Thursday, 19 April 2012


Lounge Play List:

A symphony of sneezes, wheezes, coughing and blowing
of sore noses...Classy, eh? lol

Image is not mine so I take no credit for it. But it is striking resemblance to me right
Hello folks...Yep full blown cold and chesty nastiness has taken over R & R HQ. I am currently sat in my comfy chair surrounded by boxes of tissues, sugar free cough mixture and throat lozenges and water. I have been loading up on Mellow Lentil & Sniffle Soup from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan and anything else that I can to help shift this lurgy before it sets up residence in my lungs. I think I'm failing and most likely going to have to go to the docs tomorrow for help. Which makes me cross because I don't like having to take any more meds than I do already.

Today we were supposed to be visiting with My Love's parents and visiting a waterfall...neither of which is happening and we are holed up about to watch some afternoon movies once My Love has written an angry email to the EBay seller who sold us dodgy ink cartridges. It's one of 'those' days for sure...

However, I have taken delivery of my shiny and new iPod classic and even managed to register it and set it up myself technology? Successful? I know! lol. However my upgraded phone isn't going as successfully and My Love is rapidly turning grey trying to sort it for me...I ain't touching it as I'm sure throwing it across the room wouldn't help, eh? lol

*achoooooooo* Urgh...and more Urgh! Just wanted to check in with you...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is much better than ours? lol