Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Italian Plum Tomatoes on Rye Bread Toasts

Kitchen Play List:

Robert Downing Jr ~ Details
The Puppini Sisters ~ It Don't Mean a Thing
The Three Tenors ~ Maria
James Brown ~ Sex Machine
(lmao iPod shuffle doing it's thing,eh?)

Yesterday I suddenly found myself feeling very hungry...and realised I hadn't eaten breakfast! Oops. Not like me at all. It was a little early to have lunch so I decided to be a rebel and have a midweek brunch. I know..that's as rebelious as I get these

My Love had come home from the shops the night before with a beautiful little Organic Rye Bread loaf which had been purchased for just 1p! Yes...I know. Don't you find things just taste better when they are reduced in price? lol. This loaf was still moist and hadn't dried out at all.

Italian Plum Tomatoes on Rye Bread Toast..generous fresh cracked black pepper too.
So armed with the rye bread I knew exactly what I was going to have for Brunch. Its simplicity is just perfect for my abilities right now and it tastes great too. I plucked a tin of Italian Plum Tomatoes from the stocks and set about toasting 4 slices of the rye. Only lightly though..I don't like Rye bread too toasty. Heated up my tomatoes and within 4 minutes had this lovely plate of food waiting for me. I always generously grind fresh black pepper over the steamy tomatoes.

Just lightly toasted around the edges..perfect!
Simple...filling...and cheap too! lol. This individual plate of brunch came in at 20p. lol. Bonus.

And I managed 4 whole minutes in the kitchen...Extra Bonus..This cook was a very happy person as I ate.

Thanks for stopping by...And I hope you Wednesday is a good one?