Saturday, 9 June 2012

Take A Lose Your Breath..

R & R HQ Play List:

Selena ~ I Could Fall In Love With You
Colbie Caillat ~ Breaking At The Cracks
Kajagoogoo ~ Too Shy
Anastacia ~ Made For Lovin You
Incognito ~ Always There
Xtina ~ What A Girl Wants
Doris Day ~ Soft As The Starlight
Def Leppard ~ When Love & Hate Collide
Thunder ~ Shooting At The Sun
Natalie Imbruglia ~ Starting Today
Audioslave ~ Sound of a Gun
Europe ~ Reason

Today my house is going to be filled with three busy women and six very excitable little ones..Yep we have two extra joining us I can't wait to hear them running around the house and laughing..even their squabbles that will no doubt happen. My poor sister will be trying to contain the toy distribution situation and ML will be..well..coping. lol. Me..having the best

For time spent with ML, my sister and the little ones..whether family or borrowed my heart back up..after a long week of tough moments it's the Saturday madness that gives me the courage and strength to get through another week. Yes..I know..but I love every single second of it..and whilst everyone else is stressing I am watching it all happen around me and smiling on the inside. It's similar to when we spend time with our circle of pals..the positive energy that gets passed around is great.

So when I saw this image it made me instantly think of these precious moments..because you need to have your breath taken need to appreciate the beauty in life...especially when you are surrounded by stress...and I thought the photo was beautiful too! lol

Image found online and I take no credit for it's creation.

Lovely, no?..and so true. So when Noo launches herself at me this morning and quite literally knocks the breath from my body..I shall just smile as always and love her for every second of that breathless moment. lol.

And as it's Saturday and I'm feeling is a cute photo for all of you that love the sappy

Image found online and I take no credit for it's creation's a cutie, eh? lol. Personally I love the sky and how the clouds are breath taking..and..erm..well..yeah the Ahem! But I appreciate for some of you..most of you, it will be the elephants. lol.

Well I had better help out and get things set up before they all turn So happy...

Thanks for stopping by..and I hope you have the very best Saturday..filled with breath taking moments..