Friday, 9 March 2012

Very Berry Breakfast Bowl

Workroom Play List:

Within Temptation ~ What Have You Done Now?
The Velvettes ~ Needle in a Haystack
Mildred Bailey ~ A Porters Love Song to a Chambermaid
Eurythmics/Franklin ~ Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
Count Basie & Orch ~ Flight of the Foo Birds
Roy Orbison ~ Only The Lonely
Shakira ~ Objection (Tango)
The Eagles ~ Peaceful Easy Feeling
Within Temptation ~ The Howling

Very Berry Breakfast Bowl with Spinning Top lol
Now I have been loving the wholegrain breakfasts I've been having whilst I'm making the changeover to Macrobiotics. I do find the grains and beans in particular very pleasing first thing in the mornings. I naturally prefer a savoury breakfast so the changeover on breakfasts was quite easy for me.

But every now and then I find myself craving some berries. And in the main source for inspiration and information it is preferred that fruits are a 'couple of times a week' thing. Probably the hardest part of switching over to Macro...well that and the Usually I can't get a strawberry over the threshold unless they are in season as My Love believes they are dreadful at any other time.

Two things came into play this morning...the first is that My Love is still away in Denmark..and second is that My Love can't have strawberries anymore due to the Salicylate content in them. So being sneaky I saw my chance to sneak some in the house and have them for breakfast. I was saving My Love from pining for the lush red lovely berries and I could eat them without feeling guilty.

I really don't feel the need for writing a recipe for this lovely breakfast as it is too simple throw together. I rinsed and quartered some strawberries, rinsed some blueberries and drained them. Put them in a bowl and sprinkled with pumpkin and sunflower seeds and then scattered some sliced almonds over them all.

And then enjoyed every single mouthful! Devoured them! I couldn't eat it everyday as a breakfast but as an occasional breakfast it will be a delight and still within the Macro way of eating. I hope..that's if I've got it right? lol.

Thanks for stopping by...I hope your Friday is a good one..