Friday, 4 May 2012

Movie Outing: Marvel Avenger Assembly


AC/DC ~ whenever Iron Man took flight!

I escaped the house this afternoon to sneak over to the city and visit our beloved health food shop Grain. After I had stocked up on soya yoghurt for my breakfasts..they sell a really good one that has little added ingredients and sugars..marvellous. And excitedly bought some Pepperjack Style Soya Cheeze...yes..I need to get out more..I completely was decided an afternoon movie treat was in order. (Doesn't an afternoon movie always feel like playing Hookie? lol)  Now I was hoping to see Cabin in the Woods..but I ended up agreeing to take in the latest Marvel story. Things ya do etc,

Poster of the flick...
Now this movie was written by Joss Weldon and directed by him too. So for a Marvel characters movie it had a really good script. For me personally Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr stole the show. But I could be slightly biased as I think Mr.Downey Jr He has the best soundtrack playing whenever Iron Man is doing his't beat a bit of AC/DC and the vintage rock t-shirts he wears throughout the movie are always a winner with

The man himself...*silly smile*
Of course he wasn't the only person in this I'm Scarlet was great as The Black Widow and Mark Ruffalo as Dr Banner/Hulk was good too. (Hated the Hulk has to be said..I went for a walk half way through it and came back at the Ooops..) Everyone gave a good performance and the special effects were really something. We watched the 3D version but to be honest..I didn't see the point. I would've enjoyed the movie in the regular format.

Now I always love the it won't be a surprise to people who know me to hear that the only character I didn't like was Captain America..I just wanted to mess with the The reappearance of Loki played by Tom Hiddleston (Thor's adopted brother from the movie Thor...another Marvel movie I walked away from..but this time at not as was a blessing as he played a very charming and insidious bad guy. I loved him! And he had the best line of the movie which will stay with me for a while...and thanks to the person who created the following image....

Just bloody Well done Loki...
Will this film win Oscars..hardly but for two hours I was lifted out of my pain and Yuck so it was well worth the ticket price. If you are even slightly a action or cartoon character movie fan..go see's full of laughs and will definitely lift your spirits.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope Friday is being good to you...