Monday, 4 June 2012


Lounge Play List:

Pearl Jam ~ Alive
Tom Jones & Jools Holland ~ End of the Road
Heart ~ Back to Avalon
Rascal Flatts ~ Things That Matter
Diana Krall ~ Cry Me A River
Stevie Wonder ~ Superstition
Nickelback ~ Hold Out Your Hand
Annie Lennox ~ Why?
Shania Twain ~ You've Got a Way
M.J.Blige ~ Family Affair
Doris Day ~ The Way You Look
Auf Der Maur ~ Taste You

Yep..this pretty much sums up how I feel today..I'm in a state of..."What the hell day is it?..." and "..that's it..I need alcohol..stat!" It's a bank holiday weekend here because some woman has been doing her job for 60 So it's all Union Jacks Flags and..rain..great for the street parties,eh? But everyone gets an extra day off tomorrow to celebrate...well..I say everyone..but I am fairly confident in saying that doesn't apply to everyone. So I am a little confused with my days of the week and and feel..ack! maybe it would be true to say that I am not feeling the holiday love. lol.

So I wish you all a very happy Bank Holiday and if you are working hard on this holiday for all..thank you! Hopefully I will be back tomorrow..feeling a lot better and a little less..Urgh!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Monday is being good to you?