listened to it through to the end. I found myself being flooded with images from my past and although a little was good to feel it. A great and talented woman...whose songs I'm coming to love.

A little something that made me laugh out loud...

Medical humour is a must in this house!
And finally...

A song that played this morning and took me back to my teens lol...

The Leps ~ Animal

Oh how I loved this song...and played it until the single buckled and I had to go and buy another one. lol. The Leps were very important to me as a teen...and I have so many memories attached to their songs. But especially this it made nostalgic and smiley as it played...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is filled with things that make you feel good and smile...


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

For the love of being Vegan

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Lissie ~ In Sleep
Rainbow ~ I Surrender
Maroon 5 ~ Stutter
Suzi Quatro ~ Tear Me Apart
Bon Jovi ~ Born To Be My Baby
The Three Tenors ~ Puccini: Nessun Dorma
Halestorm ~ It's Not You
Guns N' Roses ~ Knockin' On Heavens Door
Sara Sant'Ambrogio ~ Ave Maria (cello)
Brandi Carlile ~ My Song
Rod Stewart ~ The Way You Look Tonight
Mr. Sinatra ~ Night and Day
Natalie Merchant ~ Life Is Sweet
The Urban Voodoo Machine ~ Hells Bells

Today's post is exactly what it says on the title...the love of being vegan. And to celebrate it, in its many forms...through imagery. It's a little fun...and thoughtful too. I hope you enjoy it..

For more information visit the awesome Vegan Society
I have lost count of how many times I have been asked...What do vegans eat? Really it's not rocket science, is it? lol But for those who need a visual this one is quite good...and for other information I always suggest a quick trip to The Vegan Society website.

Peace, Love & Tofu it lol.
What is not to love about this vegan's a tee and it's promoting Peace...always good...Love...always essential...and Tofu!! Have to say I would wear this with pride! lol

Vegan is Sexy!!! Important fact...
There is nothing more sexy than another vegan...really there aren't any other words necessary...(my point is adequately made by Ms.Silverstone above..thank you Peta) I have a board on Pinterest with just the Peta visit it just click here...

Fair point..well
This fact always boggles my mind..people who are fiercely 'animal rights' but still eat meat...I know they make many arguments to back up their choices and would argue anyone into the floor with them. But doesn't it really come down to this simple fact above? For me, it does...

I laughed so hard when I found
I have to say the stereotype of the pale and weak veggie/vegan really gets me cross. Complete nonsense...and sometimes people just need that little reminder! Grrrrr! lol.

I remember the first time I saw this Peta stopped me dead in my tracks. As a child visits to the butchers had always been traumatic for me (Life long veggie remember!! Yes never eaten meat..) I hated the smell...I hated seeing all the meat and poultry hanging and laid out around the store. I had nightmares about the place. Hated.It! But the image that stuck with me the most was the poster above the counter of the cow all sectioned up. I was horrified at the age of 4 about the 'poor Moo cow' up on that poster...and it stayed with me. So seeing this poster...horrified me...but reaffirmed how horrific eating flesh is to me and always will be. It definitely makes its point well...

I don't need this...but I want it! lol
Now I have no idea where to find this great necklace...I wish I did. I would buy it and wear it a lot. I love the tattoo imagery mixed with the angry tomato/apple/pepper (?) backed up by the veggies/fruits. I would almost definitely have this as a small tattoo takes all sorts to make our world go round! lol

A talented vegan singer/songwriter ~ Ms Alanis Morrissete.
There are many great and talented singer/songwriters who are vegan. And it's great when they do their bit to promote the vegan lifestyle and this woman definitely does her share. So this is one of my favourite songs by her...I also love the Freemasons mix...

This made me laugh out loud!
You have to have a sense of humour...and especially when we have many people out there taking shots at us for our lifestyle...this one gave me many laughs and I hope it does you too!

And finally....

Vegan for love...Vegan for life!
Yes! The tattoo portion of today's blog. You knew it was coming didn't you? lol. And I searched through quite a few pages of vegan tattoos until I found the right one. Veggie burgers tattooed on the back of both legs...really? I mean a love a veggie burger as much as the next veggie/vegan but tattooing them on both my But hey if that's your thing..all power to ya! lol. (read comment above about it takes all sorts

Anyway when this flashed up on my screen I knew I had found the right one for me. I love the beauty of the lotus (a very symbolic flower for me..) and the words are simple but have great impact and I love the placement of the tattoo. Vegan tattoos rock!

So that was my light-hearted walk through some of the factors of living in the vegan world. It is a beautiful place to be...

Thanks for stopping by and for your endless patience with my illness folks. It means alot. I hope your Tuesday is a great one and the coming days too..


NB: All images used in this blog were found during online searches via Google. So therefore I take absolutely no credit for their creation and if they are your creations please feel free to email me at and I would happily update the blog giving you full credit..or if is your request..remove the image. Thanks ~R~

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Temporary Medical Blip...

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Cello Playlist on my Pod...soothing

Image is not mine and I take no credit for it.
Hello I have found myself on a little spell of bedrest. I'm hoping it's a very temporary thing but who knows. I hope to bring the odd blog posting from the usual music, art range and I know my pal Trustworthy is plotting a posting or two.

Sorry folks..but I will be back as soon as I can...promise.

Hope your week and your weekend ahead is a great one...


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Thought and A Smile...

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Skin ~ Skin Album

My fridge finally had to go at the weekend after the door floored me for the final time late last week. So I haven't made it into the kitchen yet as there is a small amount of work that needs to be done in there before the new fridge (super green Eco fridge that should cost only £15 a year to run! Should? We'll see eh? lol) can be installed. So I am trying very hard to be! lol. Anyway...

So today I have brought you some wise words from the very excellent Charlie Chaplin...which will no doubt become one of my mantras. And something to make you smile too..because to take on board the serious stuff..I believe a little humour to help it along its way, is very much needed.

And repeat..and repeat... *wink*
I loved the background photograph to this quote. And it can be easy to forget this simple fact...especially in the situation I am in.

OMG!!!!! No!!!! lol
Cute huh? lol. Wonder if my nephews would still devour peppers if they looked this scary...oh course they would..they would love it! lol.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is a very excellent one folks...and once again thanks for sticking with me...


NB: Images used are not my own and I take no credit for them. They were found on Pinterest.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cook Book Junkie: Bargains galore...

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Madeleine Peyroux ~ Don't Wait Too Long
Bonnie Raitt ~ Dimming of the Day
Halestorm ~ You & I Could Fly
Rod Stewart ~ Cheek to Cheek
Bing Crosby ~ Temptation
Don Williams ~ I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Newton Faulkner ~ People Should Smile More
Dixie Chicks ~ Favourite Year
The Pretenders ~ Kid (live)
Keith Urban ~ Once In A Lifetime
Don Williams ~ Love Me Over Again
Nelly Furtado ~ No Hay Igual
Shakira ~ Ojos Asi
Audioslave ~ Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye

Hello folks..I'm back. Thanks to Trustworthy for holding the fort yesterday and I really enjoyed his post on Smoothies. He really is an Much like I am for cook books. I admit it..I am Red and I am a cookbook addict. And I hope never to be in recovery. lol.

With funds being short like it is for everyone right now I have taken to looking for alternative sources to fulfil my habit. And this week I was able to add two more books to my collection.

I have wanted this book for a while's vegan and
mostly GF too.
I found this little beauty on Amazon...and a brand spanking new copy would've set me back £30 rrp..but I found it for £1! With the standard £2.80 postage included that was still a freaking steal...saving me £26.20....not too shabby eh? lol. When it arrived it was in almost perfect condition except for a small mark on one corner of the spine. But it still had the dust jacket intact.

I assumed my usual position when it comes to new cookbook arrival. I made myself a cup of Roasted Barley Tea...sat down lotus style in my lounge chair...Ipod on and then read it cover to cover. Oooohing and Ahhhhing over the wonderful recipes inside...marking off the pages for the recipes I 'need' to try straight away. The recipes, with the exception of a few 'too sweet-and-savoury mixed' types, are fantastic and many are very simple. I can't wait to get started on them. And that is my challenge for myself this make one recipe each day. So foodie postings are on the way folks..promise.

I was very happy with this bargain purchase...

My second bargain was a copy of a classic cookbook...which is one of the very first cookbooks put into print. However the cheesy cover of this one makes me suspect it's a reprint from the 70s lol. The lovely mustard cover gives it

Mrs Beeton's Family Cook Book
Now, being a cookbook junkie and not having a copy of Mrs Beeton's cookbook was always a cause of irritation. I knew that I would never use 90% of the recipes in it as they are clearly not even remotely vegan. But my collection seemed to be missing something without one. And even though most of the recipes wouldn't be used...I believe that between those covers I will pick up some knowledge to use in the future. And I am always willing to learn more about cooking..and I believe she really did have something to teach all of us willing food writers.

So this rather battered copy came to me via Facebook..Yep. A woman who I used to babysit for (aged by 100 years when I read her when she was a little one, was offering this copy Free to a good home! She had a slightly older copy she used for her family and wanted to give this one away. So I messaged her and with a few hours it was sat on my desk. It's very musty and used and sadly the dust jacket is long gone but I don't care about books are meant to be used not to be admired from afar.

I haven't yet had time to sit with it and look through it properly but I will soon....So two cookbooks in one

I will be here with a foodie post tomorrow watch this space.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is a great one....


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Guest Host Trustworthy: Smoothie Addiction

Trustworthy's Kitchen Play List:

Terra Naomi - Up Here 
Within Temptation - Our Solemn Hour
Clint Mansell - Death Is The Road To Awe
Sensible Pets - Mobius
Nirvana - Blew
Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me
Fratellis - Acid Jazz Singer
NIN - Hurt
Primal Scream - Stuka
Static d - Give Me Love
Evanescence - Oceans
Porcupine Tree - I Drive The Hearse
Depeche Mode - Precious
Gina Sicilia - Try Me

Hey there again :-)

My very good friend Red is taking some personal time and has again kindly asked me to guest post.

So, today I am going to talk about smoothies. This is a post I've been promising for a long time!

I ADORE smoothies. I try and make one every morning...although time does not always permit. My basic milk base is half a can of coconut milk and top the rest up with soy, but you can use any kind of non-dairy extract. I also use home-made nut-milks such as almond or cashew...almond is very nice and pretty addictive!

So, for my Every Day smoothie, I use my base and at least one banana, and a bag of greens...which is essentially a sandwich bag I fill with chopped greens (kale, spinach, bok choy, etc...usually mixed all together) and throw in the freezer. You can get at least ten or eleven portions using this method, and you will probably not use a whole bag in a smoothie...depends how green you want them! I will probably use frozen banana, too, in this same method. Fresh nanas are however preferable...but by all means freeze chopped banana...makes great ice-cream! THrow all these ingredients together in a blender and pulse for ten seconds a time for about a minute. It will go an amazing green colour. Now, this on its own is packed with protein (from the 'milk'), a rocket-boost of sugars (from the banana) and a shed-load of vitamins and calcium from the greens. It can be a bit toothy, but you will get used to this...after all it's really a food and not just a drink! If you find the taste initially a bit too mother-earthy by all means add your favourite sweetener...raw sugar, stevia (zowie! personally hate this stuff) or caramel from dates...take your pick! Also adding a tiny pinch of rock or sea salt works wonders, too.

From there I like to add favourites being...

Chilli, Lime, and Ginger:

Trustworthy's Chilli, Lime & Ginger Smoothie..
Zingy Goodness in a glass
Grab a medium-sized red chile pepper (heat is your own preference :-) ) and chop about half of it into rough slices. Slide this into your waiting jug. Next, grate a thumbful (lol..this is how I measure gratings! If your thumb starts to get smaller...STOP!) of fresh ginger into the mixture. Then, halve a lime and hold in one palm, and using the fingers of your other hand, shaped like an arrowhead, twist them into the flesh and let the juice run over your hands and into the liquid. BEWARE - if you have ANY small cuts or grazes on your fingers that were previously unknown...believe me, you will know now! Run under a warm tap and it'll quickly stop stinging :-)

Now, zuzz that lot up for a few seconds and pour...and enjoy the punch!

Complete Nuttiness:

Trustworthy's Complete Nuttiness Smoothie
You may recall we made some peanut butter a few weeks back...any you have left over will work wonders in this. Spoon up to two tablespoons into the jug, along with some chopped walnuts, crushed hazlenuts, bashed cashews, and any almond meal you may have left from making Almond milk....ah but wait! We haven't done that yet! Next post, I promise... ;-) Zuzz it all...and enjoy!

Any chopped/crushed nut combos shouldn't exceed a large handful, or it'll be too stiff to drink quickly, which IMHO is a big thing with smoothies. To me, they are like a nitrous fuel injection. With a great breakfast they add the extra kick to get you through the day, especially if, like me, you have to get up at *expletive deleted*-o'clock most mornings and may not see anything resembling food until gone 3pm.

Orange, carrot, and goji berry:

Trustworthy's Orange, Carrot & Goji Berry Smoothie
This is more of an indulgence, as well as being packed with vitamin C and awesome carrot-ness. Leave out the kale and soak the goji's in the milk for a few minutes...the longer the redder. squeeze an orange, add a pinch of rocksalt then grate half a carrot into it, then zuzz up as per. It will turn a very pleasing peach colour, and taste very 'dessert-y'; it has a kind of a custard thing going on. In fact the one I finished not five minutes ago would've been fabulous warmed and poured over some cinnamon-roasted almonds :-)

So, smoothie away, and all those with colds, here is an extra...

Goji and Orange Flu Jab:

Trustworthy's Goji & Orange Flu Jab Juice
Suffering from cold? Get a great Vitamin C boost!
Soak half a cup of goji berries overnight in about a cup of water. In the morning, slice and squeeze three oranges into the raw mix (no need to rinse the berries). Zuzz up, and you have a hi-vis, dayglo, two-finger-salute to your sniffles!

Love, etc...until soon


Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Lunch: Roasted Spicy Veggie filled Baguette

Rocket & Roses Car Play List:

Rogue Traders ~ Here Come The Drums Album

I escaped today..and had a great time..may have overdone it a little but I will deal with that later. I got out of the house..enjoyed the sunshine..pootled around some..bought lovely fresh things to make some book review recipes...(Yes..I hope to bring you some foodie posts in the next few permitting..)..and made some bargain treat purchases too.

We did stop for some much needed breaks through out the day. I enjoyed a lovely large black coffee with a Hazelnut half good. lol. Needed the caffeine kick for sure. Then at a point when we found ourselves exhausted slightly peckish we stopped for some lunch at a pub. ML indulged in the special of day which was Fish & Chips..(Yuck! lol) and I found something on the menu that could be easily veganised. Our lovely waitress Kay was happy to answer any questions that I had and my order was soon placed. Leaving us to try and breathe again sit and chat until Kay came back with our food.

Roasted Spicy Veggie filled Baguettes & Salad
The photo above was taken by ML who quickly took a shot for me to 'use or not use' The actual dish on the pub menu was for Roasted Spicy Veggie & Cheese Filled Baguette. I checked the baguette and it was vegan and the filling is made on site and not a frozen and micro filling and the cheese is simply stuffed in before serving. When it arrived it smelt really good and that is always good isn't it? lol. The baguette was soft and delicious and the filling was the usual suspect of roasted veggies - onions, courgettes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes, all cut into strips and roasted...leaving them succulent. The spicy sauce was an intensely rich tomato based sauce and it just had enough spice in it to feel the warm glow of the heady flavours. The practical side to eating it was rather like eating a vegan chilli The salad was a very simple fresh lettuce and sliced cucumber salad with a very simple oil/vinegar dressing which was a perfect side dish. In my really was tasty enough that it wouldn't need the cheese in it...but Hey..that's just

I really enjoyed this lunch and it was such a relief to find somewhere that both of us could find something good to eat. It usually ends up with one of us having something that doesn't make us feel good later. And I'm going to try and make my own version to be enjoyed at

Thanks for stopping by...My good friend Trustworthy is taking over tomorrow with a very excellent post about his smoothie So I will be back on Sunday with a new brunch recipe..I

So I hope you have a great Saturday...


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Strength When It Matters

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Feist ~ The Reminder Album

Taking a few 'personal' days folks..I hope you will understand. The message above is something I need to remind myself of on a regular basis.....and wanted to share....

I'll be back on Friday with something good to share...and some smiles....

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your week ahead is a very good one?


Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Olympic Grinch..well kinda...and a veggie Olympian

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Shakira ~ Men In This Town
Billy Joel ~ All About Soul
Tanita Tikaram ~ Good Tradition
The Jam ~ The Eton Rifles
Mr Sinatra ~ Come Fly With Me
Dolly Parton ~ We Had It All
Beth Hart ~ Is That Too Much To Ask
The Foo Fighters ~ Gimme Stitches
Queen ~ Don't Stop Me Now
Sammy Davis Jr ~ Eee - O Eleven
Prince ~ Cream
Roy Orbison ~ Losing You
Faith Hill ~ The Way You Love Me
Guns N' Roses ~ Sweet Child O' Mine

There is a sporting event happening in this country right now..maybe you've heard of it? The London 2012 Olympics? No? Ah were messing with Yes this event is hard to escape but I am trying my best. Oh..ok that is a lie..I have followed some of it. In particular the Archery as I have had a passion for this..well..forever. Way before The Hunger Games were ever (Never read you recommend them?) Can't wait to be well enough to do it again.

Women's Team GB Archery..didn't do so good but at least they
were there and gave it their best. Next time!
I reluctantly watched the opening ceremony with ML who really wanted to. After the initial "Oh isn't England quaint?" nonsense was over I really quite enjoyed it. What broke the ice for me was James Bond..I love Daniel Craig as Bond..totally rocks. And then Rowan Atkinson...I loved the humour.

Love him..Chariots of Fire suddenly
became more
I enjoyed the musical element but found myself flagging by the escaped to bed, to leave a watery eyed ML to see it through to the end. And the next day I was told  repeatedly I had missed something special with the lighting of the Olympic Torches so had to You Tube it and was very beautiful...I had to agree. But was very pleased to have missed I am not the biggest fan. .and yes I know admitting this could get me flogged! lol.

Olympic Flames..I admit it..awesome.
Image not mine..found online.
Like I said I have followed the Archery and ML has followed the Sailing and the Beach Volley Ball..Yep! lol. And last night as I was going to bed I heard that Jess Ennis had won her Gold and I was pleased for her. Then was later told GB got 6 Golds yesterday...missed them Was too busy watching movies and being good. You see..I am much more of a participator than a watcher..always have been. It just reminds me of the restrictions that I am currently living with. So the idea of sitting for hours on end watching every feed of this event leaves me cold with a side of chills. Therefore...Grinch! lol.

Bits and pieces I have read in the press or listened to on the radio have made me hinkey at times. Especially the constant references to the Athletes diet..and how they 'need' the protein in animal forms. I have found myself growling a few So when my VegNews showed up in my email and I found the headline Olympic Athletes Thriving on Vegetarian Diets I was overjoyed. I know athletes can thrive on a veggie/vegan eating know this too eh? So it was great to finally see some recognition of this fact from the Olympians.

Lizzie Armitstead proudly showing off her Gold...and so she should.
Image not my own..found online.
So shall I be partaking in any more of the Olympic viewing? Not sure if I'm honest. I keep up to date on it's happenings by ML and my pal Trustworthy who are both far more interested than I My pals D & B had tickets for events on Saturday and I greatly enjoyed looking at their smiley faces via Facebook...and I look forward to hearing about their day. My kid brother is also in London right now and he was planning on watching the Women's that fitted into his very busy museum schedule. lol.

Highly gratuitous James Bond shot with the other
Well it would've been rude to mention him and not show him, eh?
Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is a very pleasant one folks?