Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Farmers Market ~ Loch Lomond Photo

Workroom Play List:

Tim McGraw ~ The Number 1's Album

Well..where did our sunny weather go? During the night we were blasted out of bed by gales battering the bedroom windows. Now I love stormy weather..really..I am one of those sad people that love walking in the rain and snow..but today it's just plain frustrating to me. I am sat with many layers many that I can barely OK I exaggerate..artist do da and all The view from my workroom is one of a yard that has been blown to pieces..and the Sock Stealer is not venturing anywhere near it. Wuss!

So I as I have very little else to blog about today except the I thought it would be a great time to show you the photo I bought at the Farmers Market at the weekend. Now please remember I am shaking like a jelly right now due to meds so it's not my best And taking a photo of a photo is not easy...OK that's all my excuses out of the way..Urgh!

Loch Lomond ~ Scotland.

Tada!!! One stormy lakeside black and white photograph by the talented Anna McKenzie. I love the atmospheric feel of it and I wish I was sat down by the Loch watching the storms come rolling in. Or on one of the mountains..not fussy. lol.

Thanks for stopping by...And I hope your Wednesday is a good one?