Monday, 25 June 2012

Art Gallery Outing: Happily Never After by Kate Jordan & Steve Elliot

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Saturday was one busy day..we had the pleasure of family time with my sister, my brother and the gang of little ones. All of whom where on great form and a lot of fun..then after a shorter than normal family time, we were hopping into the car to pick up my Mum and then head off over to the city to attend a exhibition opening at the Studio Eleven Gallery in the Old Fruit Markets area of the city. Then after that, it was back home to change and get ready to meet our gang of friends to celebrate St & Sz's joint birthday..which was a fantastic evening..and I, strawberry daiquiris and mojitos..first time I had drunk alcohol in a long It's a modern day miracle that I was even conscious yesterday..but I swear I did not have an hangover..who knew? lol Anyway...a great day and evening was had...

Back to the Art..

We arrived at the studio and found a parking space almost outside..and as we got out of the car we saw that the wall next to the gallery had a rather fun mural..and here are a couple of shots of it..I thought it passed on a good message in a very fun

Good positive fruit messages eh? And fun too!
I loved this mural so much..I think I may have spent longer looking at this then at some of the art on Ah's all art!

"Lemons smell fizzy" love it!
So onto the exhibition which was called Happily Never Kate Jordan & Steve Elliot...this was our invitation...

The opening of Happy Never After?

on Saturday 23rd June 2012,

2pm - 4pm Refreshments available.

A joint exhibition by daring contemporary artists focusing on their passion for the whimsical and fantastical characters found in childhood memories with dark sinister undertones! This exhibition brings together an exciting young contemporary artist Kate Jordan alongside mature artist Steve Elliot whose work is normally recognized in “festivals” where he makes fantasy figures for processional events. Here however Steve shows his skill and imagination as a person working with drawing and etching alongside the obsessive and intricate paintings and prints of Kate.

Studio Eleven Gallery

How could we not go? So we talked to my Mum and she was very quickly on board. And a few days later we found ourselves at the Studio Eleven Gallery. Now it's quite a small gallery..two long once there are a handful of people in there you are quickly bumping But the space is white washed and clean and it's peaceful. And I hope to be a regular attendee for upcoming exhibits. We were greeted by open faced friendly staff who offered us a choice of cold drinks and I enjoyed an Elderflower sparkling water as I pootled around the exhibits.

NB: The following photos were taken by ML via a phone. I didn't take my camera because I didn't think for one second they would allow cameras in..but when ML asked..they happily agreed to us taking some shots. Typical, eh? Sheesh. So they are not the best..and some of the angles are a little strange..but if you want to check out Kate's work click for her website.

It was really difficult to find out the names for each piece so I can only give you a brief description of the piece..but here goes..and I'm only sorry the photos don't show up any of the detail and the hidden elements of each piece..such a shame..

Alice in Wonderland seemed to feature
a lot in the colour pieces....
ML's favourite piece..loved the dancing couples..

This piece was popular with all three of us
and it wasn't a surprise to find Kate had some
design history..My Mum loved the detailing
on this and the techniques used.
I loved the dramatic edge to this piece..and spent some
time taking in every piece of detailing.
The black detailing with the intense red hair
made this piece stand out.
But for me personally I greatly enjoyed the black and white pieces..I could have stood for hours memorising every detail..and once again..I'm sorry you don't get to enjoy the detailing..

This piece wasn't on display but in a stand
with other wrapped pieces but I enjoyed it a lot.
This woman looked both beautiful and regal..but with
an edge that you didn't know what she would do next..
The detailing in this piece was superb..but once again is
lost..I'm sorry..but I found it pleasing.
Being completely honest..I could see the talent and the time that had gone into the works of Steve Elliot..and my Mum enjoyed his work a lot..ML too..but for didn't grab me like Kate's did. We were very divided in our opinions of their work. Me..I would love to own a couple of the black & white pieces by Kate..Mum not so much. She appreciated the techniques and talent and gave her plenty of artistic fuel...but wouldn't want to own any. ML didn't offer opinions either way. And I have to say the only  piece by Steve that I liked..I liked because I knew the Sci Fi geeks in my life would appreciate it...and that was this piece...

Robot by Steve Elliot...
Cutie of a robot eh? lol...
We were there for probably 45 minutes all told..but it was a lovely 45 minutes and we all enjoyed the experience. I would happily go to another exhibit there and would very much like to see more of Kate's work.

Really am sorry about the time I'm taking the know..just in case.

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your Monday is being kind to you??