Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Virus warnings, hospital visits and Despicable Me!

Car Play List: Dark Horse ~ Nickelback

It just fills you full of confidence when you walk into your hospital to find signs everywhere that warn you they have 'found' viruses and that you should be extra careful whilst visiting the hospital..doesn't it? My heart sinks whenever I am near a hospital as I've had past mistreatment by some doctors. So seeing signs like that just make me want to run for the nearest But I resisted this urge and carried on, making sure not to touch anything....anything!!

I was bowled over by my new Consultant who was friendly but frank...helpful but not too 'handholdy'. Marvelous..and quite refreshing..but most of all he gave me..hope! Hope that maybe one day hospital visits will be a thing of the past. I do have to have a surgery but hopefully I shall be back at home the same day...

I will be taking a hefty daily dose of this please?
So in the mean time I shall be making the most of every moment and getting in as much 'laughter' medicine to help with the healing afterwards. So feel free to try and make me laugh and chuckle at any opportunity.

It's just nice to have hope's been such a long time....

We stopped in at a supermarket on the way home to pick up a few things and at the check out there was a 'very reduced' Despicable Me DVD and we have wanted to see it for ages..(we greatly enjoy the cartoon so we purchased it to help with the Laughter Medicine..see we are committed.

As I've been away most of the day I haven't had the time to cook the Thrifty Thursday recipe so I may have to have a Thrifty Friday but will post a delicious spicy soup I created earlier this week instead...

lol & lmao all the way....(but not in the hysterical kind of way