Friday, 15 June 2012

Fantasy Friday: Dinner with D

R & R HQ Play List:

Tom Jone & Jools Holland ~ Mess of the Blues
Sub Sub ~ Ain't No Love, Ain't No Use
Meshell Ndegeocello ~ Who Is He and What Is He To You?
Luke Morley ~ Sacred Cow
Melissa Etheridge ~ Kiss Me
Shania Twain ~ I'm Jealous
Roy Orbison ~ Claudette
Dire Straits ~ Romeo & Juliet
Count Basie ~ After Supper
Stevie Wonder ~ Light My Fire
The Pretenders ~ Middle of the Road
David Bowie ~ China Girl
Yahiya Emerick ~ In The Kasbar
Dani Wilde ~ Some Kinda Crazy

It quickly became Fantasy Friday again, huh? Where did the week go? lol. So this week I have decided to invite my lovely pal D for B & ML have gone in search of a Fish Restaurant. As D is the other lovely vegan in the gang, it will be a pure pleasure cooking for us both. I get to use spices and nuts and flavours galore..(sorry ML but it is a truly exciting So I would leave D to choose the tunes for the evening whilst I go in the kitchen and put the final touches to the starter which would be....

Indian Loaf

This loaf is the perfect starter and cuts really easily so there are no collapsed It also is great the next day as a sandwich/wrap filling. In fact it's one of those loaves that gets better the longer it is sat..and it's really tasty the day it's I served mine with two Raitas and a Chutney. For the recipes for those click here

So onto the main course...

Nine-Jewelled Vegetables with Wholemeal Chapatis
I'm sorry for this really isn't good at all and really doesn't do this beautifully tasting dish any justice whatsoever. The mix of veggies used are sublime...the almost creamy sauce they are cooked in, is heady with flavour and texture. To serve this with rice or grain of any kind is just plain wrong...and we have tried doesn't work. So a simple chapati used to scoop and soak up the sauces is just perfect. I would go as far as saying this is probably my most favourite Indian dish. And it's low fat too guys..without losing any of the flavour etc.

Now if you had any room for dessert after those two sure I would but I'm fairly certain D would..I guess I would go for something like this....

Plum Sorbet
I chose this dessert because for me, after a quite rich two first courses, I would appreciate the lightness of a sorbet plus it would be quite palate cleansing. The sorbet is a little powerhouse of flavour and although presenting it in little espresso cups looks stingy...believe me..a little of this sorbet goes a long way. lol.

Now the drinks for this dinner...for my lovely pal would probably be some form of Indian Beer for her..and myself I would stick to my ever boring water..but would secretly covet her

By this point I think ML & B would be back from their fishy adventures..(strange folks but we love em we would all settle in for coffee and tea..and some great friend time.

So there you have Fantasy Meal for this Friday..a lovely meal with my lovely pal D...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is being excellent to you...