Saturday, 12 May 2012

Artwork: Mermaids & Tattoo Art

Lounge Play List:

INXS ~ Need You Tonight
The Gossip ~ Vertical Rhythm
Ocean Colour Scene ~ Moseley Shoals
The Rolling Stones ~ Sympathy For the Devil
Imelda May ~ Proud & Humble
Sara Sant'Ambrogio ~ Ave Maria
The Union ~ Easy Street
Kings of Leon ~ I Want You
KT Tunstall ~ Through the Dark
Kenny Wayne Band ~ Never Lookin Back

We have sunshine here on this lovely Saturday morning...and I'm awaiting the arrival of my sister and her little ones. It's going to be a great day. So my posting today is a reflection of my happy state of mind and it is three pieces of artwork that I found recently.

I really wish I could give credit to the artist for this work...but whoever you are..thank you!
I've had a love of mermaids since being a small Mum used to draw stories of them for me as bedtime stories. And she even made me a piece of artwork of two mermaids sat on a rock..I still have it and it is treasured. Those of you that follow my blog will not be surprised that cellos have turned up once again...the cello is my soul instrument..when it is playing I feel the fragmented parts of me, coming back together. I also love the shape of a cello...maybe because it reminds me of many other paintings I enjoy..mainly portraits of a woman's back. When I found this image online I wasn't sure at first if I liked it...I knew I should because of the two elements that I love...but after careful consideration...Yes I like them very much. I wouldn't want to own one...but I can appreciate the talent that it took to paint the beautiful scenes...and after's a cello! lol

Artist ~ David Delamare
In keeping with the mermaid theme this piece of fantasy art really caught my eye..for me it was a very emotive piece. There is nothing more beautiful then a mother with her child...OK..a father with his child also..Sorry to the fathers out there! The beauty in this piece is many layered for me. I love the moon hanging peacefully in the indigo sky...the calm sea in the distance...the starfish on the rocks...the mermaid is maybe too perfect but the part that pulls it all together is the embrace in which she holds her child. I can feel the love and protection she has for her little one. Quite lovely..

Artist unknown...shame.
Of course I had to include a piece of body Now I'm not sure if this is a real tattoo or a body painting..I suspect the latter. If you know this piece, recipient or artist and I am wrong..please feel free to correct me. I thought as a chest piece it was great. Not something I would have done myself..but I can appreciate the statement it makes and the talent of the design.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Saturday is a very, very good one...