Monday, 30 April 2012

New Music Loves..Gina Sicilia

This morning I have been busy...very busy...I'm wiped out I've been sooo busy...spending iTunes birthday Yeah, tough life, eh? lol I could never tire of researching new music...and this morning I was very happy to purchase two albums by Gina Sicilia. She is a very talented American Blues singer. Her voice is a wonder to behold and I can only hope that one day she will tour England and I will get the chance to hear her live. Her voice is filled with the passion, heartbreak and experience of one much older than her 22 years.

You can read more about her at her website She has three albums available at the moment but unfortunately it seems, to buy the actual CD Album, you have to pay a very high price which is why I bought mine from iTunes...not that her talent isn't worth the album price..but even with vouchers I'm price

Purchase no 1..
Favourite tracks off of this album so far are Addicted...Can't Control Myself...Wish the World Would Stop...but to be really honest there isn't one I don't

Purchase no 2....
Favourite tracks off of this album so far are Try Me...One of Many and You Set My Heart On Fire but as with the album above...not one I don't like. lol.

The third album that is available is Hey Sugar but I will be waiting until I have saved up for this one but I have a couple of the tracks downloaded from it.

A purchase for another day....
So Attracted To You and Nobody's Darling But Mine are both greats songs and I look forward to hearing the rest some day.

If you love the blues...strong female vocals that can make you smile or cry...sometimes both at the same time...I strongly urge you to check Gina out. This Philly native is a very talented lady.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Monday is a good one?