Tuesday, 3 April 2012

So a Low Fat Low Sugar Vegan & a Salicylate Sensitive go into a pub..

Workroom Play List:

Thunder ~ I Love You More Than Rock & Roll
Kings of Leon ~ Sex on Fire
Natalie Imbruglia ~ Torn
The Eagles ~ James Dean
Queen ~ Radio Ga Ga
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss ~ Trampled Rose
Natalie Clein ~ Brahms: Cello Sonata #1 in E Minor, Op.38
Santana ~ (De La) Yaleo

...and that folks...is the joke!

Gotta laugh because we were tempted to cry..with hunger..and frustration! 
Image taken from the net...not my creation
My Love and I dared to try and eat out this weekend and trying to find somewhere that met both of our foodie needs, was just impossible. Admittedly it was our first venture out there in the real world..lol..but we were fairly confident that we would find at least one place out there. Nope..Thai is now out as My Love can't do spice and seasonings...so that knocks out Indian and Chinese restaurants too. Which were our most favourite places to go when dining out. And also the Mexican restaurant couldn't accommodate our needs.

So the places that would sell something My Love could eat, didn't cater for vegetarians let alone vegans. We were in despair..My Love couldn't face another fish, white rice and garden peas meal..poor thing and we were both too tired to contemplate cooking once we got home...well..I can't but that's another matter.

So where did we end up? Sat in a car park that had builders working on it. Subway was the place of choice...me? Salad on wholewheat...My Love turkey on white baguette. And did we enjoy them? Nope. It was a disaster.

We were both saddened that in this day and age that we couldn't find one place that would help us. There aren't any vegan restaurants or cafes in our surrounding area and I stay with a few regular restaurants that will happily cater a vegan meal but what it would be to have a choice. My Love is now stuck with Carvery restaurants as the list of things that can be eaten without causing a nasty reaction for days, is getting smaller and smaller. Poor love. And for me Carvery restaurants are a nightmare..can't stand the smell, peoples plates piled high with meats and chicken and obviously as a vegan it goes against everything I believe in. But I suffer in silence so My Love can try and enjoy a meal.

Have to say..it will be a while before we try this again. We naively thought in a city we would find somewhere..and it's nice to eat out occasionally, isn't it? But it does seem to be the case that if we want to eat out together..I have to compromise my beliefs and sit there with a lettuce leaf whilst My Love and other guests chow down on a plate of meat...or I enjoy a spicy vegan heaven whilst My Love sits with...nothing..as everywhere seasons everything with pepper. Urgh!

If I was at supreme health and had the financial backing I would open a vegan restaurant in the city and cater for couples just like us..lol. There is such a massive gap in the market. It is so sad.

*deep breath* Vent over..lol. Hope your Tuesday is a good one? And thank you for stopping by and indulging my rant..lol