Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Gadgets - Magnetic Smidgen, Pinch and Dash Spoon measures.

As I use recipes from all over the world, I have a large collection of differing weights and measures. The ones I use mainly are the American cup measures because some of the best vegan recipes come from the US. Simple as that. As I am not gifted with mathematics and I'm always far to busy in the kitchen, I find it hard to convert between US and UK so I use the fastest method at my disposal and that is having the differing measures sat waiting to be used. It works for me.

I do intent to convert the recipes used on here to both, eventually, but until then if you are a Brit, you can pick up a set of US cup measures for as little as £1 from Asda and other supermarkets and Lakeland Plastics do a superb set which is what I use. (OH! OK I have the others as well!! lol) Sprung!

Progresssive Mini Magnetic Spoons

The Progressive Mini Magnetic Spoons are truly fab. They were cheap and when My Love pointed out the measurements on them, I knew I 'needed' them for my collection. Unless you are creative in the kitchen, you just can't understand how much you sometimes think "...Ooh just a smidgen of this might work in this recipe!" But how do you measure a 'smidgen'??...well now I know! lol. They are designed that the right hand round well of the spoon is for liquid measurements and the left hand oval well is for dried goods.

I tried to get a good photo of the measures but this was as good as it was getting. So here are the measurements:

Dash = 1/8 tsp    Pinch = 1/16th tsp   Smidgen = 1/32 tsp

They are also magnetic so they stay together like in the picture above. Which is quite handy. I personally have a bowl that holds all my measuring cups and spoons so I don't tend to lose them but I know others do have that problem.

They were a very reasonable £2.99 and as they are made of melamine they will last forever. I would happily recommend these to anyone who 'needs' that tricky Smidgen measure. lol.