Thursday, 31 May 2012

iPod Shuffle Fun ~ 2

Since getting my new iPod for my 40th Birthday I have been busy doing my best to add music to it any chance I get. I just can't get enough of it...I am never separated from I am deep in Pod love. So today's posting is quite simply another piece of fun with the shuffle seemed a very popular posting when I did No 1.

So very true...would be funnier if I hadn't
turned mine down, to think, this morning!
But still funny..~R~

Mama Cass Elliot ~ It's Getting Better

Now I was never the biggest Mamas and the Papas fan. For one, the band name gave me a bad case of the Hinkeys. lol. But ML is a huge fan so over the years I've listened to them often. And they have grown on me a little..but it was Cass's voice that I enjoyed the most. And for a feel good..let's not focus on the negative..kinda song..this one is really good.

Slash ft Myles Kennedy ~ Back from Cali

I admit it..I am a Slash addict. When Slash teamed up with Kennedy something magical happened in that studio and now they have recorded a full album together..and I cannot wait to get my

Nicola Benedetti ~ Zigeunerweisen Opus 20

For me..this piece of music is very emotive..I mostly listen to it through my large (ear covering) headphones..and quite loud so I don't miss a thing..and just get lost in this piece.

Imelda May ~ Too Sad To Cry

I am a recent convert to Imelda I am hooked and this song is heartbreakingly the trumpet very much. You can feel the sorrow as it's played...

UB40 ~ Tears From My Eyes

Crikey I think my Pod is sad Actually I love this song to dance to..I turn it up and get lost in its beat...Love me some UB40..reminds me of my teens..even though I was a rocker/goth type..but ssshhh..don't tell

Texas ~ When We Are Together

I wasn't a huge Texas fan when they were busting out the hits..I didn't dislike them either. I recently heard one of their hits on the radio and suddenly I got Better late to a party than never arriving at all, eh? So now I have their greatest hits on my Pod..and I love it.

Roy Orbison ~ She's A Mystery To Me

I love Roy..some songs more than others but this one is one of my favourites. I love the simple tune...the lyrics are intense..and his voice is calming to me.

Could not agree more...~R~

The Police ~ De, Do, Do, Do, De, Da, Da, Da

I recently picked up The Police greatest hits for the bargain price of 1p. lol. And I enjoyed just playing the whole album on repeat for days..must have driven ML mad..but this song always makes me laugh because we have all been there, right?? lol

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band ~ Crying Shame

My online pal Molly from Vegan Flower put me onto this band. I connected with them instantly and haven't looked back. I love blues rock and Kenny's a guitar genius..but for's the lead singer Noah's voice that really makes it complete for me. This song has the potential to start playing the air all do that, right??? Oh!

Bowie ~ Modern Love

My preferred Bowie music is during the wonderful Oh You Pretty Things days..but this one song from the latter period has always been on my favourite Bowie list. I have no idea why because sadly much of his most recent works I haven't been able to gel with. I still think he is one of the most cool humans living today...

Richie Sambora ~ Rosie

I think it's sad that Richie has always lived in Bon Jovi's shadow..because I was blown away when I first heard his first solo album which this song is from. I love his voice and his style..this is one of those 'dance around the kitchen ones'..I miss that right now..a lot.

Fun Lovin Criminals ~ Bump

I have always loved the very cheeky Huey from the Fun Lovin Criminals and get great pleasure from listening to his Radio show. So when I found the FLC's greatest hit bags online for £1 it seemed rude not to buy it. lol. So pleased I did because I love it laid groovy... This song I heard for the first time on the car radio...and it's based around meeting the woman of 'his' dreams at a gay night..and I loved the positive message it sent out into the music world. " gay's alright..don't be uptight..." Love this tune..makes me smile every time it plays..

Siouxsie and the Banshees ~ Happy House

School and youth club discos..head to toe in black..purple make up..hours of strange dancing..and that was just the teachers and the youth But seriously I hear Siouxsie start singing and I am instantly transported back to my latter childhood. I just wish I could spell her name without 50 failed attempts first! lol.

So that is the last 12 tunes on my iPod shuffle function. And whilst I am typing this part and preparing to sign off..I am enjoying..John Lennon ~ Jealous Guy..such a beautiful song...I hope you have enjoyed this posting of iPod silliness..but to me music is as essential as breathing. My poor iPod really does get a work

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that your Thursday is being very good to you..and if not..hang in's almost Friday!!!



Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Peace and Chakras my friend...

Lounge Play List:

Echoes of Greece ~ The Sirocco Winds
Whitesnake ~ Fool For Your Loving
The Police ~ Every Breath You Take
Def Leppard ~ Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
Melissa Etheridge ~ Enough of Me
Commodores ~ Brick House
Paul Weller ~ Stanley Road
Rebecca Ferguson ~ Shoulder to Shoulder
Chris Cornell ~ Killing Birds
Keith Urban ~ Tonight I Wanna Cry
Garbage ~ Stupid Girl
Gina Sicilia ~ Can't Control Myself
Xtina ~ Get Mine, Get Yours
Rod Stewart ~ Way You Look Tonight

One of the things I miss/crave/need when I am put on 'rest' is Yoga. I miss that time everyday that is just for me. I miss how my body feels after and how I feel energised. But I really miss the peace I feel..I do try and meditate but unless it comes with the just doesn't have the same impact..sadly..maybe it's because I use the yoga and meditation as a means to centre my thoughts and process them. So when not doing the combination, my mind becomes so chaotic that I can't find my way to the peace..It's a tricky thing! lol

An on line pal Pinned the following images to Pinterest today..and I found them beautiful and left me with an almost tearful yearning to be able to move my body in the way I need it to. But then 30 minutes later I found myself running up and down the staircase in my house. No thought to do it..just found that my body had the strength to do so..I was so happy..I danced around my lounge with happiness..then cried! Urgh! Anyway...

So with the hope that my bending like a pretzel days are getting ever closer...I decided to share the images with you folks..I don't know who created these images and therefore have no one to give credit to. And I do not take any credit for them at all...

Crown Chakra

Third Eye Chakra
Throat Chakra
Heart Chakra
Solar Chakra
Stomach Chakra
(my personal favourite..~R~)
Root Chakra
So there you are..these beautiful chakra images and I hope you found something in I did.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Wednesday is a peaceful and loving one....


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Art a la Mum: Sky Reflections

Lounge Play List:

Natalie Cole ~ So Many Stars
Squeeze ~ Labelled With Love
INXS ~ What You Need
K.D. Lang ~ Crying
Neil Diamond ~ Face Me
Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Texas Flood
Melissa Etheridge ~ Please Forgive Me
Within Temptation ~ Forgiven
Shania Twain ~ Not Just A Pretty Face
Them Crooked Vultures ~ Elephant
The Police ~ Message in a Bottle
Maroon 5 ~ Better That We Break very untalented Mum has been at it And..yes..that was very heavily undisguised sarcasm. lol. During her visit this week..she handed me a slightly sticky canvas (nice! lol) and said that this was the piece she was handing in for grading for her Art course. As usual being her own worst critic..she wasn't sure what she thought of it...and yes..once again I was staggered that she really can't see her own talent. I think it is beautiful and for her worst medium of painting I think she is definitely taming the beast that is So I give you Sky Reflections..

'Sky Reflections' 23.5.12
(another awful one eh? lol)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is being kind to you...

Sunday, 27 May 2012

National Vegetarian Week: Favourite Recipes

Lounge Play List:

Europe ~ Start From The Dark
Tom Jones ~ You Can Leave Your Hat On
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band ~ Backwater Blues
Bryan Adams ~ Lets Make A Night To Remember
Dani Wilde ~ Red Blooded Woman
Rod Stewart ~ You Belong To Me
Jack Johnson ~ Losing Keys
Gina Sicilia ~ There Lies a Better Day
Caro Emerald ~ That Man
Sam Brown ~ Valentine Moon
Dean Martin ~ Hold Me
Nickelback ~ Shakin' Hands

Favourites...oh boy was this a hard posting to put together..two could I possibly choose???..and I'm not feeling my best today so the very idea of eating or pulling back the memories was very uncomfortable. But I promised you a favourites posting and I

So...I shall start with..


Rocket and Roses White Miso, Garlic and Chickpea Soup
The simplicity of this soup makes this probably my most favourite of soups. It's very quick to tastes delicious and it's light..

Sesame Broccoli Salad

I am a paid up, card carrying member of the Broccoli addicts I love it raw, steamed, sautéed with garlic, made into a lasagne, as a filling for an tofu omelette...but especially in this salad. Can't get enough of this looks great..tastes better and is comfort food for


Rocket and Roses Chestnut & Sprout Pate
Forgive the seasonal But I did create this at Christmas..for Christmas. This pate was a wonder to, intense and just plain yummy. This pate is good for a lunch or in smaller quantities for a starter..and fabulous in a sandwich. A little goes a long way...


Edamame Dip

I do love favourite being a little fat version that uses no oils except for the natural oil in's delicious but I will try almost all variations of long as it's vegan..obviously. lol. But for today I chose the Edamame Dip because it's..well..edamame crammed..always But it's refreshing and clean tasting..and extremely good for you and can be used in many ways..topping, dip, spread, tossed with hot pasta..I could go on but won't. lol.
Noodle Dish

Malaysian Stir fried Noodles with Veggies

I just love a good noodle dish and this one for me is just splendid. Packed with flavour and colour..although my inadequate photo skills haven't been able to show it to A great noodle dish...

Pasta Dish

Creamy Broccoli and Spinach Lasagne

Now my go to pasta dish..for comfort is Wholemeal Spaghetti with Tomato & Garlic Sauce with broccoli florets. Always guaranteed to put a smile back on my But this for when something that little bit more special is called for. The broccoli and spinach bring some colour to this lasagne..wholemeal (or whatever pasta you prefer/need) pasta gives it a texture but it's the creamy sauce that brings all these things together. And surprisingly it's not's just simply delicious. Thanks as always to the vegan guru that is Linda Majzilk for this creation.

Grain Dish

I love grains..especially brown rice, brown basmati, bulgar wheat and quinoa. This dish is just something I threw together at the last minute and everyone loved it. I have made it since many times and using quinoa in place of the bulgar and it works great.

Bean/Pulse Dish

Chana Masala
As well as my card carrying Broccoli Society status..I also have in my wallet my card carrying Chickpea Addicts Society membership. I love the little globes of yumminess. I do love all beans and pulses..haven't met one that I don't like..yet! lol. So trying to choose a favourite beany/pulse is impossible. However..Chana Masala is pretty close to being it. I smile when I eat this that's why it's my choice

Pastry Dish

French Courgette/Zucchini Lattice Flan
I rarely eat pastry but when I do I like wholemeal..although I have got a few GF pastry recipes that I sometimes use now. The pastry in this flan has some cayenne pepper in it so it has a great kick. The filling is simply sliced courgettes in a tomato based sauce. It is simply..beautiful..and delicious. And it's from one of my favourite vegan cookbooks..A Vegan Taste of France by Linda Majzilk..

Tofu Dish

I don't really do oils or frying...but for this dish I make the The onions and potatoes are roasted in oil in the oven until succulent before the tofu mixture is added to make this my very favourite tofu dish. I do love all forms of tofu now..although it was a work in progress. The Red Pepper and Almond sauce is creamy and has a great kick. I serve a slice of this with a simple leafy salad..and I'm one happy woman. Lol.

Honourable Mention Dish

Provencal Eggplant/Aubergine Gratin with Orange Tomato Sauce

Sorry for the fuzzy I wish I could describe to you the smell of this dish when it was cooking..oh This was one of those dishes that I kept reading the recipe and thinking.."Hmm not sure about oranges.." lol. Then one day I just decided to give it a shot..and how pleased were we that I did. It's so tasty..nothing like it. So therefore it deserved the honourable mention.

Brunch Dishes

Tofu Omelette with Broccoli, Garlic & Chorizo filling
I love brunch..and I am definitely a savoury brunch person rather than a stack of sweet pancakes one..which can be nice very occasionally. For me..brunch is all about the tofu scramble...tofu omelettes or potato pancakes..on this photo I have white bread but that is a rare Not the biggest white bread fan. I'm looking forward to the day when I can cook a lovely Sunday brunch again...soon..always This is my favourite's broccoli! lol

Soda Bread with Vegan 'Goats Cheese' and Blistered Vine Tomatoes
This brunch was quite a surprise...but the combination of the balsamic blistered tomatoes with the creamy spread on the fresh baked soda Very filling But delicious and deserved a mention..for that something slightly different.

Dreena's Blueberry and Carob Pancakes
Yep..I did just say that I am not a fan of the sweet brunch options..but these pancakes are the exception to that rule. For one they are simple to make..and they are not anywhere as sweet or heavy as they look. They are just tasty..and the blueberries are great for the that extra pop in your mouth. I made these when ML's folks were visiting and my sister and her little ones were visiting..devoured isn't the


Rocket and Roses Trio of Strawberry Desserts
This little dessert came together after my dipping things in dark chocolate experiment was over. I had been to the local fruit farm and picked a mountain of strawberries and had to get inventive with I found a strawberry sorbet recipe that was superb and easy to make and the rest really of the trio came together easily..after all it is just dipped strawberries...fresh strawberries with softened vanilla soy ice cream..not rocket science. lol. But this or the dipped fruits..would be my choice of dessert.

Sweet Treats

Rocket and Roses Date & Almond Bites and Coconut & Date Bites 

Before being put on 'rest' (making use of the Expletive Therapy lol) I was playing around with making Bites...sweet little somethings for when that sweet tooth kicked in. And these were my first attempts..and we enjoyed every single's a project I am going to return to when I'm back in the kitchen...much to my blender's doubt. lol

So there we have it..what an epic posting this turned out to I hope you enjoy and maybe make some of my choices...I would be happy to hear how you get on. Feel free to email me your thoughts...

OK off to rest my fingers now.. ;o) Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is being great to you...


Saturday, 26 May 2012

National Vegetarian Week: Desserts

Lounge Play List:

Chris Cornell ~ Sweet Euphoria
Bowie ~ Oh You Pretty Things
Thunder ~ Everybody Wants Her
Bryan Adams ~ Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
Thunder ~ Hand in Glove
Kelly Clarkson ~ Stronger
Natalie Imbruglia ~ Counting Down the Days
Skid Row ~ Piece of Me

NB: Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this posting. I spent an hour writing it and doing all the techno thingys I needed to , to bring you this desserts special. Only to have a gremlin at work in my computer yesterday and as I went to lost everything. Then my day got busy so am now up very early to re-write and get it done for you Very sleepy So later than is my dessert special..Gremlins..stay the heck away this time ;-) ~R~

In support of the National Vegetarian Week events that are going on all over the UK each day this week I have brought you some of my favourite recipes from Rocket and Roses archives. Today is the turn of the I am not the biggest dessert fan..I can enjoy one but I have always been a savoury kind of gal. But as I am surrounded by dessert loving junkies I find myself making weird and wonderful creations to try out on them. Yeah..they never To me the perfect dessert is one that doesn't take a lot of time to make. And a dessert that doesn't leave you feeling full...lighter is my opinion. So here are a few of my favourite desserts...

Rocket and Roses Blissful Dark Chocolate Covered Physalis, Strawberry & Banana
When I decided to experiment with melting chocolate and dipping things...I didn't realise just how much I would enjoy the The dark bitterness of the chocolate coupled with the sweetness of the fruit is a combination made by the And for me this is a simple to make...elegant to's light...the perfect dessert!

Dimply Plum Cake

Cake as dessert? I know..what was I saying about heavy puddings?? lol But no this cake is very light and completely delicious and a small slice served with a scoop of vanilla soy/rice ice cream and you have one lovely dessert. I even serve it as an afternoon tea offering..this recipe came about after The Great Plum Glut of No matter what I made with them..chutneys, sorbets, cakes, sauces...every time I returned home my lovely neighbours and/or friends had left me another large container in the porch..sheesh. It's a wonder I can still look at

Happy Lemon Haupia

I wasn't sure at all, the whole way through the making of this tart. I served this as a dessert when ML & I were joined by D & B for dinner which is always a good time. I can't adequately describe how much we all enjoyed this tart. The pastry remained crisp but succulent..the combination of the lemon and coconut in the filling was refreshing and light. When you want something just a little different I can't recommend this dessert enough..

Flourless Chocolate and Raspberry Torte
Oh.My.This.Torte! Sadly my bad photo of this torte doesn't do it the slightest bit of justice. I made this for a pals 40th birthday celebration and as her and her partner are both GF I wanted to find something she could enjoy and feel Well she was turning When making this I got a bad case of the hinkeys (technical is! lol) it was my first time using coconut oil as a setting agent. The making of it was ridiculously easy...almost too easy..I wasn't convinced it would turn out that well.

How wrong could one person be??? Very, very unbelievably wrong..that's how much. When we all sat down to eat this first there was silence..then came the comments nirvana..the perfect ecstasy..and a few other sexual references that I cannot publish To say it was delicious doesn't even begin to cover all. If you are a chocolate lover..well..even if you're not (as I loved this as much as my pals did!) spoil yourself with this won't regret it..and I can promise you will never be the same again!!

Mango, Pomegranate & Coconut Ice Cream
During the summer months the ice cream maker goes into full production..and the little ones can be found lined up along the kitchen surface squishing, squelching, mashing and generally making as much mess as humanly Then the machine gets This ice cream is more of a adult ice cream..and everyone who tried it..loved it.

Super Chocolatey Brownies (GF)

Brownies for dessert? Yes..after a light These were greatly enjoyed with a cup of coffee afterwards. They were also my first attempt at GF baking and I really wasn't sure I was getting it right. I made them for S & S who are GF lovelies. They were gooey and chocolatey and just plain lovely..and what was left was taken home for breakfast for the rest of the A

Rocket and Roses Pear and Ginger Dessert Pie - GF

I made this pie when I was experimenting with GF pastry. For some reason the flavours of pear and ginger came to mind and before I knew it I had this little lovely creation baked and sat in front of me. Served warm with melting vanilla soy ice was an event more than a


Chocolate Lover's Pudding with Physalis

I couldn't do a posting about desserts without using this I love it. But please don't get confused when you click on the is the right recipe but simply omit the raspberries to make the version above. I served these as a dessert option at our Pals' Christmas Dinner and they were a huge I have realised I make a lot of chocolate based desserts for my loved ones..completely surrounded by's completely lost on me..Oh I hope I gave you a good selection of veggie/vegan and some GF options? But there are many more recipes in my archive..should you need an alternative.

So that is my dessert round up..all be it..a little later than I'd planned but I got here in the end. As you lovely reading folks couldn't make up your minds..between desserts and my for that!! lol..I shall be posting my list of favourite recipes tomorrow.

Thanks for bearing with me and for stopping by...I hope your Saturday is a good one??


Thursday, 24 May 2012

National Vegetarian Week: Main Course Recipes

Lounge Play List:

Tim McGraw ~ I Like It, I Love It
Pat Benatar ~ All Fired Up
Levellers ~ Fifteen Years
Thunder ~ Watching Over You
The Police ~ So Lonely
Bowie ~ Wild Is The Wind
Tim McGraw ~ Back When
Dido ~ Life For Rent
The Animals ~ Left For Rent
Nickelback ~ Saving Me

So...following up from yesterdays posting of veggie/vegan is all about the main event. And trying to choose between all of the recipes I have made and was But I have selected some and tried to keep them there is something to suit all palates once lets get started, eh? lol

Griddled Baby Eggplant & Tofu Slice with Korean Barbeque Sauce & Onion Relish
This glorious main course is one a slightly adapted from Susan V over at and I was very happy when I got her seal of approval. This dish is a powerhouse of flavour and texture. And it is also light so could be served for lunch or an evening meal. It's a favourite in our house.

Isa & Terry's Bean Balls in Marinara Sauce with Wholemeal Spaghetti
On a cold and miserable day..when I feel like the world is going mad around me...this simple dish can make me feel happy and satisfied. For's pure comfort I always have a stash of these beautiful bean balls in the freezer. The balls are tasty and cooked in the rich tomato and garlic sauce which transforms the dish into food nirvana. The wholemeal spaghetti is purely my personal preference but has worked before with all types of pasta.

Delicious Gluten Free & Yeast Free Pizza with Homemade Potato Wedges
These pizzas were amazing and they disappeared so quickly after I served them up and were so very easy to make. I have tried many GF pizza bases and came away thinking I'd just munched on cardboard but these pizzas were a huge hit and if I make pizza's always this recipe. There are two types off toppings suggested in this recipe but really..just throw anything you want on them..after all you all know how to top a pizza, eh? lol

Rocket and Roses Crown Prince Pumpkin, Mixed Pepper & Black Eyed Bean Vegan Fritatta
Now this fritatta was an experiment..which fortunately paid off. And it is filling and a little goes a long way but it's tasty and comforting and goes really well with a leaf and tomato salad. Even my egg fritatta loving Mum tried some and loved it..Nice on a warm day served room temperature.

Sweet Potato Chilli with Corn Tortillas
This fantastic recipe by Dreena Burton is one of my sisters favourites and I am often asked to make it for Saturday lunches. Personally I think they all just like to sit with their flower bowl and dip their tortilla chips in like big kids..but hey I could be It's very tasty, filling and cheap to make.

Mushroom Do-Piaza
Those of you that follow this blog will know that I am not the biggest lover of the mushroom..a whole texture issue for me...but this simple spicy dish is just great...Go on..give it a

So that is the Main event round up..did you find something you may like to try or already have? How did it go?

Can't make my mind up for tomorrow's post...desserts/sweet things or just some of my favourite recipes...what's your thoughts?? Email me if you're having issues with my comments we are aware that we are having a techno problem with it. Sorry. One of the many reason we are going to our own website very soon.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is a good one...


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

National Vegetarian Week: Starter Recipes

Lounge Play List:

Eric Clapton ~ Wonderful Tonight
Aerosmith ~ Love in Elevator
Kaiser Chiefs ~ You Can Have It All
Bowes & Morley ~ Hypnotized
Natalie Imbruglia ~ Come on Home
Cello Sonata ~ Cello Adagios
Luke Morley ~ Loving You (Is All I Can Do)
Aerosmith ~ Amazing
Tim McGraw ~ Don't Take The Girl
Imelda May ~ Kentish Town Waltz
Slash ft Chris Cornell ~ Promise
Shakira ~ Sombra De Ti

As I blogged yesterday this week in the UK it's National Vegetarian Week so with that in mind I thought a posting that included some of my favourite recipes from the Rocket and Roses files would be in order. (Well actually that's a little was actually ML's idea..Ahem..anyway..)

So when I sat down with my pad and started listing the recipes I wanted to share..I couldn't decide on how to present them to you. So each day I shall bring you a different theme..and today's is starters...

Carrot Soup with Sesame Star Croutons
I adapted this soup very slightly from the original Roses Elliot recipe. It's light and full of flavour and the croutons make for an attractive and impressive starter to any dinner party. And it's really cheap to make I made it for a Thrifty Thursday recipe.

Rocket and Roses Butternut & Savoy Tower with Almond & Chilli Drizzle
This starter is one of my very favourites and I am always so happy when one of my own recipes work! lol It's a popular dish here at Rocket and Roses dinner parties and once broken down and prepped the day before it comes together very easily on the day. A little effort but a very tasty and appealing result.

Fennel, Mandarin, Walnut & Pomegranate Salad
This salad is bursting with flavour and the different textures make it a very exciting salad to start a lunch..served before a light pasta is perfect. It's great for those times you want something a little thanks for Colleen Patrick~Goudreau for a wonderful creation.

Apulian Style Bruschetta with Baby Plum Tomatoes & Basil
These little slices of heaven are always a huge hit when served before a weekend lunch celebration. My pal A can't get enough of them lol. Any bread could be used so the GF folks out there could enjoy these too with the many breads on offer theses days. I would lightly toast the bread first. The topping is delicious and surprisingly they aren't heavy so can be very easily enjoyed as a starter.

So there you have it a selection of starter recipes that are naturally vegetarian and vegan and something to suit all palates..I hope? lol. Let me know what you think if you do try one...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Wednesday is a good one?


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

National Vegetarian Week 2012

Lounge Play List:

Chris Cornell ~ Carry On album

This week is National Vegetarian Week and there are events happening all over the UK. I know my blog is a vegan blog but I am perfectly happy to promote this great celebration of all things veggie. I believe that these campaigns are more needed than ever as the economy is beings to bite and those strange meat consuming folks are suddenly now realising that they can't afford to consume meat as much as they used to and are trying to find ways to create meatless meals for themselves and their families.

Hey..anyway we can bring them over to the veggie right?? Of course we know how beneficial to our health, eating the abundance of veggie/vegan delights can be and how varied the dishes can be and how easy it is to live on a budget eating this way...but I am a firm believer that education is key to bringing this knowledge to the masses and sharing our lovely veggie/vegan lifestyles.

National Vegetarian Week 2012
If you are UK based and see advertising for the many events that are being held then please take a few moments out of your day ( if possible) to support our vegetarian family...So good luck to all those out there working hard this week..and thank you!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that your Tuesday is being very good to you...


Monday, 21 May 2012

Random Artwork: Guitar...

Lounge Play List:

Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ The Essential Collection Set

I found this piece of artwork today and decided to share it with you..I love the movement in this image and I can almost see Stevie Ray Vaughan playing. I can most certainly hear

Artist unknown..but please tell me if you know..
Image not my creation and I take absolutely no credit for it.
I am not that
Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Monday wasn't too harsh...


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Silent Sunday: Friends

Lounge Play List:

Shhhhh it's a silent

Thanks for stopping by..I hope your Sunday is a good one?


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday Yellow Smiles..

Lounge Play List:

The Union ~ Siren's Song

The view from every window at Rocket and Roses HQ is..well..grey! And not that good shade of's dismal grey. The "..Oh I'm going to curl up under my duvet and hide!.." grey. Do you know what I mean? I'm sure everywhere must have those days?? No? Just England? Marvellous..I really need to move. lol.

Anyway so I was stood at my workroom window looking out at our rather sad looking garden and I started thinking of the colour yellow. Yep..we seriously need an injection of sunny, happy yellow around here today. So please indulge my moment of silliness as I bring you a blog of sunny happy yellow things..I hope they make you smile..and ease you into your weekend.

I have the pleasure of attending a little ones birthday party this afternoon so I am hoping the sun makes an appearance for her..

So back to the

Sun..please come and play??

Yellow Roses..friendship..always make me smile..

ML's request..Yellow Submarine! lol

Yellow Peppers
One of my favourite ingredients

ML's second request!
Note to me: Be careful who you ask for

A very splendid yellow tea pot..sunny start to the day eh? lol

Daffs..such a happy flower and one of my favourites.
Is it me..(most likely lol) or does the one behind look like it's
whispering something to the one in front??? Just me? Oh! lol

Beautiful yellowish star tattoo design could i do this posting without them?

Rock Duck...gotta love a rubber duck

And the last but by no means least image is a thought for the day...

Somehow..remain hopeful that it will be..

The final part of this posting today is a link to a very excellent yellow ML came up with loads of suggestions..Mellow Yellow by Donovan..Yellow by Coldplay..oh there was a But I decided to go with Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes. Bananas are yellow right? lol So click away and enjoy...

Thanks for stopping by and indulging some weekend fun..I hope your Saturday is a good one...


NB: All images were sourced from the web and I take no credit for their creation. But thank you to all the folks who did..and would happily give credit where it's due if you email me! ~R~