Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Food Truth

Workroom Play List:

LeAnn Rimes ~ Can't Fight The Moonlight
Gina Sicilia ~ Try Me
Macy Gray ~ Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak
Ricki Lee Jones ~ Chuck E's In Love
Kelly Clarkson ~ Miss Independent
Avril Lavigne ~ I'm With You
Portishead ~ Numb

Image found on Pinterest
I found this on a recent visit to Pinterest and it really couldn't sum up the situation in the Rocket and Roses household better. It's such a simple statement and makes perfect sense and yet it is one of the hardest to live by, isn't it?

My Love's Salicylate Sensitivity nightmare is a constant battle of having to eat the same meals over and over again. My Love had been a person who loved colour and taste in food choices. But now is having a Rice Crispies with Oatmilk breakfast...white baguette and white cheese and iceberg lettuce lunches...white rice, fish and garden peas dinner..existence. Every least until I'm up and running again and can try and start to experiment with the ingredients that won't fill My Love's poor body with poisons. But this wouldn't be so bad if the cravings for all the other foods wasn't so damn hard to fight. On the whole My Love manages this but it can cause low points. To eat most foods now simply poison the body...but unlike the above statement...the approved foods aren't that healthy. So I constantly worry what the long term damage will be from those foods.

For me personally...sugar is a poison to my body. Dairy isn't a poison but before I stopped consuming it, it was making me very ill. I don't tolerate high quantities of wheat either so try not to overload my system with it. I know when I am eating well my body responds so much better, my mood improves and I just generally feel so much better. But I am human..when the cravings kick in...I have to fight really hard.

I know for a fact that My Love and I would feel so much better if we ate the perfect way for us both but like I said we are It's such a simple well, feel what poisons your body, feel dreadful...

Do you find it so easy to keep to this simple thought process? What's your secret? lol

Hope you are having a good Sunday?