Sunday, 29 April 2012

Some of my art loves...

Lounge Play List:

Thunder ~ She's So Fine
Mamas and Papas ~ Words of Love
The Union ~ The Space Between
Sammy Davis Jr ~ Mr Bojangles
Keith Urban ~ Sweet Thing
Shakira ~ Donde Estan los Ladrones
The Black Keys ~ Gold On The Ceiling
Metallica ~ Nothing Else Matters
Norah Jone ~ Cold Cold Heart
Natalie Cole ~ Avalon

Goodness me it's raining cats and dogs here. Still raining..and now blowing a gale too. I fear that my chimney will be making an appearance through my bedroom ceiling any moment. Even this rain loving freak is hoping for some sunshine and blue skies..who knew? lol. And they still have us on a hose pipe ban..go figure. lol. I think I'm just cross because I'm not well enough to go walking in it..then I would be Yeah, yeah, yeah I know..I'm

And I'm finding it hard to concentrate on my writing today so today's post is mainly a pictorial one..I wanted to share with you another one of my passions..Art. I see art in many forms...and these are just a few of the ones I love. So let's get started shall we...

I am Red and I shall be your guide

Artist: Greg Allen.
I love portraits of women and our house has many hanging around and my work room is packed with them. Particularly women's backs...

Artist: Fabian Perez
The power and strength emanating from this portrait really takes my breath away...

Artist sadly unknown..but if you know..please share?
I can get lost in this piece...every time I look at it I find or feel something new...

Artist unknown..
This is an image I found via Pinterest and it makes me But arrangement and photography is an art form in itself. And I can only hope that one day my food photos will look a 10th as good.

Artist unknown
Now graffiti is usually lost on me...I especially don't get the whole tagging form. In fact it makes me nuts when I see tags sprayed over peoples homes or businesses. Then on Pinterest this popped up on my wall and suddenly I saw the beauty and talent that can lie in this form...I find this peace very emotional and I love it...

Artist unknown..
The animal art form is a little lost on me...maybe it's because of being brought up in a house where every room had ornaments, books or pictures of animals everywhere...(and a nightmare situation that I won't go into here..) that shut down my liking of anything visually animal. I don't even do cuddly toys for this reason. But every now and slips through. This magnificent creature stole my heart away. The colour, the mane and the weather...fantastic.

Peta Poster
Art in the form of posters are great especially is they have a good cause to them. I have this hanging in my workroom...

Artist: Lena Sotskova
Lena Sotskova work is truly beautiful to me. The fact that she combines people with musical instruments is perfect for me. This piece is called Sonata. Lovely.

Photography/Artist: Mandy Flynn
Photography is another passion...I get so much from a photograph...

Artist unknown...
The colour, the water, the sunset..wish I was Love it.

Artist unknown...
My Love took me to Paris for my birthday in 2004..And we were both terrified whilst riding up the Eiffel Paris photos appeal to the nostalgic part of me..

Artist unknown...
Whilst there I really enjoyed the Art Deco signs...even bought a frame with it But it's all art baby! lol.

Artist unknown...
My collection of tea cups and saucers, espresso sets and mugs are all art to me. These were a recent find..beautiful.

Trois Nymphes 1938, Aristide Maillol. Jardin du Carrousel, Paris
Sculpture love is a disease I Be's contagious. lol

Artist unknown...
Natural art is everywhere...and the most beautiful...waterfalls especially but I just couldn't choose just one to add that is a blog for another

Artist unknown...
The colour of this photo really appealed to me..and the umbrellas were just a

Artist unknown...
How could anyone not think that this was a piece of art. I love mermaids...(another blog for another and I love guitars. So when this was brought to my attention it blew my mind..I would buy this and hang it on the wall. Magnificent..

Artist unknown...
Tattoo is a art form. I won't debate this with just is. And like every art form...when done well it's breathtaking and awesome. I strongly believe that the tattoo artist is very underrated.

Artist unknown...sadly
One of my favourite artists is Mucha so when you combine Mucha, a tattoo, with a women's back and black in the same creation..I'm a very happy person. lol. I wish I knew whose creation this was as I would email them and thank them.

Now that is just a few forms of my favourite artworks..there are still album covers and so much more to come. What's your favourite art? If you like art at all of

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is being kind to you..with lots of sunshine and blue skies.