Sunday, 25 March 2012

Catch Up Time and the Sock Stealer..

I hope your Sunday is being good to you? Mine is a very tiring one as I started my new treatment last night and have had an eventful night..and I'll leave it at

I was treated to breakfast in bed by My Love who had made me Tofu Scramblers on two small pieces of Rye toast. It was lovely and was very grateful for the effort by My Love is isn't feeling well either.

It's been a shaky few days since Wednesday hospital visit with a lot to process and lots of 'stuff' to work out. (Sorry for the vagueness but I'm still processing for sure..)

And then the lovely madness of our nieces birthday and yesterday being family day...which was a very loving day. My nephews wanted to show me their new writing skills and both wrote 'Lovely Auntie R' and some love hearts. My niece also tried and I'm fairly sure I could make out the It was just lovely to get lost amongst the little ones, catch up with my sister and just feel normal for a while. Our littlest niece L turned up rocking a fabulous t-shirt with Pebbles on the front and so there was some attempts made at taking some photos of Attempts?? Yep because I now have a rather splendid collection of her exiting the photo right and left. Action shots I believe they are I did manage to get a good shot of the nephews sat together and one of Noo with her face squished between the bannisters. lol.

The Sock Stealer has been busy...fretting over me..snuggling up with My Love in the evenings when crashed out with exhaustion. His work is never today's photo is a recent one of him with his birthday bone biscuit. I think the flash on My Loves phone must be something else because he really is looking stunned...or guilty. With him, it could always go either way! lol

"Who me? No..wasn't me! I didn't do it? Urgh..I just wanna eat this bone..leave me be!" lol 
It's quite funny after family day because it's usually a race to see who collaspes first after the little ones are gone. He usually opts for his bed and is snoring in minutes..My Love tries to sit quietly with a cuppa but very soon joins the little fella. lol

Thanks for stopping by...I hope your Sunday is a good one...Back tomorrow..