Sunday, 8 April 2012

An Ouch, some ducklings and a teacup..

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My posting today will be brief and is brought to you by the word...

Image is not my creation and take no credit for it..Found online
and much Expletive Therapy. lol. I started on the higher dosage of meds last night and to say it's been interesting..well that's putting it extremely lightly. So today I'm afraid I feel the need to sit in my comfy chair and lose myself in movies or books till it passes. I was hoping that this wouldn't be the case as I've felt a little brighter and better over the last few days..Oh well..I'm only halfway through my four weeks of hell (Docs words!) so I can't grumble and won't. I do believe that the new meds are working..when they aren't making me feel You know what I mean, right? lol. Got to feel worse before you can feel better..story of my life! lol.

I don't really celebrate Easter but spring is something to be celebrated. I love everything about it (except almost being 40..Ahem! lol) with all the beautiful flowers that spring up everywhere and the frolicking lambs, bouncing bunnies and chirping chicks. We were planning on making an Easter Egg Hunt around our house with my sisters little ones this year but health stopped play. Never mind..bigger and better next year.

One of my favourite things about this time of year is seeing families of ducks waddling sister lives out in the sticks and she often has families waddling over the property. I love them..they make me smile..and of course there is always the littlest one left behind and that's the one that always turns me into a sap!

So I leave you today with this rather splendid photo I found has two of my favourite a tea cup. lol.

Cute, no? Damn what are these meds doing to me? lol
Image is not my creation and I take no credit for it..
I wish you all a Happy Springtime and I hope you are surrounded with love and happy moments.

Thanks for stopping by...I hope your Sunday is a good one?