Friday, 13 April 2012

And the countdown begins...

Workroom Play List:

Bon Jovi ~ Greatest Hits

*tick, tock, tick, tock* And so this is my last day of my thirties...and I shall be spending it doing something really exciting? No! I shall spend it doing..or trying to do..housework. I didn't quite manage it yesterday so need to make it up today.

I am resigned to being 40 now...and if I could be doing anything in the world today to see out my thirties then it would be something like this...

Upon waking ~ Champagne and vegan croissants with preserves

Long, luxurious shower and then to the hairdresser for new highlights to freshen me up.

Followed by a lovely walk through a wood or forest to remind me how insignificant my ageing really is..OR take some much needed advice from the much older than me trees!!!

Lunch would be a very lovely Brighton vegan picnic basket, sat on Brighton Beach with My Love, like we did a few years ago on holiday...Obviously on my perfect day I would have the power to 'blink' us through time and space!! lol.

I would then spend an hour visiting some of my favourite shops for some a new outfit..faux leather jacket, vintage t-shirt, baseball boots..etc etc.

From there I would take in an afternoon Matinee performance of The Masterclass starring the wonderful Tyne Daly...fantastic...awesome woman...

Dinner would be at a Sushi Bar that sells a good selection of Vegan Sushi and hopefully something Salicylate Free for My Love.

Then it would be a race to the shower (carefully so not to ruin my new do!! lol) I would then don my new outfit...grab my tickets and grab a cab to the venue...

To spend the night watching Thunder, The Union, Skin, Audioslave and Nickelback rock the crowd until the early hours...dancing like a loon and getting hot and sticky but wearing a huge ass grin on my face all night! lol. (With My Love stood behind or to my side, shaking the head in

Then it would be a long walk back through a park to the hotel to shower and crash out before I realised that it was now my birthday and I had indeed turned 40 whilst I was rocking out at the club!!


Instead we shall hoovering, polishing, tidying for all our might ready for tomorrow...and no doubt be watching 24 this evening before we crash..

I found this photo online and laughed so hard I nearly spilt my tea so this is the mental image I shall keep with me through out today...

Oh yeah matter how old I get..I intend to age against convention and shall keep the faith...and keep rocking like the lady above. Only minus the blue rinse and boots and faux leather jackets all the

If you hear sobbing later tonight..take no will just be

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is a blast?

~R~ the 39 year old. (Getting it in whilst I