Friday, 27 April 2012

A Little Support...

Please don't tell on me? I'm not supposed to be on here..doing this. I've just got home from spending the morning having tests on my eyes. To say things are a lot little fuzzy would be a massive understatement. But I just wanted to stop in and say Hi!

I'm having a rough week medically and the jack hammers working away in my eyes right now aren't helping. I know there are some of my readers who are having a rough time too. But somehow we get up each day and make the best of it. So I'll leave you with this simple message...

I have to believe this..every second of every waking moment of my day...
If you are struggling..I hope you do too.
I take no credit for the images creation as I found it via Pinterest. But thank you to whoever did...~R~
So....before I officially go blind because of'll take my leave and be good and watch a movie this afternoon..that I can do. I thought The Eye starring Jessica Alba might be a good choice...or perverse...who can tell?? lol.

Keep smiling you lovely people out there...Hope your Friday is a good one?