Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Happy

Workroom Play List:

Poison ~ Your Mama Don't Dance
Primal Scream ~ Rocks
Queen ~ We Will Rock You
Queen ~ Another One Bites the Dust
Thunder ~ Everybody' Laughing
Thunder ~ Devil Made Me Do It
Transvision Vamp ~ Baby I Don't Care
Stevie Wonder ~ Superstition

It's Friday...and I'm happy. I love Fridays because My Love usually works from home and it's the start of the weekend. However this Friday I have the pleasure of my kid brother's company and we are discussing music..always fun. And no doubt later we'll have a debate or Always good to see him though..

Doing the Friday Happy
(Not my creation..image found online and I take no credit for it)
Later I shall be off searching out some bargains and hoping that my meds are kind to me whilst I do this. The sun is out but it's quite chilly..but that won't take this smile from my today I am keeping the posting short but sweet...

So what are you all doing this weekend? We are hoping to visit with a pal or two and just chill out for a while..

Thanks for stopping by...I hope your Friday is an excellent one!


Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Veggie Cook Book Classic ~ Low Fat, Low Sugar - Rose Elliot

Workroom Play List:

Thunder ~ Everybody's Laughing
Rosemary Clooney ~ Half As Much
Otis Redding ~ These Arms of Mine
Jeff Beck ~ Hi Ho Silver Lining
Heart ~ Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger
T-Rex ~ I Love to Boogie
The Rolling Stones ~ Honky Tonk Woman
INXS ~ What You Need

You know you are loved when you are cooked a beautiful dish for your evening meal..despite the fact that every ingredient in it..would make your Love very ill if they ate it too..and it used to be one of their favourite meals. Since starting on the new meds My Love has tried to take over the cooking of fresh meals for us..instead of falling back on..well..quicker methods of sustaining ones self. Grateful that I am for anything My Love manages to throw together for the both of us when I am unable to do kitchen duties...the choices are usually based on speed not health.

Goodness me, that sounds like I'm a 50's clarify..I am not but I do happily cook for us both when I am well. I am a passionate vegan foodie..otherwise I wouldn't write a vegan based blog, eh? Just so ya

This last week has been just wise. I have felt an increase in energy..despite feeling dreadful..does that even make sense? lol. And my inspiration and interest is starting to flow back to me. Last night's meal came from a cook book that I have had in my library for probably 10 years? And as a book it's looking very abused and battle worn. You of those books, you open and silently pray that another page doesn't come away from the spine. Yeah? I think we all have I bought Low Fat, Low Sugar by Rose Elliot because at the time I was vegetarian and I've always been interested in lowering fat and sugar. Simple really.

The very excellent little cook book Low Fat, Low Sugar by Rose Elliot
On the whole the recipes are naturally vegan but there are a few that call for the odd egg white or dairy milk. But I have made nearly all the recipes in this book over the years and all are easily veganised. Rose Elliot did write a vegan cookbook Vegan Feasts too which I also have. lol. (I think I have nearly all her cookbooks..) We make and use the soup recipes so often we practically know them by heart...which is good given the books' worn out state. Every section has wonderful recipes and they are easy to make. I think in all the years we have only disliked one recipe which was the Potato Casserole..but one isn't bad when there are so many others to make instead.

Last night My Love cooked the Red Bean Chilli from the book. Why we had never eaten before is baffling to me as we both love a good chilli. Or maybe that is it? I have so many other veggie/bean chilli recipes this one simply got overlooked? But what a shame..Sad to say I haven't got a photo to share with you but picture this...

A large green plate with a single serving of freshly cooked brown basmati rice...nestling on top a rich red tomato sauce with grated carrot, pieces of red pepper and kidney beans...and on the side some steamed broccoli and cauliflower. The savoury smell of the basmati rice blending with the rich spicy tomatoey sauce..and the green goodness of the vibrant broccoli...Did that help?? lol

My Love said it was very easy to make but made one sub..the recipe calls for 1/2 tsp of hot chilli powder but the bottle couldn't be found so 1 tsp mild chilli powder and 1/2 tsp red chilli flakes were used instead. Oh.My.Giddy.Aunts.....was it delicious and a pure delight to eat. I slowly munched my way through the plate and savoured every last mouthful..And it freezes well too! Bonus.

I love all the recent vegan cookbooks that are published and have most of them in my library but they do tend to be huge and I think that the smaller books can often get over looked. I loved this cookbook from the moment I purchased it..and still do. I couldn't recommend it more highly if you were looking for a cook book to help with reducing fat and sugar. And I feel over the next few weeks we are going to be revisiting it more..and I promise recipe and photos when I do..

Health Update

I do believe that if my energy levels keep improving like this I will be back in the kitchen soon but naturally..not gonna run before I can walk. But I have had my first check in with my Specialist and although I'm feeling dreadful..the outcome is looking positive after just 6 days on this new med combo. So I did a mini Happy Desk dance after I got the only 3 more weeks of feeling yuck and then I may actually start feeling well...Hopeful..always hopeful.

Thanks for stopping by..And I hope your Thursday is a good one....


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Too Cute..No? Just me? lol

Workroom Play List:

Bon Jovi ~ Born To Be My Baby
Gilbert O'Sullivan ~ Happiness Is Me And You
Frank Sinatra ~ Don't Fence Me In
Skid Row ~ Slave To The Grind
Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ Empty Arms
Daniel Varsano ~ Satie: Gnossiene - 3. Lent
Van Morrison ~ Brown Eyed Girl

I was recently introduced to and Oh it wonderful? I bow in awe at the talented and creative people who sell their work and art on there. And I often find myself cruising around the lovely website especially at the moment when I need distraction. I was warned that it could become addictive and somewhat expensive...but the key to this is..don't buy anything! Which I don't..I just window/screen shop.

I usually go for the pottery section and cruise the latest teacups and saucers and espresso sets..and you know I am a nut for these three things. lol. But recently during a cruise I saw a link for teacup jewellery. Was I sad enough to have a look? lol. Of course! I actually found two lovely necklaces and wanted to share them with you.

Cupcake Tray and Whisk Pendant
Too cute! lol. I could happily wear this necklace..but my favourite one by far was this simple pendant...

A beautiful little
OK maybe I need to get back in the kitchen and feeling But I do think these are quite lovely. And just a little bit of fun..that I felt the need to share.

Hope you enjoy...or at least just have a laugh at my expense..Go on..I don't

I hope your Wednesday is a good one?


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ever Had One of These Moments?

Workroom Play List:

Giuseppe Verdi ~ Rigdetto  La Donna E Mobile
Bonnie Raitt ~ Love Sneakin Up On You
Andre Rieu ~ Wine, Woman and Song
The Animals ~ We Gotta Get Out of This Place
Shakira ~ Donde Estan Los Ladrones? (Live)
Mildred Bailey ~ Georgia On My Mind
Bruce Springsteen ~ The Rising

Image found online..I take no credit for it's creation...But it was a perfect fit for
I managed a whole three hours sleep last night..unbroken sleep...Three hours..Yes..THREE! Believe me that is a wonderful achievement for me. Especially this week as the new meds settle in my system..(Sorry I am howling with laughter as I type that..) Unsettle..would be more accurate. If I make it through the four weeks..which I will because I am bloody mindedly going to make will be an achievement.

So with my three hours sleep under my belt I woke up to a thought that I wasn't feeling anywhere near as dreadful as yesterday morning...when My Love came up to say goodbye...I was still thinking to myself.."Hey maybe I'm over the worst???" Then I ate my breakfast that My Love had lovingly made for me...I even enjoyed it...I read some more of a book I am reading...then I felt really daring...I ventured to the bathroom for a shower. lol

I turned on the shower and smiled to myself in the bathroom mirror and OK I wasn't a living human being colour yet..but I wasn't corpse grey that I was yesterday. My eyes could've been a little brighter...but I was determined that today was not going to be as bad as I found myself saying to my reflection...."You know what,today is going to be a good day..." Now please don't pretend for a second that you don't talk to yourself in the mirror when alone!! You don't? Oh! Ahem...Anyway....

I was halfway through washing my hair when the rolling wave of nausea doubled me after a few bursts of Expletive Therapy...I was feeling worse than yesterday and the day before put together. Grey skin, cloudy eyes...oh it was not an attractive

So that was when my "You had to open your big mouth and say it, eh?" or as above "Shut up..Stupid!" moment happened. I am the type of person who never says.."Ah well it could be worse!" Because if I does get worse. I'm not a rookie..I should've known better...

My day will definitely not be going the way I had hoped it would as made plans in my head whilst eating my breakfast...but I can see the funny side of this. I feel like hell..but I knew I would be feeling a lot worse before I felt better...

This afternoon I shall be found snuggled up with the Sock Stealer watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 as I've been saving it for a day like this...and getting plenty of chuckles in watching Arrested Development. I recently found it on Netflix and watch an episode for the laughs when I feel my spirits dropping.

Well that's my day...I hope your Tuesday is a good one and thanks for stopping by...


Monday, 26 March 2012

A Thought for a Hard Day

Workroom Play List:

Creed ~ Human Clay Album

So far this Monday is hard say the temporary (hopefully..) side effects from the new medication have kicked a slight understatement. It's 12.40pm here and I haven't been up and around today my posting is a short one.

I found this image via Pinterest and thought it would make a very good mantra one day...and today..and most likely the next four weeks will be the right time for it.

Image not my own and I take no credit for it...But thank you to whoever made it!
When you are going through a hard time it's easy to forget that every moment of each day is can easily get lost in the stress...chaos..pain...sleep load. We never know how long we have and if this was your last day..would you want to spend it entirely buried under the situation you find yourself in? I know I would be a quite peaceful if I knew I had spent at least some of my last day...laughing or at the very least cracking a smile or two.

Believe me when I say I am by no means being flippant. And when I was once advised to sit and smile..I thought the friend had looped the But found that it did indeed help...who knew? lol

One of my favourite song lyrics is Charlie Chaplin's wonderful song..Smile. I have the lyrics printed out and pinned up next to my desk as a visual

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking.
When there are clouds in the sky you'll get by.
If you smile through your pain and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you.

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness.
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying.
You'll find that life is still worthwhile-
If you just smile.

So today I will no doubt be spending the day feeling beyond I already do..but I will try to keep smiling...and if I haven't fried your brains with my other mantra for times like this?...This Too Shall Pass

Although I have been saying that one for some time now..but hopefully I'm on the way up now.

Thanks for stopping by...I hope your Monday is a good one...


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Catch Up Time and the Sock Stealer..

I hope your Sunday is being good to you? Mine is a very tiring one as I started my new treatment last night and have had an eventful night..and I'll leave it at

I was treated to breakfast in bed by My Love who had made me Tofu Scramblers on two small pieces of Rye toast. It was lovely and was very grateful for the effort by My Love is isn't feeling well either.

It's been a shaky few days since Wednesday hospital visit with a lot to process and lots of 'stuff' to work out. (Sorry for the vagueness but I'm still processing for sure..)

And then the lovely madness of our nieces birthday and yesterday being family day...which was a very loving day. My nephews wanted to show me their new writing skills and both wrote 'Lovely Auntie R' and some love hearts. My niece also tried and I'm fairly sure I could make out the It was just lovely to get lost amongst the little ones, catch up with my sister and just feel normal for a while. Our littlest niece L turned up rocking a fabulous t-shirt with Pebbles on the front and so there was some attempts made at taking some photos of Attempts?? Yep because I now have a rather splendid collection of her exiting the photo right and left. Action shots I believe they are I did manage to get a good shot of the nephews sat together and one of Noo with her face squished between the bannisters. lol.

The Sock Stealer has been busy...fretting over me..snuggling up with My Love in the evenings when crashed out with exhaustion. His work is never today's photo is a recent one of him with his birthday bone biscuit. I think the flash on My Loves phone must be something else because he really is looking stunned...or guilty. With him, it could always go either way! lol

"Who me? No..wasn't me! I didn't do it? Urgh..I just wanna eat this bone..leave me be!" lol 
It's quite funny after family day because it's usually a race to see who collaspes first after the little ones are gone. He usually opts for his bed and is snoring in minutes..My Love tries to sit quietly with a cuppa but very soon joins the little fella. lol

Thanks for stopping by...I hope your Sunday is a good one...Back tomorrow..

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Princess Castle Birthday Cake for Princess Noo's Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration Play List:

Happy Birthday To You ~ various noise makers lol

Our lovely niece Noo celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday and it seems like five minutes since she was born...but as she is years ahead for her three seems like she has been around forever. She is fun, loving, mischievous, intelligent beyond her years..and cute as a button. However if you were to ask my sister what she's like at the moment..I think she would say that the devil periodically sets up residence! lol. Testing her boundaries for sure..but as the Auntie I don't see that side much. Perks, eh? lol.

So it was as ever our honour to make the birthday cake for her celebration...and the requirements were a chocolate cake in the shape of a Princess Castle! O..K! No problem. lol. Note I can type this quite easily as I didn't have any part in the making of this particular cake. I have to confess I was a little more than relieved when My Love stepped up and took over complete design and making of this masterpiece. My Love really likes to design the cakes and the assembly and then it's usually over to me for the decoration and fine detailing. But this time it's 100% My Love's work and I think the results were fabulous.

The chocolate cake recipe was the recipe from C.P-D's A Joy of Vegan Baking, the filling was from Easy Vegan Cooking/Leneman. The turrets were mini vegan chocolate swiss rolls and the turrets roof was a vegan waffle ice cream cone which had been lightly glazed with icing water..then rolled in sugar crystals that My Love had coloured a pinkie purple. Then lighter pink sugar crystals were sprinkled over straight after so you got a sparkly effect on the roofs. Wafers were cut into shapes for the entrance and the windows and sugar hearts were placed around the piping work. All this hard work made for one beautiful cake and the little lady loved it..asking my sister at the end of the day.."Can I live in a castle like this when I grow up Mummy?" lol.

Princess Castle Birthday Cake
The finished cake before the interesting car journey to get it

Close up - you can see the detailing a little better..and of course the princess..which she did try and eat! Whoops! lol
For some reason that 3 candle just wanted to lean to the

Sadly my photos didn't pick up the sparkling of the crystals on the turret roofs. And you can see the Princess Hearts garlands.
The turrets were held in place by wooden skewers.

The Princess waiting to greet you on her draw Cute.
Princess Noo took one look at the Snow White and said..."No that's not Snow White..that's me..isn't it?" Of course

I thought My Love really did a fantastic job and the layers of chocolate cake was enjoyed by all except our Mum who doesn't like chocolate cake...and the one person who refuses to eat Vegan muck..ah well..his loss.

For Noo's birthday this year we found a Dressing Up Chest that had two princess outfits in along with a crown, slippers, gloves, wings?!? and princess bag. She sure as heck loved this prezzie and withing seconds of opening it..she was stripping off her party frock and had her poor Daddy helping her on with the princess ball gown. lol. So here are some snaps of Princess Noo...

Princess Noo in her princess ballgown, slippers, crown, gloves and holding her wand and bag.
Noo is somewhat obsessed with princesses, fairies and pixies. I have pixies living at my house, don't ya In the background you can just about see that Tinkerbell is on freeze frame on the family TV. lol. Family friends had bought her the Disney Fairies Box set for her birthday. Somehow I think both prezzies are going to get a lot of use. lol.

The castle candle is lit..sat on Mummy with Daddy next to them..and the rabble singing Happy Birthday for all our
A very happy smiley Princess Noo after the cake was eaten (wearing her gloves and sat on my knee!!!) with her Mummy in the background. Looking angelic..then she went out on the trampoline
So all in all it was a splendid birthday for little Noo and I even managed to have some time with the gang of little ones out at the trampoline...Bonus!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Be Back Soon...

Workroom Play List:

Doris Day ~ Night and Day
Rachmaninov ~ Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
Shakira ~ Underneath My Clothes Acoustic
George Harrison/Jools Holland Band ~ Horse to Water
Don Williams ~ Pretend
K.D Lang ~ Crying
The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band ~ Heat of the Sun

Image from the web - I take no credit for it's creation
I am bring you interesting postings at the moment and I am certainly aware it's been a while since I've given you a decent food posting. And for a food based blog that's not so good, eh? And my pain levels at this moment are at such a level I am struggling to keep my thoughts together and the pain relief I'm having to take isn't helping. Seriously..a keyboard can hide the slurring perfectly. lol

Tomorrow I have the 'big' appt at the hospital and I have no idea what the outcome is going to be and what shape I'll be in. So I have reluctantly taken the decision to take a few days off from the blog. I will hopefully be back at the earliest on Friday or the latest Sunday. However if I'm admitted to hospital...My Love will post something up to keep you all informed.

You have been so loyal and stopping by everyday in such high numbers I am humbled. And feel bad asking you to be a little more patient. As ever I will keep my promise of providing my usual content as soon as I am able.

So I hope you all keep on enjoying the lovely spring weather we are having right now. And I hope the rest of your week is a good one. Please feel free to keep the comments and emails coming as they are all gratefully received.

I am away to lose myself in some music..movies..or books. Or all

Be back soon...~R~

Monday, 19 March 2012

Good music to rock in a corner too...

Workroom Play List:

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band ~ How I Go Album

The music to get me through today...
I'm not going to is a very, very bad pain day. So my post will be short and then I am away to rock in some corner. However, whilst I rock...I shall be enjoying my latest bargain.

I had never heard of this band until quite recently when an online pal Molly of Vegan Flower blog recommended them to me, when she saw I liked Stevie Ray Vaughn. I checked them out and knew instantly I would become a fan but unfortunately buying their stuff here in England is problematic and with import, very pricey.

So I turned to iTunes initially and listened to most of the back catalogue of their work on preview. Then I did a search one day whilst visiting Amazon and this album was listed on a Amazon sellers site at £4.83. On iTunes it was still £10.99. So I purchased a copy and today it arrived in the post. I love it.

So thanks to Molly for the recommendation..and I look forward to collecting their earlier albums..and I'm really enjoying Noah's lead vocal and the excellent Kenny on guitar. I find music very I know this will help me focus.

I am away to rock out in a corner to this very splendid album and I hope that tomorrow is a better day. Wednesday is the Consultants here's to keeping the faith that something good will come of it.

Thanks for stopping by..and I hope your Monday is a good one...


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Workroom Play List:

James Morrison ~ Fix The World Up For You
The Eagles ~ Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Shakira ~ She-Wolf
Thunder ~ Once In A Lifetime
KT Tunstall ~ Another Place to Fall
Edith Piaf ~ Non je ne regrette rien

Happy Mothers Day to all the well deserving Mothers in the UK
Here in England it is Mothering Sunday and it is a day that should be celebrated. But then I have a Mum who is lovely...and my sister is also a great Mum too. So the two of them should be spoilt rotten as far as I'm concerned. But then I also hold with not just showing your love and thanks on one day of the year but all year round and I do try to do that.

So what did I buy as a gift for my lovely Mum this year? Flowers? Like the virtual bouquet above? Nope. Chocolates? Nope..Mum's not that big on chocs. I bought my Mum three bottles of drawing

Windsor & Newton Drawing Ink ~ We bought the requested black, brown and metallic gold/bronze
I know..sentimental eh? lol. Well actually it is for me because my Mum is a very talented artist and having recently retired, has taken back the 'art love'. As a small toddler many of my first memories are of my Mum with large sketching pad sat on her knee as she was lost in drawing whilst she thought I was asleep. We had drawings all over our room that we shared. My Mum is also great at pottery and I have a few of her pieces around my house. She also made a lovely glass window hanging for me and one for my sister a few years ago..mine hangs proudly in my workroom window. It seems the woman can do anything she turns her hands too. Me? Did I pick up the arty gene? Nope..can't draw for toffee! lol.  I have very fond memories of her making up bedtime stories about Flinglebunt the pixie and then drawing some of the illustrations. Sadly though when she later remarried she virtually gave up her artwork as she raised my sister and brothers. So when she started to slowly pick up the love again it was a moment of great joy for me. It felt like she was becoming the Mum I knew again..silly isn't it? lol. But find the love she has indeed now and she is going from strength to strength. The passion to learn more and try new methods is a wonder to see. I have one of her paintings hung in my house and would happily display more. So we were very happy to buy the requested inks.

This was a commission piece..the first time Mum had ever drawn and painted a horse!
She made a fantastic 10 year anniversary card/painting for me for My Love. My Love is obsessed by the VW vans. And we also have that framed too. The woman is silly talented. lol. (Can you tell I'm a little proud of her? )

So Happy Mothers Day Mum and may you continue to spend many years enjoying the passion you have for artwork. We are all very proud of all your creations...and always will be. And Happy Mothers Day to my lovely sister who has spent the last 5 years exhausted and sleep You are also an amazing Mum and don't you ever forget that!

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your Sunday is a very good one...


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Gotta Love A Bargain!

Workroom Play List:

Dixie Chicks ~ Taking The Long Way Album

I admit it..I was a magazine junkie. I used to buy at least 7-8 a month and not the cheap gossipy ones either.  I always struggled with the whole...Eco paper issue though and I had already started buying the smaller Eco editions by the time I had to address my addiction. lol. My magazines of choice were Zest (Health & Fitness), Natural Health (Health), Diva (Lifestyle), Psychologies (Mental Health), a few magazines aimed at Writers and a couple of music magazines. But it was an expensive habit and it needed to be addressed....My Love was in this with me buying gardening magazines and triathlon magazines. We had to cut down.

I had to go cold Tofurkey man. The habit of snuggling up in a comfy chair with a large steaming mug of coffee and getting lost amongst the covers was a major bitch pain to try and kick. I had to stop completely and boy did it make me miserable for the first few months. Shopping trips lost all appeal for me as we skipped the magazine isle altogether. You see..I love words. I am a card carrying magazine, book, blog junkie. I have been since I could read my first book alone and that was very young. I was writing long stories by the time I was 5. I am always working on new material..have at least 5 reading books on the go at one time...I crave words. I Put was hell.

I did try to do the online version thing for a while but for me it didn't have the joy that holding a magazine in your hands had. So I gave up and for a couple of years didn't go near a magazine unless I was at the hairdressers and really didn't enjoy those because they tended to be the cheap 'I married my brother and I am now mother to my niece!' rubbish. I digress..once again! lol. There was always a magazine void but I filled it with book after book but I missed the information and the articles. Then My Love came home one day with a copy of Natural Health for me and I was stunned and almost tearful when ripped off the plastic covering and handed the free 'health bar' (not vegan) to My Love. I put the magazine on my desk and left there, unopened, waiting for the perfect magazine moment. And when that came...Oh My! lol. And since then I've semi regularly read Natural Health and Classic Rock magazines. I love Natural Health because it gives good advice and keeps me up to day on alternative health lifestyle.

Natural Health but not April 2012 copy sadly.
Classic Rock is bought when it has a great CD giveaway which could be argued, that is every but I am very selective. lol. And I think that's a huge improvement from my many magazines a week addiction and I don't feel too guilty about the Eco side of this addiction...2 magazines every couple of months? Not brilliant but an improvement.

So My Love came home from the shops last week with a huge smile. I was sat reading and resting (insert Expletive Therapy here!) and looked up to see a magazine being held out to me. It was the new edition of Natural Health and it was in a substantial wrapper. I was completely delighted to see that the free giveaway this month was a copy of a Fitness DVD that I have been coveting since it's release. But hadn't been able to justify buying it as I've been so unwell. My Love chuckled as I tore into the wrapper and sat gazing at the DVD. I was one happy woman and it was FREE!

Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga
There was also a free bag of Oatbran flakes but that just got put with my Oatbran stash and I sat back down to read the magazine but all the time smiling about the DVD. The magazine is £3.60 and the DVD the last time I had checked was £12 was a bargain.

Don't you just love a bargain? lol. We've watched the DVD through and once we stopped laughing uncontrollably at just how much it would kill us both to attempt the workouts right now..I thought it was a great Yoga workout. And having Sting's music in the background didn't hurt either.

OK I better sign off and as my nephew and niece are here and my sister has just returned from the shops...Family Time!'s what Saturday are all about for us.

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your Saturday is a good one..


Thursday, 15 March 2012

To Love a Geek

Workroom Play List:

David Bowie ~ Heroes
Diana Krall ~ Besame Mucho
Sade ~ Sweetest Taboo
Sade ~ Please Send Me Someone To Love
Natalie Merchant ~ Carnival
Andrea Bocelli ~ La Voce Del Silenzio
George Frederic Handel ~ Handel: Water Music Suite # 2 in D

Image taken from the web..
Now if someone had asked me 12 years ago if there was the smallest possibility that I would one day be happily married to a Geek..well..I would've had raised a shot of Jack to them and laughed myself silly. It's safe to say that My Love and I come from two different kind of But somehow it works for us. I wasn't aware when we first met a what a huge Geek I was dating. And then within a few really didn't matter. I was hooked..My Love was hooked...and that was that.

We celebrate each others differences...My Love will never understand my love of rock music and the And over the 11 years we've been together we accept and love each others differences. And I surprisingly even get some of the Geekiness now..I love The Big Bang Theory although I relate to Penny more then any of the others characters..wish I had her body
I understand now that to be a Geek isn't a choice but part of who they are and I wouldn't change it if I could.

So to that My Love if off on a Geeky adventure with our pal D..who is also a card carrying Geek. They are spending the afternoon at the movies..watching Star Wars 3D...apparently this is a huge deal. lol. I was asked to go...but I respectfully declined. I never got Star Wars...when everyone in my class at school was walking around with Star Wars lunch boxes I thought them quite mad and I hugged my Fonz lunch box with pride. lol.

I have watched the newer Star Wars since we've been together and I didn't want to pull my hair out like I did with the original ones..maybe because I'm a little more used to such Geeky films now..or maybe it was because of this character...

.....this character makes me laugh so much and I think helped me get through the films. Whatever works eh? And when the nephews are playing on the Wii with My Love they too seem to love Jarjar too. nephews are what does that say about me? lol. Oh well.

So I shall be spending the afternoon...quite happily not watching Star Wars...and hoping that they have a blast and have a major Geek Out. My movie of choice will be something more reality based like..Oh..well..Breaking Dawn Pt 1! lol.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is good it Geeky or


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Italian Plum Tomatoes on Rye Bread Toasts

Kitchen Play List:

Robert Downing Jr ~ Details
The Puppini Sisters ~ It Don't Mean a Thing
The Three Tenors ~ Maria
James Brown ~ Sex Machine
(lmao iPod shuffle doing it's thing,eh?)

Yesterday I suddenly found myself feeling very hungry...and realised I hadn't eaten breakfast! Oops. Not like me at all. It was a little early to have lunch so I decided to be a rebel and have a midweek brunch. I know..that's as rebelious as I get these

My Love had come home from the shops the night before with a beautiful little Organic Rye Bread loaf which had been purchased for just 1p! Yes...I know. Don't you find things just taste better when they are reduced in price? lol. This loaf was still moist and hadn't dried out at all.

Italian Plum Tomatoes on Rye Bread Toast..generous fresh cracked black pepper too.
So armed with the rye bread I knew exactly what I was going to have for Brunch. Its simplicity is just perfect for my abilities right now and it tastes great too. I plucked a tin of Italian Plum Tomatoes from the stocks and set about toasting 4 slices of the rye. Only lightly though..I don't like Rye bread too toasty. Heated up my tomatoes and within 4 minutes had this lovely plate of food waiting for me. I always generously grind fresh black pepper over the steamy tomatoes.

Just lightly toasted around the edges..perfect!
Simple...filling...and cheap too! lol. This individual plate of brunch came in at 20p. lol. Bonus.

And I managed 4 whole minutes in the kitchen...Extra Bonus..This cook was a very happy person as I ate.

Thanks for stopping by...And I hope you Wednesday is a good one?


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Thumb Hole Mugs

Workroom Play List:

Mark Knopfler ~ Mademoiselle Will Dance
Joyce ~ Daqui
Nicola Benedetti ~ Bartholdy: Allegro motto appassionato
Heart ~ Tall, Dark, Handsome Stranger
Adam Ant ~ Puss in Boots
P!nk ~ Misery
P!nk ~ Funhouse
Richie Sanbora ~ River of Love

Image from the web...not my creation
For those of you that follow my blog will know that I have a collection of tea cups, espresso sets and some mugs. It's not a collection that is taking over the's all nicely displayed on one book shelf in my workroom..granted it is a large Ikea bookcase...Ahem!...but still it's nice for me to look at.

I don't just collect any old cup or mug...they have to have something a little different than the norm. Which is why this little beauty caught my eye whilst on the web. I love the simplicity of its design and as that's how I always hold my cups and mugs I thought it was perfect! lol. But it can't be bought...Darn! Apparently the website make you jump through have to register with them first...then put in a request for one...then wait until sufficent demand has been reached and then they will release them. And as you know I am not the most patient of my reaction was to click off their site and accept that I shall just have to admire the mug from afar and hope that one day the design will filter down through to regular manufacturers and then I might purchase one then.

Sometimes people make things so difficult they lose business...Ah well. Have you seen this design before? Or something similar? I would welcome any suggestions for alternative websites etc?

Feeling a little dreadful again today...I'm hanging in there but feeling a little lost in the pain. Only 8 days until the hospital appt...I hope something happens then...Gotta have

Lol..just as I was typing the above 'Smile' sung by Natalie cole played on my about getting a cosmic kick up the So I am now indeed smiling...reality check or what? lol

Thanks for stopping by...Hope your Tuesday is a good one?


Monday, 12 March 2012

Just a quick note and a giggle..

Workroom Play List:

The Rolling Stones ~ Brown Sugar
Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ Willy The Wimp
Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ The Sky is Crying
Within Temptation ~ All I Need
Little Angels ~ Sail Away
Chris Cornell ~ Wave Goodbye

Not my image..taken from the internet..I take no credit for the giggles.
Yup..that just about sums up the feeling here in the workroom today. For some reason I wasted most of yesterday feeling blue because the weekend was really did seem like we skipped from Friday evening to Sunday evening in the blink of an eye.

I'm sat munching on a very late lunch whilst I type this..nothing exciting..brown rice, barley, chickpeas and kidney beans with a tiny drizzle of low sodium soy sauce and brown rice vinegar. I just can't seem to get myself together today..feel completely discombobulated. lol.

So I am not even going to try and entertain you today..and I hope my attempt at making you smile with a cutesy picture will be forgiven when I start to bring you regular recipe posting in the very near future. Just not today..apparently! *sighs*

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is a good one...once we've all got past Monday of course!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Food Truth

Workroom Play List:

LeAnn Rimes ~ Can't Fight The Moonlight
Gina Sicilia ~ Try Me
Macy Gray ~ Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak
Ricki Lee Jones ~ Chuck E's In Love
Kelly Clarkson ~ Miss Independent
Avril Lavigne ~ I'm With You
Portishead ~ Numb

Image found on Pinterest
I found this on a recent visit to Pinterest and it really couldn't sum up the situation in the Rocket and Roses household better. It's such a simple statement and makes perfect sense and yet it is one of the hardest to live by, isn't it?

My Love's Salicylate Sensitivity nightmare is a constant battle of having to eat the same meals over and over again. My Love had been a person who loved colour and taste in food choices. But now is having a Rice Crispies with Oatmilk breakfast...white baguette and white cheese and iceberg lettuce lunches...white rice, fish and garden peas dinner..existence. Every least until I'm up and running again and can try and start to experiment with the ingredients that won't fill My Love's poor body with poisons. But this wouldn't be so bad if the cravings for all the other foods wasn't so damn hard to fight. On the whole My Love manages this but it can cause low points. To eat most foods now simply poison the body...but unlike the above statement...the approved foods aren't that healthy. So I constantly worry what the long term damage will be from those foods.

For me personally...sugar is a poison to my body. Dairy isn't a poison but before I stopped consuming it, it was making me very ill. I don't tolerate high quantities of wheat either so try not to overload my system with it. I know when I am eating well my body responds so much better, my mood improves and I just generally feel so much better. But I am human..when the cravings kick in...I have to fight really hard.

I know for a fact that My Love and I would feel so much better if we ate the perfect way for us both but like I said we are It's such a simple well, feel what poisons your body, feel dreadful...

Do you find it so easy to keep to this simple thought process? What's your secret? lol

Hope you are having a good Sunday?


Saturday, 10 March 2012

A very special Saturday...

Anniversary Song:

Tom Baxter ~ Better

Happy Together...
My Love is home from the Danish work travels...and today is a very special day for us. Five years ago today we hitched our wagons together officially (even though we've been together 11 years..) and although we have had a lot of 'stuff' to deal with in those five years..our relationship is the foundation that keeps us both grounded and sane.

As I said to My Love this morning..if I had to choose would always be My Love..

So today we are spending the day quietly and enjoying..just being..which is something neither of us feel we can ever do enough...

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy Saturday..this loved up blogger is now switching off the


Friday, 9 March 2012

Very Berry Breakfast Bowl

Workroom Play List:

Within Temptation ~ What Have You Done Now?
The Velvettes ~ Needle in a Haystack
Mildred Bailey ~ A Porters Love Song to a Chambermaid
Eurythmics/Franklin ~ Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
Count Basie & Orch ~ Flight of the Foo Birds
Roy Orbison ~ Only The Lonely
Shakira ~ Objection (Tango)
The Eagles ~ Peaceful Easy Feeling
Within Temptation ~ The Howling

Very Berry Breakfast Bowl with Spinning Top lol
Now I have been loving the wholegrain breakfasts I've been having whilst I'm making the changeover to Macrobiotics. I do find the grains and beans in particular very pleasing first thing in the mornings. I naturally prefer a savoury breakfast so the changeover on breakfasts was quite easy for me.

But every now and then I find myself craving some berries. And in the main source for inspiration and information it is preferred that fruits are a 'couple of times a week' thing. Probably the hardest part of switching over to Macro...well that and the Usually I can't get a strawberry over the threshold unless they are in season as My Love believes they are dreadful at any other time.

Two things came into play this morning...the first is that My Love is still away in Denmark..and second is that My Love can't have strawberries anymore due to the Salicylate content in them. So being sneaky I saw my chance to sneak some in the house and have them for breakfast. I was saving My Love from pining for the lush red lovely berries and I could eat them without feeling guilty.

I really don't feel the need for writing a recipe for this lovely breakfast as it is too simple throw together. I rinsed and quartered some strawberries, rinsed some blueberries and drained them. Put them in a bowl and sprinkled with pumpkin and sunflower seeds and then scattered some sliced almonds over them all.

And then enjoyed every single mouthful! Devoured them! I couldn't eat it everyday as a breakfast but as an occasional breakfast it will be a delight and still within the Macro way of eating. I hope..that's if I've got it right? lol.

Thanks for stopping by...I hope your Friday is a good one..


Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women's Day 2012

Workroom Play List:
Natalie Merchant ~ Ophelia
Rolling Stones ~ She's Like a Rainbow
Shania Twain ~ Up!
Natalie Imbrugia ~ That Day
Slash ft Rocco Deluca ~ Saint is a Sinner Too
Bing Crosby ~ Well Did You Evah?
Sarach McLachlan ~ Steaming
Bowes & Morley ~ Dancing The Night Away

Image from the web
Happy International Women's Day to one and all. My original post today was going to be another iPod fun one but then it suddenly occurred to me that it was indeed International Women's's really too important to not honour it.

I never fail to remember the brave women who paved the way for us to be living the way we do now. And they were very brave women who suffered unspeakable things in their fight. I think it's sad today that the younger generations don't really appreciate what they did for us.

The Suffragettes
One of my favourite women's rights posters was indeed this strong, sassy women that became an Icon. The women of WW2 proved that we could indeed do it!

Rosie the Riveter
The fight for female equality was taken up in the 60's/70's by the next wave of brave women and the Feminist Movement was born. Sadly to be called a feminist theses days is often used as insult. But I stand proudly and say I'm a's the same with everything in life..they will always be haters.

The 60's Feminist Movement
I disagree completely with the thought that all feminists are men haters. It's a sad and redundant attitude and is born out of ignorance and intolerance. Feminism to me is about equality between women and men. I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic male role model in my life who taught me that men can respect women and be equal. And he stayed with me throughout my childhood and into adult life. But it is a sad fact he was an exception to the rule as a lot of the men I grew up around were not nice men and believed in the 'women in her place'...this made me angry, sad and determined to try and make a better future for women. But I don't automatically assume that all men are going to be like them...I always hope the men I meet are going to be more like my role model. I think if he was still around today he would wear this badge with

Wise words, no?
Things have come such a long way but there is still so much more work to be done and I don't expect to see a time where there isn't...not in my lifetime anyway. But making that commitment to keep trying is what Women's Day is all about for me. To remember the very brave women who started it all...the women who kept going...and making the future generations of fantastic women to become aware of the work that still needs doing. Inspiring them to want better for every woman equally on the planet and not just themselves.

So I wish all my female readers Happy International Women's Day and be the best women you can be. And for my male readers I hope you are indeed men of quality and are celebrating with us today...and every day.



Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I am me...

Workroom Play List:
Natalie Merchant ~ Tigerlily Album

Those of you that stop by regularly will know that whilst I've been unwell I have been bitten by the Pinterest bug. Although I have got my daily time spent there down to 30 minutes a day I have found it quite helpful as a tool to keep my mind busy at times of blueness or when I need to zone out so a writing idea can come through to fruition. And every now and then I find 'pins' that I think are worth sharing outside of the Pinterest world.

I am sharing this with you because I think it's an important message for people. I am are only yourself and not what everyone else expects you to be. It seems to me that being an individual these days isn't encouraged..but to me it's very important. I hope you find something in this and take it away with you.

Found on Pinterest
My Love is flying out to Denmark today for work. So I am home alone for a few days and I intend on getting in the kitchen a little each day and then get some much needed writing time in. That is my I expect to get 25% of that done and the rest of the time will be spent reading and watching movies I don't get to watch when My Love is home. lol.

Thanks for stopping by....~R~

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just Breathe...

Workroom Play List: Natalie Merchant ~ Ophelia

This is not my image..and take no credit for it. Although that could be my baseball boot covered feet! lol
I am seriously considering having this tattooed on the palm of my hand to remind me to do the very simple act of Just Breathing! Recently I can all too easily forget and get lost in the moment of Argh that is going on around me. It is the first thing I always tell friends and family to do when they need to vent or off load some emotions. And yet I've found myself forgetting to take my own advice.

I had a very lovely weekend filled with lots of time spent with family on Saturday and made a couple of new acquaintances on the evening. I enjoyed a really good meal (which is a nice change believe me..this pub we go to..I usually end up with a plate of veggies) of Stuffed Butternut Squash filled with spinach and mushrooms and topped with an oaty crumble. On the side I had cabbage, carrots, peas and a roasted potato. I was stuffed but it was such a novelty being able to eat a real meal there. lol. Sunday we had a day filled with friends and catching up with each other. We had good news, frustrating news and just general news to share with each other...good foods were enjoyed by all and I even snuck in a couple of black coffees. lol. I had a beautifully spicy Moroccan Salad with a side of green olives and hummus. But probably the best part was seeing our pal D there..who is doing so good after her big op. The woman is amazing.

So after such a fabulous weekend I planned on starting the week with a new attitude but alas my body wouldn't keep up with my brain once again so yesterday was spent reading. Disappointed wasn't the word for how I felt yesterday...

Today has been such a disaster that if it was in the script of a film it would be bloody hilarious! I woke up with a migraine, a thread vein burst on my cheek so I am now sporting a dressing across my right cheek (attractive, eh? lol) and then as I turned over in bed to get up my left knee cap popped out of it's socket. And no it didn't pop straight back sat there looking all out shape so I then had to manipulate it back into place and believe me there isn't enough Expletive Therapy in the world to stop me from screaming in pain. So before I even left the bedroom this morning I looked like I had been in an accident. Just.Bloody.Marvellous! the spirit of trying to find the silver lining in a potentially horrible day there is this...I have the pleasure of a visit from my pal D this afternoon who is venturing over from the city along with her Mum DrJ. I haven't met DrJ before and I am looking forward to it very much. And in the post arrived the three silly sale priced CDs from Amazon. A Bonnie Raitt live album (11p), Natalie Merchant's Tigerlily & Ophelia albums (40p) so I am currently adding them to my iTunes.

I am hoping to be able to clock up an hour in the kitchen tomorrow and therefore be able to post you a new recipe blog.

Once again thanks for stopping by and keeping the faith. lol Hope your week is a good one?


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Happy Weekend Wishes...

Workroom Play List: Shakira ~ MTV Unplugged Album

Image not mine..found via web search so I take no credit for it's creation.
Seem's like there is no fool quite like this fool. I pushed myself a little too far during the week and have spent the time since then...well...a little worn out. lol. What a fidiot! Anyway...

My Love and I escaped yesterday and spent some time taking gentle strolls around a couple of shops and then enjoyed a lunch together before heading off for more tests at the Docs for me. I want to say I enjoyed my lunch..I had a spicy burger wrap..but the burger hadn't been cooked..just flung in the microwave I think and the wrap was a white one that was almost rubbery. It was such a shame. But what I did enjoy was just hanging out with My Love away from our house...away from everything so it was so worth the rotten lunch. Silver lining and all that. My Love went out for dinner last night with some work colleagues and had a good time whilst I stayed home and watched The Ramen Girl and The Haunting of Molly Hartner (could have that last name wrong? lol) movies..first was a feel good movie and left me craving noodles and wanting to come up with my own ramen recipe. The second was a supposed horror movie and it did make me jump a few times and was entertaining.

Today is family time with My Love, my sister and her little ones...and our Mum is even showing up for an hour..bringing with her our other nephew J..bless him who is just over a nasty bout of Chicken Pox. So it  will be the usual chaotic madness for a few hours with little ones running around all over the place whilst the big ones try and catch up with each other. And trying to eat some lunch at the same Heaven. Then this evening we are escaping to visit with my kid brother and catch up with him.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with our close circle of pals for lunch for a much needed pal time. The eight of us just sit around the table and catch up with each others life..share some food..share some laughs..share some heartfelt moments sometimes too. But just being around them makes me feel better and I know My Love loves this precious time too.

So as I am not going to be in the kitchen this weekend I wanted to take the time to say thank you once again for hanging in there and coming back every day. Your time is appreciated and your well wishes.

Hope you are having a great weekend and if you care to share what you have planned or have done already..please feel free to

Have fun!