Friday, 22 June 2012

Fantasy Friday: Picnic in the Rain

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Nelly & Tim McGraw ~ Over and Over
Idil Biret ~ Chopin: Nocturne#2 in E Flat. Op.9/2 CT 109
Eurythmics ~ Sweet Dreams
Pat Benetar ~ Promises In The Dark
Neil Diamond ~ What#s It Gonna Be
Natalie Clein ~ Brahms: Cello Sonata #1 in E minor,Op.38-1
Justin Timberlake ~ FutureSex/LovesSound
Natalie Clein ~ Schubert:Arpeggione Sonate in A Minor
Evanesence ~ Lithium
Nickelback ~ Cowboy Hat
Franz List Chamber Orch ~ Bach:Orchestral Suite #3 in D
Madison Avenue ~ Edible French Chic
Ocean Colour Scene ~ The Circle
Caro Emerald ~ You Don't Love Me
The Quireboys ~ Hey You
Black Robot ~ Shake A Leg

Fantasy Friday..sheesh..they come around so quick. But that's a good thing right? Because that means it's the weekend...wehoo! lol. But then I look out the window and it's pouring with rain and it's not so much a wehoo as a hoo. lol. Anyway reminding myself that I am one of those weird rain loving folks (although even I am getting a little fed up with it now!) I decide to work with the rain and factor it into my fantasy Friday theme.

So today I am catering for a Picnic in the Rain..nope..not a car picnic by the sea..although they can be fun. I'm thinking sat under massive tree in Normanby Park on camping chairs. The tree sheltering us from the rain, enough to get comfy and eat our lunch whilst watching and enjoying the rain around us. (Told you I liked the wet stuff!! I find it calming when it isn't coming through my old house's various roofs and other places..URGH! Anyway!Ahem!)

Normanby Park ~ Picture it raining..and a rain loving
freak camped out under one ot the trees with a picnic! lol
As it's raining and it will no doubt be cold the first selection would be a soup that could be enjoyed from one the fantastic soup flasks you can pick up quite cheaply now. The soup of choice would be...

Rocket and Roses Root Veggie & Thyme Soup
This soup is a good all rounder and keeps really well in a soup will warm the cockles of your heart and your extremities too! lol. It's comfort in a bowl..great for sipping whilst rain watching.

Colleen's Panini with Roasted Veggies & Lemon-Basil Pesto
This fantastic panini recipe is one of the many fabulous recipes from the kitchen of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I have made this many times and it works well with GF bread if you are GF no can still enjoy this. I make the roasted veggies a day before so assembly is really easy on the day. And they keep well and don't get soggy like some sandwiches can. And they are just as delicious cold as they are straight from the griddle.

So drinks for this affair would be for ever..water! Don't I know how to have fun, eh? lol. But I would also have with me hot water to make herbal teas or coffees. Desserts would most likely be fruit of some kind..but after the soup and Panini I'm not sure we'd have

So there you have it..the picnic in the rain..under a magnificent old tree for shelter. After the picnic I would probably pull out my current reading book and enjoy some quiet time hidden under the tree..just lovely! lol.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is less rainy and full of sunshine for you..