Saturday, 28 January 2012

Friday Afternoon Bargains....

Well despite that fact that I had a bad fall 'up' the stairs in a coffee shop...yesterday afternoon's jaunt out of the house went well. *sighs* OK that was a bit of a fib. It hurt before the fall and then afterwards I was shuffling along like 100 year old..infact I think I was probably over taken by a few! This made for a very frustrating trip out of the house, for me and my poor Mum who was worried sick. So I am now sporting a bump on the left hand side of my head and bruising and pulled muscles down the right hand side of my body...and then just to take the mickey as we were leaving the shop, I smacked my right knee into a stupid wooden ledge! Marvelous! It would've been funny if I was the hapless fool in some funny movie.

I found some cream coloured vegan wool to get me started on my challenge and in the same shop I found the most beautiful plate for £1. It shall be starring in many food photos in the future. But the bargain of the afternoon was found in a shop we stopped at on the way home. My Mum was in search of a container for one of her dried ingredients so whilst she was doing that My Love and I ventured off into the other aisles...which is where we found our bargain.

I found this photo of one online and although it's not a great photo I think you can get the My mobility isn't that great today..(what a shock lol) so I couldn't take photos.
It is a Multi-Use Bottle which is foldable, rollable and refillable. Use can fill it and freeze it and it comes with a carabiner type connector for clipping onto your belt etc for easy carriage. And they were a freaking steal at 99p each. Online and other outdoorsy type shops have been selling them for at least £6. So I now own a lovely green one and My Love a black one. With the hope of using them when I am feeling much op..and enjoying our lovely walks and hikes again. An investment for the future healthy living.

I am now going to go and enjoy some much needed family time with my sister and the gang of little ones..I love family day...just wish I wasn't so bruised. But I'm sure I'll manage some cuddles anyway..especially floating on this painkiller cloud I am currently on! ;o)

Happy Saturday all and I hope you are having fun? Be out for those tricky cafe stairs and hidden wooden thingys on the way out...they sure do hurt if you don't lol.