Saturday, 14 April 2012

So far..So

Birthday Play List:

Thunder Play List on iPod

My birthday morning started by having breakfast in bed..cooked by My Love. And it was delicious and filling! lol. Chickpea Pancakes with Broccoli & Vegan Chorizo filled mine and My Love had a Cabbage & Fennel filling.

Chickpea Pancakes with Broccoli & Vegan Chorizo Filling

I didn't try My Love's pancake but I was told it was very tasty...It looked it..

Chickpea Pancakes with Cabbage & Fennel Filling

Then it was card and prezzie time...I am so happy..I have Nickelback tickets!!! They are touring England and I am going to see them in October...Wehoooo! lol. Very excited and it gives me plenty of time to feel better. I also got a lovely shooting star ring and books by my favourite authors..and a calligraphy set...never done that before so it should be fun trying it out. lol

Then it was cupcake time...My Love spent yesterday baking Isa & Terry's Low Fat Vanilla Cupcakes and made then lower sugar too by using half & half sugar. Then it was over to me this morning to top them. I chose three toppings...Raspberry as suggested in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Strawberry and originally it was going to be Blueberry but we couldn't find any so it ended up being Blackberry..not a hardship eh? lol. I used Reduced Sugar Jams to top and instead of a pool of icing on top, I did a swirl to give the contrast for the berries and then topped them. I think they look just lovely and I am very happy with them.

Low Fat, Lower Sugar Raspberry topped Vanilla Cupcakes
Whilst I was topping them my friend J called in to bring me a very cheeky card and share a cuppa with me as he and his partner can't make it tonight. It was a real treat to see him and hear about his life at the moment..and now have a plan to go to the theatre in a couple of weeks to see his partner D in a play where he is playing a Camp Air Steward and a Drag J's card made me howl as the picture of a very old lady holding a gun saying
"If you put one more candle on that cake...." lol. Great.

Low Fat, Lower Sugar Strawberry topped Vanilla Cupcakes
I received a lovely card in the post from M and she willed be missed tonight. Didn't get one from my Dad but I guess if he can't get the right date in 40 years he won't start now, eh? Anyway..

Low Fat, Lower Sugar Blackberry topped Vanilla Cupcakes
And one final gratuitous cupcake

A birds eye view if you were a very lucky
As I was finishing up the final cupcakes there was a hammering on our front door. My Love went to answer and was greeted by a strange man holding a massive box..which was brought through to me and we both did that whole...looking at the box suspiciously, wondering who it was know?..instead of actually opening it?? lol But when I did open was a fantastic surprise from my cousin H, her partner J, my Aunt J and cousin J...a massive arrangement of Gerberras. H & J can't make it tonight so had sent these instead. Beautiful.

Sadly my photo doesn't do them justice..but trust me..they are awesome.
So it's coming up to 1pm and so far becoming 40 has been quite easy..even my pals who have been texting and using 40 in every way they can in the messages, have been kind. lol. But come 4.30 when the do is said start I'm expecting merciless teasing from wish me luck..

Now I am away to try and make myself look alive as opposed to grey and corpse Where's that trowel??? lol.

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your Saturday is a fantastic one...

~R~ the *cou-40-gh* year old...Nope still not there yet? ;o) xx