Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just Breathe...

Workroom Play List: Natalie Merchant ~ Ophelia

This is not my image..and take no credit for it. Although that could be my baseball boot covered feet! lol
I am seriously considering having this tattooed on the palm of my hand to remind me to do the very simple act of Just Breathing! Recently I can all too easily forget and get lost in the moment of Argh that is going on around me. It is the first thing I always tell friends and family to do when they need to vent or off load some emotions. And yet I've found myself forgetting to take my own advice.

I had a very lovely weekend filled with lots of time spent with family on Saturday and made a couple of new acquaintances on the evening. I enjoyed a really good meal (which is a nice change believe me..this pub we go to..I usually end up with a plate of veggies) of Stuffed Butternut Squash filled with spinach and mushrooms and topped with an oaty crumble. On the side I had cabbage, carrots, peas and a roasted potato. I was stuffed but it was such a novelty being able to eat a real meal there. lol. Sunday we had a day filled with friends and catching up with each other. We had good news, frustrating news and just general news to share with each other...good foods were enjoyed by all and I even snuck in a couple of black coffees. lol. I had a beautifully spicy Moroccan Salad with a side of green olives and hummus. But probably the best part was seeing our pal D there..who is doing so good after her big op. The woman is amazing.

So after such a fabulous weekend I planned on starting the week with a new attitude but alas my body wouldn't keep up with my brain once again so yesterday was spent reading. Disappointed wasn't the word for how I felt yesterday...

Today has been such a disaster that if it was in the script of a film it would be bloody hilarious! I woke up with a migraine, a thread vein burst on my cheek so I am now sporting a dressing across my right cheek (attractive, eh? lol) and then as I turned over in bed to get up my left knee cap popped out of it's socket. And no it didn't pop straight back in..it sat there looking all out shape so I then had to manipulate it back into place and believe me there isn't enough Expletive Therapy in the world to stop me from screaming in pain. So before I even left the bedroom this morning I looked like I had been in an accident. Just.Bloody.Marvellous!

However...in the spirit of trying to find the silver lining in a potentially horrible day there is this...I have the pleasure of a visit from my pal D this afternoon who is venturing over from the city along with her Mum DrJ. I haven't met DrJ before and I am looking forward to it very much. And in the post arrived the three silly sale priced CDs from Amazon. A Bonnie Raitt live album (11p), Natalie Merchant's Tigerlily & Ophelia albums (40p) so I am currently adding them to my iTunes.

I am hoping to be able to clock up an hour in the kitchen tomorrow and therefore be able to post you a new recipe blog.

Once again thanks for stopping by and keeping the faith. lol Hope your week is a good one?