Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Little Vegan Humour...

Lounge Play List:

Terrorvision ~ Middleman
Doris Day ~ I'll See You In My Dreams
Bryan Adams ~ Let's Make it a Night To Remember
Bowes & Morley ~ On a Day Like Today
Sarah Washington ~ I Will Always Love You
The Pretenders ~ Kid
Bree Sharp ~ David Duchovny
Rascal Flatts ~ Life is a Highway
The Cure ~ Friday I'm in Love

I'm sadly without words today..again...and for a writer it's a real bitch pain. So I shall share the following images with you, to hopefully make you smile and giggle like they did me. I take absolutely no credit for any of them as I found them under a search for vegan humour. But I am grateful to those who did create them...

I need this It can be purchased from
I loved this can also get caps, bags and the usual logo stuff. I never need a new apron..but I would just like

This cracked me up...quite clever....

This reminded me of King Solomans Mines with Richard..erm..Ooops forgotten..and a very young Sharon Stone. Chamberlain! Richard Chamberlain...that's the fella. Don't ya hate it when you do that? You don't do it? It's just me? Sheesh. Anyway...funny movie..

This one was my favourite by
When I have been creating new soup has been joked (I hope! lol) that I am concocting a new brew or I totally relate to this picture. lol.

So seeing Thursday in with a little vegan humour and cuteness. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling a little more like me again...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is a good one?