Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ever Had One of These Moments?

Workroom Play List:

Giuseppe Verdi ~ Rigdetto  La Donna E Mobile
Bonnie Raitt ~ Love Sneakin Up On You
Andre Rieu ~ Wine, Woman and Song
The Animals ~ We Gotta Get Out of This Place
Shakira ~ Donde Estan Los Ladrones? (Live)
Mildred Bailey ~ Georgia On My Mind
Bruce Springsteen ~ The Rising

Image found online..I take no credit for it's creation...But it was a perfect fit for today..lol
I managed a whole three hours sleep last night..unbroken sleep...Three hours..Yes..THREE! Believe me that is a wonderful achievement for me. Especially this week as the new meds settle in my system..(Sorry I am howling with laughter as I type that..) Unsettle..would be more accurate. If I make it through the four weeks..which I will because I am bloody mindedly going to make it..it will be an achievement.

So with my three hours sleep under my belt I woke up to a thought that I wasn't feeling anywhere near as dreadful as yesterday morning...when My Love came up to say goodbye...I was still thinking to myself.."Hey maybe I'm over the worst???" Then I ate my breakfast that My Love had lovingly made for me...I even enjoyed it...I read some more of a book I am reading...then I felt really daring...I ventured to the bathroom for a shower. lol

I turned on the shower and smiled to myself in the bathroom mirror and OK I wasn't a living human being colour yet..but I wasn't corpse grey that I was yesterday. My eyes could've been a little brighter...but I was determined that today was not going to be as bad as yesterday...so I found myself saying to my reflection...."You know what,today is going to be a good day..." Now please don't pretend for a second that you don't talk to yourself in the mirror when alone!! You don't? Oh! Ahem...Anyway....

I was halfway through washing my hair when the rolling wave of nausea doubled me over....so after a few bursts of Expletive Therapy...I was feeling worse than yesterday and the day before put together. Grey skin, cloudy eyes...oh it was not an attractive look..lol.

So that was when my "You had to open your big mouth and say it, eh?" or as above "Shut up..Stupid!" moment happened. I am the type of person who never says.."Ah well it could be worse!" Because if I do..it does get worse. I'm not a rookie..I should've known better...

My day will definitely not be going the way I had hoped it would as made plans in my head whilst eating my breakfast...but I can see the funny side of this. I feel like hell..but I knew I would be feeling a lot worse before I felt better...

This afternoon I shall be found snuggled up with the Sock Stealer watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 as I've been saving it for a day like this...and getting plenty of chuckles in watching Arrested Development. I recently found it on Netflix and watch an episode for the laughs when I feel my spirits dropping.

Well that's my day...I hope your Tuesday is a good one and thanks for stopping by...