Monday, 30 April 2012

New Music Loves..Gina Sicilia

This morning I have been busy...very busy...I'm wiped out I've been sooo busy...spending iTunes birthday Yeah, tough life, eh? lol I could never tire of researching new music...and this morning I was very happy to purchase two albums by Gina Sicilia. She is a very talented American Blues singer. Her voice is a wonder to behold and I can only hope that one day she will tour England and I will get the chance to hear her live. Her voice is filled with the passion, heartbreak and experience of one much older than her 22 years.

You can read more about her at her website She has three albums available at the moment but unfortunately it seems, to buy the actual CD Album, you have to pay a very high price which is why I bought mine from iTunes...not that her talent isn't worth the album price..but even with vouchers I'm price

Purchase no 1..
Favourite tracks off of this album so far are Addicted...Can't Control Myself...Wish the World Would Stop...but to be really honest there isn't one I don't

Purchase no 2....
Favourite tracks off of this album so far are Try Me...One of Many and You Set My Heart On Fire but as with the album above...not one I don't like. lol.

The third album that is available is Hey Sugar but I will be waiting until I have saved up for this one but I have a couple of the tracks downloaded from it.

A purchase for another day....
So Attracted To You and Nobody's Darling But Mine are both greats songs and I look forward to hearing the rest some day.

If you love the blues...strong female vocals that can make you smile or cry...sometimes both at the same time...I strongly urge you to check Gina out. This Philly native is a very talented lady.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Monday is a good one?


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Some of my art loves...

Lounge Play List:

Thunder ~ She's So Fine
Mamas and Papas ~ Words of Love
The Union ~ The Space Between
Sammy Davis Jr ~ Mr Bojangles
Keith Urban ~ Sweet Thing
Shakira ~ Donde Estan los Ladrones
The Black Keys ~ Gold On The Ceiling
Metallica ~ Nothing Else Matters
Norah Jone ~ Cold Cold Heart
Natalie Cole ~ Avalon

Goodness me it's raining cats and dogs here. Still raining..and now blowing a gale too. I fear that my chimney will be making an appearance through my bedroom ceiling any moment. Even this rain loving freak is hoping for some sunshine and blue skies..who knew? lol. And they still have us on a hose pipe ban..go figure. lol. I think I'm just cross because I'm not well enough to go walking in it..then I would be Yeah, yeah, yeah I know..I'm

And I'm finding it hard to concentrate on my writing today so today's post is mainly a pictorial one..I wanted to share with you another one of my passions..Art. I see art in many forms...and these are just a few of the ones I love. So let's get started shall we...

I am Red and I shall be your guide

Artist: Greg Allen.
I love portraits of women and our house has many hanging around and my work room is packed with them. Particularly women's backs...

Artist: Fabian Perez
The power and strength emanating from this portrait really takes my breath away...

Artist sadly unknown..but if you know..please share?
I can get lost in this piece...every time I look at it I find or feel something new...

Artist unknown..
This is an image I found via Pinterest and it makes me But arrangement and photography is an art form in itself. And I can only hope that one day my food photos will look a 10th as good.

Artist unknown
Now graffiti is usually lost on me...I especially don't get the whole tagging form. In fact it makes me nuts when I see tags sprayed over peoples homes or businesses. Then on Pinterest this popped up on my wall and suddenly I saw the beauty and talent that can lie in this form...I find this peace very emotional and I love it...

Artist unknown..
The animal art form is a little lost on me...maybe it's because of being brought up in a house where every room had ornaments, books or pictures of animals everywhere...(and a nightmare situation that I won't go into here..) that shut down my liking of anything visually animal. I don't even do cuddly toys for this reason. But every now and slips through. This magnificent creature stole my heart away. The colour, the mane and the weather...fantastic.

Peta Poster
Art in the form of posters are great especially is they have a good cause to them. I have this hanging in my workroom...

Artist: Lena Sotskova
Lena Sotskova work is truly beautiful to me. The fact that she combines people with musical instruments is perfect for me. This piece is called Sonata. Lovely.

Photography/Artist: Mandy Flynn
Photography is another passion...I get so much from a photograph...

Artist unknown...
The colour, the water, the sunset..wish I was Love it.

Artist unknown...
My Love took me to Paris for my birthday in 2004..And we were both terrified whilst riding up the Eiffel Paris photos appeal to the nostalgic part of me..

Artist unknown...
Whilst there I really enjoyed the Art Deco signs...even bought a frame with it But it's all art baby! lol.

Artist unknown...
My collection of tea cups and saucers, espresso sets and mugs are all art to me. These were a recent find..beautiful.

Trois Nymphes 1938, Aristide Maillol. Jardin du Carrousel, Paris
Sculpture love is a disease I Be's contagious. lol

Artist unknown...
Natural art is everywhere...and the most beautiful...waterfalls especially but I just couldn't choose just one to add that is a blog for another

Artist unknown...
The colour of this photo really appealed to me..and the umbrellas were just a

Artist unknown...
How could anyone not think that this was a piece of art. I love mermaids...(another blog for another and I love guitars. So when this was brought to my attention it blew my mind..I would buy this and hang it on the wall. Magnificent..

Artist unknown...
Tattoo is a art form. I won't debate this with just is. And like every art form...when done well it's breathtaking and awesome. I strongly believe that the tattoo artist is very underrated.

Artist unknown...sadly
One of my favourite artists is Mucha so when you combine Mucha, a tattoo, with a women's back and black in the same creation..I'm a very happy person. lol. I wish I knew whose creation this was as I would email them and thank them.

Now that is just a few forms of my favourite artworks..there are still album covers and so much more to come. What's your favourite art? If you like art at all of

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is being kind to you..with lots of sunshine and blue skies.


Friday, 27 April 2012

A Little Support...

Please don't tell on me? I'm not supposed to be on here..doing this. I've just got home from spending the morning having tests on my eyes. To say things are a lot little fuzzy would be a massive understatement. But I just wanted to stop in and say Hi!

I'm having a rough week medically and the jack hammers working away in my eyes right now aren't helping. I know there are some of my readers who are having a rough time too. But somehow we get up each day and make the best of it. So I'll leave you with this simple message...

I have to believe this..every second of every waking moment of my day...
If you are struggling..I hope you do too.
I take no credit for the images creation as I found it via Pinterest. But thank you to whoever did...~R~
So....before I officially go blind because of'll take my leave and be good and watch a movie this afternoon..that I can do. I thought The Eye starring Jessica Alba might be a good choice...or perverse...who can tell?? lol.

Keep smiling you lovely people out there...Hope your Friday is a good one?


Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Little Vegan Humour...

Lounge Play List:

Terrorvision ~ Middleman
Doris Day ~ I'll See You In My Dreams
Bryan Adams ~ Let's Make it a Night To Remember
Bowes & Morley ~ On a Day Like Today
Sarah Washington ~ I Will Always Love You
The Pretenders ~ Kid
Bree Sharp ~ David Duchovny
Rascal Flatts ~ Life is a Highway
The Cure ~ Friday I'm in Love

I'm sadly without words today..again...and for a writer it's a real bitch pain. So I shall share the following images with you, to hopefully make you smile and giggle like they did me. I take absolutely no credit for any of them as I found them under a search for vegan humour. But I am grateful to those who did create them...

I need this It can be purchased from
I loved this can also get caps, bags and the usual logo stuff. I never need a new apron..but I would just like

This cracked me up...quite clever....

This reminded me of King Solomans Mines with Richard..erm..Ooops forgotten..and a very young Sharon Stone. Chamberlain! Richard Chamberlain...that's the fella. Don't ya hate it when you do that? You don't do it? It's just me? Sheesh. Anyway...funny movie..

This one was my favourite by
When I have been creating new soup has been joked (I hope! lol) that I am concocting a new brew or I totally relate to this picture. lol.

So seeing Thursday in with a little vegan humour and cuteness. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling a little more like me again...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is a good one?


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rain, rain and then some rain..

I'm having a little bit of a rough week..I have been having nasty side effects from the upped dosage of one of the meds. So I haven't been my usual self..I've been

The weather here is England has almost been back to back rain and I love rain so it's not a huge problem for me..except our roof resembles Swiss cheese so that aspect can get a little wearing. Ah well..I refuse to lose my love for the wet

That in mind I was reminded of this poem by Richard McClellan and thought I'd share it with you...along with this lovely photo of the rain..I still love splashing through puddles

I take no credit for either as I found both online...but thank you to Mr McClellan and whoever took the photo...

Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain, wash over me,
cleanse an purify me,
your drops, so soothing n' smooth,
lull me to sleep, content, not blue,

Rain, Rain, drops abound,
clean my body n' soul,
make me new,
with no walls around,

Rain Rain, my roof you seek,
your floods wash over me,
the emotions do peek,
cause rain is life-giving,
much zeal to thee,

Rain, Rain, clean my body,
for you always make me,
feel so fancy n' so free,

Rain, Rain, refreshing to me,
for during the rain,
no refrain from sleepin I see,

Rain, Rain, stay with me,
cause I'm in love with you,
you leave me unchained,
feeling worthy, not blue.
Richard McClellan

Monday, 23 April 2012

Beautiful words to start the week...

Image found on Pinterest and I take no credit for it's creation.
But thank you to whoever did..
Haven't a lot to say today...but I found this last week and I thought it was a simple and beautiful way to start the week. So I wish you everything it says and more...

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Monday has been a good one?


Sunday, 22 April 2012

40 Things List

Lounge Play List:

Sara Sant'ambrogio - Dreaming Album

As you recently turned 40. I was very lucky to have a very splendid celebration with close friends and family. Turning the big 4 0 was a lot easier than it seemed it would be.

I had been witness to others making lists for their landmark birthdays and always thought it looked like fun. A friend of ours made a list of 40 things to do in that year and one of them was eating the A-Z in cakes..I made of few of them for her. lol. Cake addict doesn't begin to describe her really. When My Love turned 40 the list was very simple..40 Gigs! And it was achieved quite successfully and every second was enjoyed. The smile on the face every time My Love came home from a festival or gig was priceless.

I toyed with many ideas for my list. 40 waterfalls were suggested quite a lot as many people around me know how disappointed I was last year to be too unwell to visit Askrigg Falls in Yorkshire was a planned outing with our gang of pals. But the logistics of visiting 40 waterfalls in one year would have been costly and time consuming. So I decided to keep it simple with a simple list of simple 40 things to do over the year. Note I have repeated simple a few times in that was not! lol.

I started well and added a couple of fun things...then it quickly turned to a very worthy list of things which almost read like a New Years Resolution list. Very disappointing.  The night before my birthday I had six spaces left to fill and wanted them to be fun things and the stress was incredible. I truly felt I was letting myself down if I didn't finish this list by the stroke of midnight. I finished 11.57...having given up and added a couple more worthy things. But I had a workable list...

So instead of printing the whole list out on here I shall just post a blog about the 'things' as I achieve them. And I'm not off to a bad start if I'm honest.

See Nickelback Live  - TICK!

I found a love for Nickelback 18 months ago and now have every album they have released. I have my favourite albums...Dark Horse can always put me in a very good place. And to see them live was something that I have wanted to do since finding the love. My Love surprised me with tickets to see them when they tour England in October! The 'I got tickets baby' moment as it's now known here. lol If I had been well enough to jump up and down and scream I probably would have

My lovely tickets for the Nickelback Here & Now Tour...Wehoo!
My Love was so excited to have got these tickets for me and practically exploded with relief when I finally knew about

Find a Pen Pal - TICK!

As a child I always had pen pals and loved sending and receiving the letters and photographs. I enjoyed hearing about another life in the world and the experiences. And as an adult it's a shame that we lose the simple pleasures in receiving a letter or card in the post instead of bills and statements. However as I am not the most patient of people awaiting letters to arrive now would be hard on my Joking..I am not that bad really..Ahem..I'm not! Uff...anyway I accept these days with the speedy emails that old fashioned pen palship is almost redundant.

I added this 'thing' fairly early on in the list writing. And thought it would be one of the last to be ticked..if at all. And what do you ended up being the first to be ticked off. lol. I now have a lovely pen pal who lives in Brisbane Australia and the life experiences we have in common have been good But I am very happy with my new pal and look forward to years of correspondence.

I think we should all have pen pals..

Buy a 40th Tea Set  - TICK!

Oh now come you ever imagine a list that I make without tea cups and saucers being part of it??? Huh? lol. No!

I have been searching for a very simple but elegant tea set for some time now. I was always hopeful for a plain white and silver set. Last year we found a set called Platinum at a chain store. It was pleasing to look at as the cups and saucers were a lovely Art Deco shape but the finish on the dinner service wasn't that high a standard. To be honest I felt like once through a washing up cycle with My Love and the silver would all be chipped off. (I have lost many casualties to My Love's washing up It was £25 for a four serving dinner serving. Yikes...I know that's not pricey compared to Department Store and designer prices but it was steep for us. So we..I let that set go and continued on my hunt.

Now I have tried every charity shop in the city and surrounding towns for months. Every.Single.One! The day before my birthday we were over in the city picking up last minute party things and we did one last trek around the charity shops on the part of the city we love..and would live in if we had the chance...but was all garish nasty tea sets that I wouldn't even use as target practice should I be the type of person that owns a gun. Shocking examples. We were driving home and we drove past a small outlet centre and remembered there was a Dr.Barnardos charity shop in the we pulled up and went inside.

Laid out on a dining table that was for sale was the most beautiful white and silver tea set. I knew it was the one I had been looking for and My Love and I quickly pulled all the servings to one end of the table as someone else was eyeing it. My Love checked it over..perfect condition!

The elegant white and silver tea set..picture quality is my fault but you can see it's beauty no
The silver trim was off a high standard and the only thing that stood between me and my perfect tea set was the price....It was a six place tea cup and saucers and tea plates which was exactly what I wanted and not a dinner service.

What doesn't show on the design is between the silver trims is a faint lace design..pure and simple
And it was £6.50 for the lot. Fantastic!! So it was purchased by My Love as part of my birthday lucky am I? And I felt very good that the money paid was going to a charity that I have a lot of respect for.

OK one last gratuitous The markers mark and sneaky shot of another
My name is Red and I am an addict!! But you knew this right?? lol
Buy a photography book and learn how to take better food photographs - TICK!

I hadn't even realised I had completed this 'thing' until sitting down to write this posting. But if you read yesterdays posting you will know that I have achieved the buying of the book. I have been coveting Plate to Pixel by Helene Dujardin for a while now and spending some birthday vouchers I was lucky to receive, I purchased it and it arrived yesterday.

I'm a frustrated photographer and can't wait to get started on the reading of this book and when I'm up and about I intend on spending much time practising. Can not wait!

So there it is..four ticks on my list already in the first week..not bad going, eh? It was nearly five as we were going to venture to see Askrigg Falls this last Thursday as My Love's folks were staying up there on holiday but lurgy stopped play. But it's on the list (Visit waterfalls..) are 35 other 'things' that I look forward to exploring and sharing with you...

Thanks for stopping by..and I hope your Sunday is a good one?


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lovely packages..

Lounge Play List:

Brandi Carlile ~ Give Up The Ghost Album

Well the lurgy is still in residence but I am actually fighting it off more quickly than I have in recent that's good, eh? I still have a sore and cracked nose that resembles...well..a very red and cracked thing. lol. Yep my brain's still a little foggy and my skin in a very pleasant yellow colour although that is meds side effects but I am at my four week breakthrough day today so keeping everything should be up, all the way from here. I made it Phew!

Anyway enough with how attractive I'm NOT looking right now and on to more pleasant things. One of my lovely pals bought me an Amazon voucher..oh how well she knows I love Amazon vouchers as I love to buy books (although mainly all my reading material comes from our local library these days..Support Your Local Library folks!) and have a few favourite authors that I just need to buy the books and know I don't have to give them up. I know when I am old and wrinkly I shall still be enjoying I also love to buy albums/CDs and I found the Used button last year and now enjoy sourcing the CDs for as little cost as possible. It a standing joke now between My Love and I about my 1p bargain CD purchases.

So when presented with a whole Amazon voucher all for spend on stuff from Amazon...Wow I was one happy chick! And I spent a very pleasant hour or two..amongst the sneezing, coughing and blowing, spending them.

My first item was the book Plate to Pixel by Helene Dujardin. This book was recommended to me when I started looking into learning more about food photography. I admit my camera skills are very basic and I constantly find myself cross with my photos..and this book had been sat in my Wish list awaiting its paper book publishing date. So now I shall sit and read it cover to cover and devour every single piece of information it gives up.

My second purchase was a CD that I have wanted for a while. I love the music and lyrics that comes from Brandi Carlile. I bought The Story album a couple of years ago and wasn't really getting it until I played it again last year and became addicted. lol. And having listened to Give Up The Ghost twice since it was delivered this morning..I know it wasn't a one album infatuation..I love this one too! Now if only she would tour over here...

My third and final purchases were two paperback novels. They were both the latest instalments in two series of books. Patricia Brigg's Fair Game and Ann Aguirre's Devils Punch. I know that I shall enjoy both books and again and again over the years. Lovely!

In all honesty I only read this series of Ann Aguirre's books..I have tried the Sci Fi series and have a couple of them but I'm not the biggest Sci Fi fan so they were lost on me. My Love did read them though and enjoy them. But what is lost on me in the Sci Fi series I more than make up for in this series. The central character is a supernatural with an unusual gift...Pure escapism.

 There are two series I follow in Patricia Brigg's catalogue of work. The Mercy Thompson series which is a Skin Walker and Were based series..very good in my opinion. Then there is The Alpha & Omega series..I first came across this series through a short story in a novella. Loved it and bought the novels. I'll say it again..Pure escapism..

I really wasn't expecting the delivery for these items until next week as I always use the Super Saver delivery method so it can take some But the postie was stood waiting with two parcels and how happy was I? lol. Simple lol. So thank you S for a lovely gift that I will get many years of enjoyment from...*hugs*

Today is also very special as it's our unofficial Anniversary..we met 11 years ago today and haven't looked back since. It seems like 5 minutes

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Saturday is a good one too...


Thursday, 19 April 2012


Lounge Play List:

A symphony of sneezes, wheezes, coughing and blowing
of sore noses...Classy, eh? lol

Image is not mine so I take no credit for it. But it is striking resemblance to me right
Hello folks...Yep full blown cold and chesty nastiness has taken over R & R HQ. I am currently sat in my comfy chair surrounded by boxes of tissues, sugar free cough mixture and throat lozenges and water. I have been loading up on Mellow Lentil & Sniffle Soup from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan and anything else that I can to help shift this lurgy before it sets up residence in my lungs. I think I'm failing and most likely going to have to go to the docs tomorrow for help. Which makes me cross because I don't like having to take any more meds than I do already.

Today we were supposed to be visiting with My Love's parents and visiting a waterfall...neither of which is happening and we are holed up about to watch some afternoon movies once My Love has written an angry email to the EBay seller who sold us dodgy ink cartridges. It's one of 'those' days for sure...

However, I have taken delivery of my shiny and new iPod classic and even managed to register it and set it up myself technology? Successful? I know! lol. However my upgraded phone isn't going as successfully and My Love is rapidly turning grey trying to sort it for me...I ain't touching it as I'm sure throwing it across the room wouldn't help, eh? lol

*achoooooooo* Urgh...and more Urgh! Just wanted to check in with you...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is much better than ours? lol


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Allotment and Green House Building Fun

Workroom Play List:

Shakira Play List on iPod

I'm back and I'm sorry I haven't blogged in the last two days. I had a very splendid birthday on Saturday and thank you for all your birthday wishes..they were lovely to receive. The party was really nice and it was great to see family and friends. I had some lovely surprises throughout the day and touching moments. I was good and stuck to my one glass of Champagne to go with the toast so I had no hangover on Sunday.

Sunday was also a very good day..we met up to have lunch with my Mum, My Love's parents, D & B, A & C and St at The New Inn for lunch. It is run by friends of a friend. The atmosphere was really chilled yet we were served really well and the meal was good. D & I had the Roasted Tomato Soup for our starter and then a very freshly cooked Vegetable & Kidney Bean Curry with for our main course. The chef had made an Apple Strudel for us vegans as a dessert but I didn't partake for reasons I will explain but D and my Mum had it and they said it was delicious with a citrus hit to it. Everyone else's meals were great but very not vegan so I will spare you the

This would have been a perfect lunch out if part way through the main course, my new side effects from the new higher dose of meds (which I had to start that morning! Timing or what?) hadn't of kicked in very severely. Bad news and it was commented that my colour drained from my face..Ah well..I survived but it was very disappointing.

Yesterday we were out for the day as My Love had promised to help a work colleague H with the building of her new greenhouse. She had recently taken over a new allotment plot and My Love had found a bargain on the Staff Notice Board for her. So the weather was beautiful..lovely blue skies with the odd fluffy cloud.

Beautiful and sunny views from my chair..Yes I remembered my camera! lol
As I am still on rest I took up a supervisory role..well..OK I sat on the sidelines in a directors chair with a book and my It was lovely to be sat out in the sun soaking up the much needed Vitamin D. My Love, H and her daughter E got to work readying the ground whilst I took some snaps.

The woods at the other side of the allotments looked like a nice walk someday...
H's plot is a 'half' plot but I think it's a perfect size and she's got great plans for potager style gardening. (You may have to look this up as a non-gardener it makes no sense to

Another view from my chair looking out across H's plot to the woods..
And once the slabs were in place for the corners of the green house..the work began...

It was great fun H looked splendid in her pink wellies..on the left.
Of course there were seasoned gardeners on hand to offer advice..of course that's when they could drag themselves away from their cuppas and gossiping. These two weren't that worried about anyone hearing them...

You can just about see them in the centre of the photo...two men stood chatting over the allotment fence. lol
Up until that moment it had been very pleasant sat there in my chair and then this happened.... seconds it went from being sunny to being extremely chilly. I was sat shivering...
But the workers kept on...
I had no choice but to retire to the car at this point as I wasn't feeling great to start with and the cold weather just made it worse. So I was snuggled up in the warm car with my iPod and my book...E came and joined me from time to time for a chat which was lovely.
She's one cool kid..

Look! It's almost a real green house! lol
We're thinking of hiring My Love out for green house building as it does seem to be a new skill and is called for

Smug and satisfied at a job well done! The workers rejoice!
Despite having a sticky sliding door moment the green house was completed and good to go. And the first guests were a box of mixed tomato plants...

So proud were they..they didn't want to leave! lol
After a quick tidy round it was back to H's house for lunch and what a lovely lunch it was. A richly flavoured Vegetable & Bean Soup that had red & green lentils, pinto beans and a selection of fresh veggies in a tomato and herb stock. Delicious and that was followed by a fresh salad bowl with balsamic vinegar on the side. H had really put a lot of effort into our lunch and had made a Fish Pie with no or low Salicylates in...My Love enjoyed two helpings of So thank you very much H @Ellie'sMummy on Twitter...

Then it was a mad dash into the city to try and do some errands but the fates were against us...and by the time we got home I had started with a very nasty lurgy which is fogging up my brain today...Urgh! But all in all a very lovely weekend and interesting Monday.

I am now going to eat some Lentil & Sniffle Soup (recipe from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan) which My Love has lovingly prepared for me and copious amounts of Lemon and Ginger Tea to ease my sore throat. And maybe watch an old movie or two...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is a good one?? *achoo!* lol


Saturday, 14 April 2012

So far..So

Birthday Play List:

Thunder Play List on iPod

My birthday morning started by having breakfast in bed..cooked by My Love. And it was delicious and filling! lol. Chickpea Pancakes with Broccoli & Vegan Chorizo filled mine and My Love had a Cabbage & Fennel filling.

Chickpea Pancakes with Broccoli & Vegan Chorizo Filling

I didn't try My Love's pancake but I was told it was very tasty...It looked it..

Chickpea Pancakes with Cabbage & Fennel Filling

Then it was card and prezzie time...I am so happy..I have Nickelback tickets!!! They are touring England and I am going to see them in October...Wehoooo! lol. Very excited and it gives me plenty of time to feel better. I also got a lovely shooting star ring and books by my favourite authors..and a calligraphy set...never done that before so it should be fun trying it out. lol

Then it was cupcake time...My Love spent yesterday baking Isa & Terry's Low Fat Vanilla Cupcakes and made then lower sugar too by using half & half sugar. Then it was over to me this morning to top them. I chose three toppings...Raspberry as suggested in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Strawberry and originally it was going to be Blueberry but we couldn't find any so it ended up being Blackberry..not a hardship eh? lol. I used Reduced Sugar Jams to top and instead of a pool of icing on top, I did a swirl to give the contrast for the berries and then topped them. I think they look just lovely and I am very happy with them.

Low Fat, Lower Sugar Raspberry topped Vanilla Cupcakes
Whilst I was topping them my friend J called in to bring me a very cheeky card and share a cuppa with me as he and his partner can't make it tonight. It was a real treat to see him and hear about his life at the moment..and now have a plan to go to the theatre in a couple of weeks to see his partner D in a play where he is playing a Camp Air Steward and a Drag J's card made me howl as the picture of a very old lady holding a gun saying
"If you put one more candle on that cake...." lol. Great.

Low Fat, Lower Sugar Strawberry topped Vanilla Cupcakes
I received a lovely card in the post from M and she willed be missed tonight. Didn't get one from my Dad but I guess if he can't get the right date in 40 years he won't start now, eh? Anyway..

Low Fat, Lower Sugar Blackberry topped Vanilla Cupcakes
And one final gratuitous cupcake

A birds eye view if you were a very lucky
As I was finishing up the final cupcakes there was a hammering on our front door. My Love went to answer and was greeted by a strange man holding a massive box..which was brought through to me and we both did that whole...looking at the box suspiciously, wondering who it was know?..instead of actually opening it?? lol But when I did open was a fantastic surprise from my cousin H, her partner J, my Aunt J and cousin J...a massive arrangement of Gerberras. H & J can't make it tonight so had sent these instead. Beautiful.

Sadly my photo doesn't do them justice..but trust me..they are awesome.
So it's coming up to 1pm and so far becoming 40 has been quite easy..even my pals who have been texting and using 40 in every way they can in the messages, have been kind. lol. But come 4.30 when the do is said start I'm expecting merciless teasing from wish me luck..

Now I am away to try and make myself look alive as opposed to grey and corpse Where's that trowel??? lol.

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your Saturday is a fantastic one...

~R~ the *cou-40-gh* year old...Nope still not there yet? ;o) xx