Saturday, 17 March 2012

Gotta Love A Bargain!

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Dixie Chicks ~ Taking The Long Way Album

I admit it..I was a magazine junkie. I used to buy at least 7-8 a month and not the cheap gossipy ones either.  I always struggled with the whole...Eco paper issue though and I had already started buying the smaller Eco editions by the time I had to address my addiction. lol. My magazines of choice were Zest (Health & Fitness), Natural Health (Health), Diva (Lifestyle), Psychologies (Mental Health), a few magazines aimed at Writers and a couple of music magazines. But it was an expensive habit and it needed to be addressed....My Love was in this with me buying gardening magazines and triathlon magazines. We had to cut down.

I had to go cold Tofurkey man. The habit of snuggling up in a comfy chair with a large steaming mug of coffee and getting lost amongst the covers was a major bitch pain to try and kick. I had to stop completely and boy did it make me miserable for the first few months. Shopping trips lost all appeal for me as we skipped the magazine isle altogether. You see..I love words. I am a card carrying magazine, book, blog junkie. I have been since I could read my first book alone and that was very young. I was writing long stories by the time I was 5. I am always working on new material..have at least 5 reading books on the go at one time...I crave words. I Put was hell.

I did try to do the online version thing for a while but for me it didn't have the joy that holding a magazine in your hands had. So I gave up and for a couple of years didn't go near a magazine unless I was at the hairdressers and really didn't enjoy those because they tended to be the cheap 'I married my brother and I am now mother to my niece!' rubbish. I digress..once again! lol. There was always a magazine void but I filled it with book after book but I missed the information and the articles. Then My Love came home one day with a copy of Natural Health for me and I was stunned and almost tearful when ripped off the plastic covering and handed the free 'health bar' (not vegan) to My Love. I put the magazine on my desk and left there, unopened, waiting for the perfect magazine moment. And when that came...Oh My! lol. And since then I've semi regularly read Natural Health and Classic Rock magazines. I love Natural Health because it gives good advice and keeps me up to day on alternative health lifestyle.

Natural Health but not April 2012 copy sadly.
Classic Rock is bought when it has a great CD giveaway which could be argued, that is every but I am very selective. lol. And I think that's a huge improvement from my many magazines a week addiction and I don't feel too guilty about the Eco side of this addiction...2 magazines every couple of months? Not brilliant but an improvement.

So My Love came home from the shops last week with a huge smile. I was sat reading and resting (insert Expletive Therapy here!) and looked up to see a magazine being held out to me. It was the new edition of Natural Health and it was in a substantial wrapper. I was completely delighted to see that the free giveaway this month was a copy of a Fitness DVD that I have been coveting since it's release. But hadn't been able to justify buying it as I've been so unwell. My Love chuckled as I tore into the wrapper and sat gazing at the DVD. I was one happy woman and it was FREE!

Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga
There was also a free bag of Oatbran flakes but that just got put with my Oatbran stash and I sat back down to read the magazine but all the time smiling about the DVD. The magazine is £3.60 and the DVD the last time I had checked was £12 was a bargain.

Don't you just love a bargain? lol. We've watched the DVD through and once we stopped laughing uncontrollably at just how much it would kill us both to attempt the workouts right now..I thought it was a great Yoga workout. And having Sting's music in the background didn't hurt either.

OK I better sign off and as my nephew and niece are here and my sister has just returned from the shops...Family Time!'s what Saturday are all about for us.

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your Saturday is a good one..