Thursday, 12 April 2012

Chia Seeds..and some EU silliness

Workroom Play List:

Gilbert O'Sullivan ~ Clair
Groove Armada ~ I See You Baby
Queens of the Stone Age ~ Gonna Leave You
James Morrison ~ Life is Hard
Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ Riviera Paradise
Sharif ~ Opia
Thunder ~ Don't Wait Up
P!nk ~ You Make Me Sick

With my impending birthday we headed out this morning to the shops to pick up the bits and pieces that I am allowed to know about for the celebration. I think My Love is enjoying very much the cloak and dagger texts and emails come in..I am constantly being told.." I can't tell you.." which is followed up by a huge grin. As the organiser and planner of such events....It.Is.Driving.Me.Nuts!!! Oh well..I shall let them have their fun but be reminded my loved ones..You all reach 50 way before I do!

We nipped over the bridge to the city and had a few things to pick up from the health & whole food shop and whilst there we enquired about Chia seeds. Now I have asked and asked for these for maybe the last two years but haven't found anywhere that stocked them and the only option was buying them in bulk online..with a massive delivery charge. So I had given up and carried on happily using Flax seeds. But something told me to ask today and low and behold they had a packet behind the counter. Now that would give away how expensive they are to be on a shelf..behind..the counter. We were so excited to handle them and get a good look at this elusive seed that we gulped and put it into our basket. I'm not talking re-mortgage expensive but they were a good couple of £'s dearer than Flax.

Look ^^^ I'm telling no fibs! lol
So for 150g of these little beauties it cost us £4.19 but I feel that a little will go a long way. The recipe that I need them for at the moment is the Overnight Oats recipe that I hope to share with you next week. And that calls for 3/4 tsp per not so bad.

I loved the packages description of the seeds...Tiny Titans! lol
Whilst we finished filling our basket, we chatted and caught up with the manager Scott who is a lovely chap and is always staggered that we come over the bridge to shop there. Really it's not that After we had stashed the Chia Seeds in our basket he commented that the EU guidelines only permit them to be used as an ingredient for bread making. And sure enough on the back of the packet were the EU guidelines...

Complete EU tosh!!
As I have had the pleasure of following many other splendid peoples blogs and read and devoured their successful recipes..using Chia seeds in many other ways other than baking bread..I shall take the EU guidelines under advisement...and then use then any way I see fit! lol.

Anyway....that's it for today as we have a house to get ready for the weekend and what little I can do to help...or should I say be allowed to help with...*growl* I fully intend to do!!

Thanks for stopping by..and I hope your Thursday is a good one?