Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rain, rain and then some rain..

I'm having a little bit of a rough week..I have been having nasty side effects from the upped dosage of one of the meds. So I haven't been my usual self..I've been

The weather here is England has almost been back to back rain and I love rain so it's not a huge problem for me..except our roof resembles Swiss cheese so that aspect can get a little wearing. Ah well..I refuse to lose my love for the wet

That in mind I was reminded of this poem by Richard McClellan and thought I'd share it with you...along with this lovely photo of the rain..I still love splashing through puddles

I take no credit for either as I found both online...but thank you to Mr McClellan and whoever took the photo...

Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain, wash over me,
cleanse an purify me,
your drops, so soothing n' smooth,
lull me to sleep, content, not blue,

Rain, Rain, drops abound,
clean my body n' soul,
make me new,
with no walls around,

Rain Rain, my roof you seek,
your floods wash over me,
the emotions do peek,
cause rain is life-giving,
much zeal to thee,

Rain, Rain, clean my body,
for you always make me,
feel so fancy n' so free,

Rain, Rain, refreshing to me,
for during the rain,
no refrain from sleepin I see,

Rain, Rain, stay with me,
cause I'm in love with you,
you leave me unchained,
feeling worthy, not blue.
Richard McClellan