Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hot Chocolate Quest

One of the things I miss, eating a plant based diet, is a good old cup of comforting Hot Chocolate. I really do. I find that the soya chocolate milkshakes that are available,  that claim they can also be heated to make hot chocolate...are awful. They give me one heck of a headache and are just laced with so much sugar and sweetener it's not good. I wasn't the type of person that liked the whipped cream and marshmallows with my hot chocolate anyway...I leave that to my sister! lol. I just prefer not having to dig to reach my hot chocolate.  I just enjoyed a simple mug of steaming hot chocolate when I felt the need for comfort. 

So I am setting out on a quest to find a good vegan hot chocolate recipe. I shall be trying them out and then reviewing them on here. I will try the recipe out the first time as close to the original recipe then try making it my way...I can't have spoons of sugar etc. And then I will write it all up with photos for you to see. 

And if you have any recipes out there that you consider good...then please leave me the recipe to try in a comment or email me. I would welcome your input. So wish me luck as I set off on my quest...why do I feel many headaches coming my way? lol. But it would be so worth it if I could find one good recipe...

Red x