Sunday, 17 June 2012

Vegan Sunday Brunch: Blasts from the Past

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Sunday Brunch...Oh how I miss It is the one meal I miss with a passion and use as an incentive to keep eating and making these stupid meds I look forward to the whole lazy Sunday morning sleepy feeling and the smells that come from my kitchen as the chosen brunch is put together and with the coffee percolating away...Yep gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling. And I am very determined to get back to that lovely weekly ritual..cannot.wait!

So with this in mind I thought I would do a posting about Sunday Brunches from the past and probably torture myself in the process and make my mouth Oh well...

Potato Scones with Italian Feast Sausage and Plum Tomatoes
The recipe for these Potato Scones was such a find and so simple to make..that I always have as stash of them in my freezer along with the different versions of these really Brunch is made in a snap with these three ingredients.

Vegan Omelette with Mushrooms and Shallots
I have an enormous love for the vegan omelette that Susan V from created. I use the recipe often and enjoy coming up with new ideas for fillings. Or sometimes I serve with a slice of wholemeal toast on it's own..also delish! lol. This filling I put together for ML as I'm not the biggest mushroom fan but any mushroom lover would be very happy served with this brunch.

Curried Scramble Tofu with Cabbage and Caraway
This brunch was a surprise made for us by ML...the smell that wafted up to our bedroom as it was cooked was divine. And I am a red cabbage junkie so this brunch is a very big bowl of happy for I love scrambled tofu now and can't even begin to understand why I didn't try for such a long time..madness

Soda Bread with Vegan 'Goats Cheese' and Blistered Vine Tomatoes
It would be wrong of me to put together a posting about Sunday Brunches without including this one. Freshly made soda bread, vegan cream cheese and balsamic skin blistered vine tomatoes..turned out to be Brunch tasty..but filling too! lol.

Rocket and Roses Garam Masala Lentil Filled  and Parsley &  Garlic Mushroom Filled
These pancakes are gluten free and vegan..just saying.. 
This brunch came about after we found out ML's Salicylate condition..this meant 99% of the brunches we'd had in the past were probably making ML seriously ill. Then this chickpea flour pancake made an appearance on a Sali forum and we tried it the next day for brunch. With just two ingredients it seemed too simple to work..but work they did and although I had to make two different was little work for such a wonderful brunch.

Collards with Chorizo and Green Pepper & Onion Tofu Scramble
Yes..this really was a plateful of food..but it was one of those 'morning after a night out' brunches. You know the kind..and the spicy chorizo, lush greens and tasty scramble..enjoyed with steaming hot coffee really helped bring the noggin back A great and filling Sunday

Putanesca Tofu Scramble on Wholewheat English Muffins
This tofu scramble was a powerhouse of flavours and textures and served over the wholemeal English muffin it made for a very satisfying and memorable brunch indeed. Perfect for the days when you crave something that little different.

The perfect Sunday Brunch ~ Tofu Omelette with Broccoli, Garlic and Chorizo filling
For me...this is my perfect Sunday brunch because it has broccoli in its filling..I love the omelette..I love the hit of garlic and the spiciness of the chorizo...combined to make such a perfect flavour and texture. I smile a lot when I make and eat this brunch. Don't usually have white toast with it..this was a one off. But a fabulous brunch no doubt. Yum! lol

But sometimes..the most simple things are just plain delicious and satisfying...

Italian Plum Tomatoes on Rye Bread Toasts
Simple, elegant and cheap..and so very tasty..with lots of freshly cracked black pepper...

Very Berry Breakfast Bowl
Berries, almonds, seeds..heaven...

Plain Old Baked Beans on Toast
I am And this is a great Great for the morning after lol

So that's my blast through some of the brunches in the past..and I can't wait to get started on new ideas and combos in the future.

It would be wrong of me to not to mention the very excellent Vegan Brunch Cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskoswitz without whom most of these posts wouldn't thanks Isa..great work. And Susan V at for the Omelette recipe...and the fabulous Miss Sophie Dahl for the inspiration for the Soda Bread and Blistered Vine Tomatoes recipe...thank you all.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this blast from the past has inspired you to try some of the recipes or to make up your own. Let me know how you get on, eh?

Hope your Sunday is being very good to you..