Saturday, 3 March 2012

Happy Weekend Wishes...

Workroom Play List: Shakira ~ MTV Unplugged Album

Image not mine..found via web search so I take no credit for it's creation.
Seem's like there is no fool quite like this fool. I pushed myself a little too far during the week and have spent the time since then...well...a little worn out. lol. What a fidiot! Anyway...

My Love and I escaped yesterday and spent some time taking gentle strolls around a couple of shops and then enjoyed a lunch together before heading off for more tests at the Docs for me. I want to say I enjoyed my lunch..I had a spicy burger wrap..but the burger hadn't been cooked..just flung in the microwave I think and the wrap was a white one that was almost rubbery. It was such a shame. But what I did enjoy was just hanging out with My Love away from our house...away from everything so it was so worth the rotten lunch. Silver lining and all that. My Love went out for dinner last night with some work colleagues and had a good time whilst I stayed home and watched The Ramen Girl and The Haunting of Molly Hartner (could have that last name wrong? lol) movies..first was a feel good movie and left me craving noodles and wanting to come up with my own ramen recipe. The second was a supposed horror movie and it did make me jump a few times and was entertaining.

Today is family time with My Love, my sister and her little ones...and our Mum is even showing up for an hour..bringing with her our other nephew J..bless him who is just over a nasty bout of Chicken Pox. So it  will be the usual chaotic madness for a few hours with little ones running around all over the place whilst the big ones try and catch up with each other. And trying to eat some lunch at the same Heaven. Then this evening we are escaping to visit with my kid brother and catch up with him.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with our close circle of pals for lunch for a much needed pal time. The eight of us just sit around the table and catch up with each others life..share some food..share some laughs..share some heartfelt moments sometimes too. But just being around them makes me feel better and I know My Love loves this precious time too.

So as I am not going to be in the kitchen this weekend I wanted to take the time to say thank you once again for hanging in there and coming back every day. Your time is appreciated and your well wishes.

Hope you are having a great weekend and if you care to share what you have planned or have done already..please feel free to

Have fun!