Monday, 19 March 2012

Good music to rock in a corner too...

Workroom Play List:

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band ~ How I Go Album

The music to get me through today...
I'm not going to is a very, very bad pain day. So my post will be short and then I am away to rock in some corner. However, whilst I rock...I shall be enjoying my latest bargain.

I had never heard of this band until quite recently when an online pal Molly of Vegan Flower blog recommended them to me, when she saw I liked Stevie Ray Vaughn. I checked them out and knew instantly I would become a fan but unfortunately buying their stuff here in England is problematic and with import, very pricey.

So I turned to iTunes initially and listened to most of the back catalogue of their work on preview. Then I did a search one day whilst visiting Amazon and this album was listed on a Amazon sellers site at £4.83. On iTunes it was still £10.99. So I purchased a copy and today it arrived in the post. I love it.

So thanks to Molly for the recommendation..and I look forward to collecting their earlier albums..and I'm really enjoying Noah's lead vocal and the excellent Kenny on guitar. I find music very I know this will help me focus.

I am away to rock out in a corner to this very splendid album and I hope that tomorrow is a better day. Wednesday is the Consultants here's to keeping the faith that something good will come of it.

Thanks for stopping by..and I hope your Monday is a good one...