Friday, 8 June 2012

Fantasy Friday: Summer Lunch

Lounge Play List:

Beulah ~ Mabel & I Album

The view from my window today is gloomy and damp...and it makes me cross because it's Friday..that awesome day before the weekend comes and brings us family, fun and chaos. So I started to think..what would I do if I could do anything today? And came up with so many things it was a little And whilst I was sat smiling at the many options, I was reminded of a question asked of me by a reader last year. I answered her via email but decided that writing a blog posting about it could be quite Sally..this one is for you lovely.

Q: If you were hosting a fantasy lunch..who would you invite and what food would you serve?

So my lunch would be served on a bright sunny And it would be outside in the garden so we could all enjoy the sun and the fresh air. The picture I have in my head is something a little like this...

Nice setting, eh?
So my guest list would be a mix of loved ones and fantasy lunch guests lol. Well if we are going all out fantasy I'm taking full advantage of To cater for the masses is not a big deal for me so my table would be set for 21 people..yes..21! And on the guest list would be:

Loved Ones                

My Love  ~ Co host              
Mum  ~ artist and lovely person                    
G  ~ wouldn't be a party without my sister       
Gr ~ lovely kid brother               
D ~ much loved pal and no party is complete without her
B ~ much loved pal ~ her smile and laughter are essential                           
Phil ~ the lovely man and friend                       
H ~ pen pal and how could I pass up the chance to meet her?                
V ~ pen pal's lovely hubby..would be great to meet him too!                    
A ~ much loved pal..                           

Fantasy Guests

Freddie Mercury ~ My choice..because it's Freddie!!
Lindsay Wagner ~ My choice..actress and excellent vegan.. 
Slash ~ My choice..Rock god..need I say more?
Emma Thompson ~ ML's choice...just because
Eddie Izzard ~ How could I not invite him?
Katherine Hepburn ~ ML's choice..who would wear a silly
Stephen Fry ~ Choice of both..because it's Mr Fry..silly!
J.R.Ward ~ My choice ~ Author..So many questions for
Shakira ~ My choice ~ Singer/Songwriters/Human Rights/Goddess
Douglas Adams ~ ML's choice ~ author of sci fi books..apparently lol

Oh! and Always forget to put myself on the guest lists..ah well. In a very shaded part of the garden would be table laid out with fruit juices, waters and summer alcoholic beverages so as people arrived, they could just help themselves to drinks whilst I put the finishing touches to the meal.

When the food is at the final stages I would dispatch ML to ask the guests to take a seat at the table and everyone would be welcome to sit where they wanted..except Freddie and They would sit either side of Hey cooks privilege!..I always sit at the end of the table as I'm the one getting up and down so

The music would be a sunny day play list played via my iPod...with songs and music that would help everyone feel relaxed and happy.

So to the food...for this lunch I would go for a Thai inspired menu..along the length of the table there would bowls of freshly made salads for everyone to help themselves to..but the starter would come in the form of a very light soup..

Beansprout & Lettuce Soup
This soup has a beautiful flavour and is light so it's the perfect start to a special lunch..the next course would consist of two parts..a Thai inspired salad and some Dipping Patties in Lettuce cups..for recipes for here

Thai Peanut, Potato & Tofu Bites in Lettuce Cups
with Sweet Chilli & Garlic Dipping Sauce
Thai Broccoli, Red Pepper and Sesame Salad
When we first tried the patties we were stunned by how good they were..but as these recipes are all Linda Majzilk's from A Vegan Taste of Thailand..I have no idea why we were

Thai Mixed Vegetable & Tofu Curry
And for those with hearty appetites there would be large bowls of the above curry passed around, to enjoy with steamed rice. For desserts there would fresh fruits and berries for those needing a sweet hit...and much later there would be some lemon cupcakes to enjoy..light and I know my Loved Ones guests would need a cupcake later in the

The afternoon would pass so quickly no doubt and I would hope to have talked with all the fantasy guests and hope everyone had had a great afternoon...

Who would be on your fantasy lunch party list? What food would you serve???

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my Fantasy Friday: Summer Lunch...I hope your Friday is being very kind to you and I hope you have sunshine...