Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Too Cute..No? Just me? lol

Workroom Play List:

Bon Jovi ~ Born To Be My Baby
Gilbert O'Sullivan ~ Happiness Is Me And You
Frank Sinatra ~ Don't Fence Me In
Skid Row ~ Slave To The Grind
Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ Empty Arms
Daniel Varsano ~ Satie: Gnossiene - 3. Lent
Van Morrison ~ Brown Eyed Girl

I was recently introduced to and Oh it wonderful? I bow in awe at the talented and creative people who sell their work and art on there. And I often find myself cruising around the lovely website especially at the moment when I need distraction. I was warned that it could become addictive and somewhat expensive...but the key to this is..don't buy anything! Which I don't..I just window/screen shop.

I usually go for the pottery section and cruise the latest teacups and saucers and espresso sets..and you know I am a nut for these three things. lol. But recently during a cruise I saw a link for teacup jewellery. Was I sad enough to have a look? lol. Of course! I actually found two lovely necklaces and wanted to share them with you.

Cupcake Tray and Whisk Pendant
Too cute! lol. I could happily wear this necklace..but my favourite one by far was this simple pendant...

A beautiful little
OK maybe I need to get back in the kitchen and feeling But I do think these are quite lovely. And just a little bit of fun..that I felt the need to share.

Hope you enjoy...or at least just have a laugh at my expense..Go on..I don't

I hope your Wednesday is a good one?



Molly said...

I'm glad you're enjoying Etsy! I've been very good about window shopping there, too, although many things are quite tempting. Cute finds!

Red said...

Hello Molly..Oh so much. It's thanks for the share. Temptation is a Good job we are strong! Ahem! Well most of the

Continued healing wishes sent your way..thanks for stopping by..~R~

minibreakmummy said...

Have you tried Folksy as well? It's a British version of Etsy - which means you don't have to worry so much about postage prices

Red said...

Hello :o) No I haven't tried there yet but you are the second person to recommend that site to I may just have a virtual pootle around there this afternoon..thanks. Thanks for stopping by..Hope you weekend is a good one..~R~