Thursday, 24 May 2012

National Vegetarian Week: Main Course Recipes

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So...following up from yesterdays posting of veggie/vegan is all about the main event. And trying to choose between all of the recipes I have made and was But I have selected some and tried to keep them there is something to suit all palates once lets get started, eh? lol

Griddled Baby Eggplant & Tofu Slice with Korean Barbeque Sauce & Onion Relish
This glorious main course is one a slightly adapted from Susan V over at and I was very happy when I got her seal of approval. This dish is a powerhouse of flavour and texture. And it is also light so could be served for lunch or an evening meal. It's a favourite in our house.

Isa & Terry's Bean Balls in Marinara Sauce with Wholemeal Spaghetti
On a cold and miserable day..when I feel like the world is going mad around me...this simple dish can make me feel happy and satisfied. For's pure comfort I always have a stash of these beautiful bean balls in the freezer. The balls are tasty and cooked in the rich tomato and garlic sauce which transforms the dish into food nirvana. The wholemeal spaghetti is purely my personal preference but has worked before with all types of pasta.

Delicious Gluten Free & Yeast Free Pizza with Homemade Potato Wedges
These pizzas were amazing and they disappeared so quickly after I served them up and were so very easy to make. I have tried many GF pizza bases and came away thinking I'd just munched on cardboard but these pizzas were a huge hit and if I make pizza's always this recipe. There are two types off toppings suggested in this recipe but really..just throw anything you want on them..after all you all know how to top a pizza, eh? lol

Rocket and Roses Crown Prince Pumpkin, Mixed Pepper & Black Eyed Bean Vegan Fritatta
Now this fritatta was an experiment..which fortunately paid off. And it is filling and a little goes a long way but it's tasty and comforting and goes really well with a leaf and tomato salad. Even my egg fritatta loving Mum tried some and loved it..Nice on a warm day served room temperature.

Sweet Potato Chilli with Corn Tortillas
This fantastic recipe by Dreena Burton is one of my sisters favourites and I am often asked to make it for Saturday lunches. Personally I think they all just like to sit with their flower bowl and dip their tortilla chips in like big kids..but hey I could be It's very tasty, filling and cheap to make.

Mushroom Do-Piaza
Those of you that follow this blog will know that I am not the biggest lover of the mushroom..a whole texture issue for me...but this simple spicy dish is just great...Go on..give it a

So that is the Main event round up..did you find something you may like to try or already have? How did it go?

Can't make my mind up for tomorrow's post...desserts/sweet things or just some of my favourite recipes...what's your thoughts?? Email me if you're having issues with my comments we are aware that we are having a techno problem with it. Sorry. One of the many reason we are going to our own website very soon.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is a good one...