Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Sister...

Lounge Play List:

The Gossip ~ Listen Up
Luke Morley ~ Go With The Flow
Mr. Buble ~ All of Me
Extreme ~ More Than Words
Nickelback ~ Hold Out Your Hand
Cockney Rebel ~ Make Me Smile
Clare Teal ~ All For Love
The Eagles ~ Frail Grasp on the Big Picture
The Jacksons ~ Shake Your Body
Lady Antebellum ~ If I Knew Then
Tina Turner ~ Nutbush City Limits
John Lennon ~ Stand By Me lol
Now..have I mentioned I have a kid sister?? No?? Really? Ah..I see..funny! Yes..OK..I may be guilty of mentioning my sister often on my blog..but there is one simple reason for this..she is very important to me. Despite an age difference that would maybe leave other siblings with a distant sister and I have always been very close from the get go. Even if she did things like use my best and brand new red lipstick as paint, over our newly decorated white bedroom

The kind of closeness I share with my sister leaves me feeling bad for those who don't have a sister..or have a bad relationship with their own.

My sister seems to be having the worst luck lately and yesterday in particular was a hard day. Have I ever mentioned that she has little ones? No? How remiss of me? lol As well as being a fantastic sister..she is an even better Mother..she amazes me constantly with her love and the strength of the bond she shares with her little gang. And her little ones clearly adore her...watching them interacting is one of my most favourite of Happy Moments. But it's easy to let my sister get lost in the Mummy role...but see she was an awesome person before the little ones came along.

My friend is loyal..caring..strong..feisty...mad in the good way...and funny. The memories of us laughing together are the most precious..and oh do we laugh. My sister is one of the few people that can cause me to get uncontrollable fits of giggles for no reason..and when I start..she starts and we can't stop until we are both in tears and in But I wouldn't swap the giggles for anything.

I miss her when we don't get to see each other..and when we do get to see each doesn't have to be a great conversation..just being in the same room..brings me a sense of peace like nothing else...even if the little ones are rampaging around

Yep..and she can turn me into a first class I am so happy I have my sister in my life..I am proud of her daily...I am in awe of her constantly...I love her dearly. So I know she will get sappy at everything I have said so far..but I also know she will love the next image..and we will share a laugh about it

True! So I am now away to spend a very mad morning with ML, my sister, hopefully our Mum and the little ones..

Thanks for stopping by and reading this sappy posting...and I wish for you the very best Saturday filled with love and fun...


NB: All images were found online..They are not my creation and I take absolutely no credit for them..I do however thank the people who made them..~R~