Friday, 18 May 2012

Music Loves: Sara Sant'Ambrogio (and a couple of extras..)

Lounge Play List:

Sara Sant'Ambrogio ~ Nocturne in E-Flat major

For sit, cook, read or walk with my cello play list soothing me on my iPod is music bliss. And I do have quite the was surprised by two new pieces the other you can find something new everyday. I do enjoy most cellists but the one that stole my musical heart years ago was the very lovely and extremely talented Ms Sara Sant'Ambrogio. She is by far and above the most emotive soloist out there...and she has captivated me ever since hearing her play on the MTV Classical music channel..remember those days?? lol.

The first album I purchased of hers was the album Dreaming which has a great mix of classics and contemporary pieces. The one that stands out for me is Chopin's Nocturne in E-Flat major. I love Chopin anyway but the way Sara interprets his wonderful nocturne has a very profound effect on me every time..and believe me I have listened to it many times lol. I am a great tango lover so her Libertango is sublime. In fact there is only one piece that I don't enjoy and that is purely a personal dislike of the piece of music...Flight of the Bumblebee..although I am told she has recorded the fastest playing of this piece. A talent in itself, eh? lol

The very beautiful Dreaming album

Sara has recorded one other solo album and that is the wonderful Sant'Ambrogio Bach 135 Suites album. (correct at publishing but happy to be corrected..~R~)

Sant'Ambrogio BACH 135
Sara was originally in the string trio Eroica but sadly I don't have their albums to share. For me the cello connects with my soul and it lifts me out of whatever mood I am in..or situation..for I am know to plug in and escape in certain And I am always very happy when it's Sara playing.

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I have a song that is particularly special to me but it isn't a Sant'Ambrogio's by my favourite British rock band Thunder. The song is My Darkest Hour and it is a cello and guitar piece with the beautiful lyrics of Luke Morley..sang perfectly by Danny Bowes. And if you click on the link below it should take you to it..(

What did you think? I hope you enjoyed it...

One other piece of cello music I found and I shared it as my song of the day this week was the very haunting and beautiful The Piano Guys version of Christina Perri's A Thousand Years...this one brought tears to my And hopefully the link will take you

I do have many more cello pieces I could share with you..but I'll save them for another time as the two in mind are still new to me and very lovely..and I'm not ready to share them yet.

Thank you as always for stopping by and I promise you a fully functioning food blog as soon as I can but thank you for sticking with me through these rough months. It's appreciated.

I hope your Friday is fabulous..