Thursday, 15 March 2012

To Love a Geek

Workroom Play List:

David Bowie ~ Heroes
Diana Krall ~ Besame Mucho
Sade ~ Sweetest Taboo
Sade ~ Please Send Me Someone To Love
Natalie Merchant ~ Carnival
Andrea Bocelli ~ La Voce Del Silenzio
George Frederic Handel ~ Handel: Water Music Suite # 2 in D

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Now if someone had asked me 12 years ago if there was the smallest possibility that I would one day be happily married to a Geek..well..I would've had raised a shot of Jack to them and laughed myself silly. It's safe to say that My Love and I come from two different kind of But somehow it works for us. I wasn't aware when we first met a what a huge Geek I was dating. And then within a few really didn't matter. I was hooked..My Love was hooked...and that was that.

We celebrate each others differences...My Love will never understand my love of rock music and the And over the 11 years we've been together we accept and love each others differences. And I surprisingly even get some of the Geekiness now..I love The Big Bang Theory although I relate to Penny more then any of the others characters..wish I had her body
I understand now that to be a Geek isn't a choice but part of who they are and I wouldn't change it if I could.

So to that My Love if off on a Geeky adventure with our pal D..who is also a card carrying Geek. They are spending the afternoon at the movies..watching Star Wars 3D...apparently this is a huge deal. lol. I was asked to go...but I respectfully declined. I never got Star Wars...when everyone in my class at school was walking around with Star Wars lunch boxes I thought them quite mad and I hugged my Fonz lunch box with pride. lol.

I have watched the newer Star Wars since we've been together and I didn't want to pull my hair out like I did with the original ones..maybe because I'm a little more used to such Geeky films now..or maybe it was because of this character...

.....this character makes me laugh so much and I think helped me get through the films. Whatever works eh? And when the nephews are playing on the Wii with My Love they too seem to love Jarjar too. nephews are what does that say about me? lol. Oh well.

So I shall be spending the afternoon...quite happily not watching Star Wars...and hoping that they have a blast and have a major Geek Out. My movie of choice will be something more reality based like..Oh..well..Breaking Dawn Pt 1! lol.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is good it Geeky or