Monday, 7 May 2012

Weekend Round Up..joyful chaos, friends, a show, a market, music and a movie

Weekend Play Lists:

Porcupine Tree play list courtesy of Red (GRD)
Nickelback ~ The Long Road Album
Fun Lovin Criminals ~ Bag of Hits Album
Jamie Cullum play list
Girls with Guitars play list was a very busy weekend..and I am sat here with heavy eyes..I think I could drop off into a snooze very easily. What happened to my days of partying all night and functioning throughout the day? They got up and walked off But for every yawn I stifle today I have an accompanying smile to go with it..because it has been a great weekend.

Friday afternoon was the beginning of this great weekend with a movie trip to see Avengers Assemble. Then on Saturday morning my sister and the little ones came for lunch and general play time. Now there haven't been many of these of late, as there have been so many lurgies going around that we have had to keep away from each other for fear of sharing the germs. So both my sister and myself were going through major 'sister time' it was so good to see her. The little ones were their usual riot of fun, chaos and energy...the girls showing off their fading Chicken Pox spots and then the boys joined in and it ended up being a shared Chicken Pox scar Nice! And after my first batch of hugs from all, I was feeling one very happy chick. The boys ran off into their own little world which left little Noo and myself to snuggle up on my chair and watch was a lovely half an hour. Carpet picnic lunches followed and then a manic Musical Bumps, Statues and Eggs..(eggs is a game M invented and he is quite proud of Then the boys were allowed their 20 minutes of Star Wars Wii time whilst I played cars with Noo and littlest niece L just enjoyed running around us all. ML and my sister were both sprawled on the sofa catching fun! But as always before we knew it, it was time to pack everything away and find shoes and boots...and in some cases More hugs and kisses were enjoyed and then they were away to their friends birthday party.

With some time to recharge I took the chance to catch up on some book reading before it was time to get ready for a fabulous night out.

Don't bother me..busy
Image not mine..take no credit for its creation
found online..
Now Saturday night was an A friend is a Burlesque performer and she had asked us to go to the upcoming show. The Cat's PJ's are a collective of Burlesque Performers who formed a group..they work under their own directive and enjoy what they do immensely. No exploitation here folks...I need to make that understood. For them it's an art form and a passion...and they are very good at it. So a group of us bought tickets and went along.

The show was being held at an old stomping ground from my A biker club which has diversified into a fantastic venue. It's not huge but the atmosphere is still just great...and for me it was a very nostalgic evening. Memories of many night spent there..the many bands I had seen there and the people I once knew. Fabulous. Now we were greeted by our friend out front and she looked amazing. She is a force of nature this lady and she is like the living embodiment of Betty Boop and Marilyn sensuality. She was stoked that we had come and arranged to get us in early so we could get a great table...which was good in theory..I shall explain later. So we got settled at our table and we spent the hour catching up with each other and watching the performers roaming around in wonderful outfits..then the other people started to arrive and with them a whole new visual treat as it seems it's an event to 'dress up' or 'glam up' for. The theme of night's show was Around the World in 80 guests had come in native dress for different countries etc. But the collective favourite attire for the evening was a couple who had come as a Western Cowboy Sheriff and his partner was wearing a Saloon showgirl outfit. You could just tell the effort they had made.

The force of nature that is Storme Chaser...before the show cheeky snap..
as cameras were banned.
Now this is where the plan fell down...our wonderful table didn't give us a view...of anything. So the rest of the gang ended up stood up on their chairs to view the show..and I didn't feel strong enough to do that and really didn't want to risk falling (What a and doing myself damage so I spent the show bobbing and weaving between peoples heads. Oh well..I saw enough to have a great evening..the music was fun..the old fashioned 'Cigarette & Candy' girls walking around with trays of delights for purchase were a great addition too and D & I both bought a dotty fan to play around with throughout the The bikers who own and run the club were gracious and wonderful hosts and I really felt at home there. I was the veteran Burlesque show attendee amongst our party and I was very relieved when I saw just how much the others were enjoying the evening and the entertainment. And there are plans afoot to attend many

We crawled through the door at 1.30 which is late for us lately...and didn't surface until 11.25 the next day..even more unheard of...however upon hearing that pals A&C didn't get out of bed until 2pm I didn't feel so But tell me is it possible to be stone cold sober and wake up with a hangover? How is this fair? lol But hungover I was and so dragging myself around the Farmers Market was an experience that came with coffee and blackout sunglasses. lol. And it was the fast track slow crawl went to our favourite stalls and bought a beautiful bag of luscious veggies. We tried to buy some of the splendid falafel's for the evening meal but the women looked worse than I felt! lol. She shamefully admitted that she had been too tired to make the falafel's and apologised..a lot!

We then departed the market to go have an early lunch and if you have ever had one of those head stuck to the table moments...."Just please leave me be and let me sleep here..Yes right here..I don't care if everyone is looking at me!!" I was wiped But a lunch was enjoyed and I had a very lovely steamed plate of veggies with what can only be described as, a lump of mashed beans and spices. It tasted OK...but it wouldn't win any Then it was a slow crawl to the car and around the closest supermarket for bits and pieces.

Once home I curled up in my chair with my iPod plugged in and playing, a steaming hot mug of Peppermint Tea and got between the pages of the latest Classic Rock magazine. A blissful couple of recharge I found information about a group called Girls with Guitars who are three British blues singer-songwriters who have formed a group for touring..I checked them out on iTunes and enjoyed them greatly and then later in the evening I was looking through some flyers we had picked up at the club and low and behold...they are playing there at the end of the month! So hopefully we are getting tickets and will be going to see them live. Synchronicity or what? lol. I also found out that Chris Cornell, Slash, Beth Hart and The Levellers are touring this year but sadly don't think I'll be making it to those time, eh?

The weekend was finished off by watching a movie that came through via and it was the British film Four Lions.

Image taken from the internet.
Now this Bafta award winning comedy/drama isn't one I've been desperate to watch. To be honest I thought it would be a load of cobblers. So as it started I was sat halfheartedly watching....maybe because I don't find terrorism funny...or judge people because of their religious beliefs and the whole concept was making me a little hinky...who knows? I had been told it was a laugh from start to finish..and I love a comedy! But not a single laugh passed these lips for three quarters of this movie...until a very funny moment collided with a very tragic moment and then I was caught in a weird hysterical need to laugh and gasping at the shock/sadness of the situation. I had tears rolling down my cheeks..and sure as heck couldn't tell you if they were happy tears or sad tears. It was a Very.Strange.Moment! The whole movie for me was a roller coaster of emotions...and maybe with the tiredness I was feeling it, a little more then most would. But I am pleased I watched it..I think.

Other new music I've been introduced to this weekend is Porcupine Tree courtesy of Red who sent me a large play list of their music and I have listening to it in the car but still no where all the way through it yet. But I have enjoyed what I have heard so thank you Red.

And in true Bank Holiday Monday fashion we have had 30 minutes of sunshine before the clouds took over and now it's chilly. So thankfully I ain't leaving the house today and I can stay At least it's not

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your Monday is a good one..