Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Too Cute..No? Just me? lol

Workroom Play List:

Bon Jovi ~ Born To Be My Baby
Gilbert O'Sullivan ~ Happiness Is Me And You
Frank Sinatra ~ Don't Fence Me In
Skid Row ~ Slave To The Grind
Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ Empty Arms
Daniel Varsano ~ Satie: Gnossiene - 3. Lent
Van Morrison ~ Brown Eyed Girl

I was recently introduced to and Oh it wonderful? I bow in awe at the talented and creative people who sell their work and art on there. And I often find myself cruising around the lovely website especially at the moment when I need distraction. I was warned that it could become addictive and somewhat expensive...but the key to this is..don't buy anything! Which I don't..I just window/screen shop.

I usually go for the pottery section and cruise the latest teacups and saucers and espresso sets..and you know I am a nut for these three things. lol. But recently during a cruise I saw a link for teacup jewellery. Was I sad enough to have a look? lol. Of course! I actually found two lovely necklaces and wanted to share them with you.

Cupcake Tray and Whisk Pendant
Too cute! lol. I could happily wear this necklace..but my favourite one by far was this simple pendant...

A beautiful little
OK maybe I need to get back in the kitchen and feeling But I do think these are quite lovely. And just a little bit of fun..that I felt the need to share.

Hope you enjoy...or at least just have a laugh at my expense..Go on..I don't

I hope your Wednesday is a good one?